Sunday, March 18, 2012

Please welcome guest author Erosa Knowles

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Lawked Flame

By Erosa Knowles


Can a woman who has been betrayed in the worst way by an ex-spouse learn to trust again? Will she open her heart to a man who seems to be too good to be true, meeting every requirement she has ever wanted or needed in a partner?

Alayna would. But it will take time. Time is the one thing Khayden, Master Lawke, doesn’t have. His enemies are bent on destroying his people and harming Earth in the process.

The only way to save both is for his Kee, Alayna, to unlock him, freeing his powers and unbeknownst to her, her own. But first she has to believe that there’s more to her current lover than she sees. It will take a leap of faith to accept his pursuit and engage her battered heart again. The attacks are speeding up, with an alarming amount of casualties. Despite the fierce attraction, Alayna isn’t sure she’s strong enough to lay bare her heart again, so soon. Khayden is betting his life that she is strong enough to do that and to handle his flame.

Lawked Flame by Erosa Knowles a paranormal romance.

Erosa Knowles Bio:

Originally from Miami Florida, Ms. Knowles now resides in North Carolina with her husband and teen-aged son. Two older children are married and live in North Carolina as well. An avid reader since college, Ms. Knowles is one of those people who keeps her books as old friends and has re-read all of them at least once. Many have been read more often. Writing stories, creating worlds and characters fuels my imagination is both physically relaxing and mentally invigorating. Although life got in the way and she had to postpone her writing, it is the one career she always craved. As a full time writer, her days are just as full, except now she is doing what she loves. Reading exciting stories from talented authors from various genres and writing the stories that tickle her imagination

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