Monday, November 7, 2011

Review of Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Creams

Pain relief no longer has to be greasy or stinky.

When I was young whenever someone had a muscle ache my mom would pull out the BenGay or some similar stinky ointment that smelled like a wintergreen factory blew up. It was smelly, it usually felt greasy, and the tingles would make you cold then hot.

It was not good. I hated using the stuff.

Even with all the technology this icy hot, smelly stuff is still what's used for topical treatment of muscles aches and pains.

Now Topricin offers a new natural solution, without the stink, without the icy hot tingles, and without the greasiness.

Too good to be true?

That's what I thought.

My younger years were spent in dance classes, gymnastics, and various other physical activities (like tree climbing- don't ask but it was something I loved to do) so my knees and feet have suffered- especially now that I'm older and the hereditary arthritis is trying to set in to all those joints that suffered multiple injuries, pulls and strains.

I would not use the stinky smelly muscle creams. Hated them.

Then I was offered the chance to review Topricin products.

One night I gave it a shot. I used the foot therapy cream (which is safe for diabetics) on my aching feet and rubbed the regular topricin on my knees.

I didn't feel anything. No tingling. No stink. No hot or cold.

It was just like putting on boy lotion.

So I doubted it's effectiveness.

But then the pain started to go away.

I felt relief.


I was amazed- all natural, safe and effective.

I'm hooked for life now.

Topricin is going to be a permanent fixture in my medicine cabinet.

They even have Topricin Junior for kids and the Boo Boos Happen Topricin Junior First Aid Kit.

Learn more about Topricin at their website:

Topricin® Is The Natural Choice

Once you discover the power of Topricin® to manage and in many cases banish pain, you'll want to share this with everyone you know. Whether it's pain from an injury, inflammation or an everyday annoying pain, Topricin® is the answer. Its natural formula is free from the kinds of additives found in many other pain relievers such as menthol and capsaicin (both these substances can result in uncomfortable burning and tingling sensations). Odor free, non-greasy and free from artificial dyes, Topricin® is safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women and the elderly

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