Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fighting Gravity Release Day Blitz

Fighting Gravity Excerpt
Marissa’s Excerpt

Hello! I’m excited to announce the release of Fighting Gravity, book two of the Gravity trilogy. Each book is a novelette-length futuristic space fantasy following two main characters in their quest for freedom and love. Today I have an excerpt for you from Marissa’s (an Earthling) point of view.

Marissa’s Excerpt

Perhaps being a third wife wouldn’t be too bad. Marissa didn’t have to do this.

But she did.

Her eyes closed as she remembered the town meeting a month ago. There she had learned Jimmy, Lane, and Barron had fled to St. Louis. They should have arrived by now. Perhaps they were on a ship to South America. She sank to the ground. Frost chilled her butt, but she didn’t move. Barron had been so sweet to her. He’d followed her around like a lost puppy when they were going to school. Lane was a genius. If anyone could’ve saved their little town, it was he. Jimmy was a little odd, a complete follower, but she had nothing against him.

They’d fled, robbing the town of hope.

She’d known that day she would leave too. It’d taken a month to gather her courage to run away. Her parents’ marriage arrangement with the good Elder was the last kick she needed. No, she couldn’t go back.
She stood, adjusted the bag on her back, and brushed off the grass from her behind. Time to keep moving. The farther away she was the better. After all, she wouldn’t want them to look for her.

Would they?

She scurried toward the forest.


A flash illuminated the sky. Her eyes widened, the light casting afterimages in her vision. What was that? Her heart leapt to her throat and stuck there.


The ground trembled, and she lost her balance and tumbled forward. Her fingers clutched at the grass, and her body halted at a rock. Her hands and knees hurt, but she’d live. Whatever fell from the sky might not be as lucky.

Amongst the husks of the tree trunks, smoky tendrils twirled into the air. Where there’s smoke . . . . She hesitated to check out the site miles away from her. She’d read about airplanes in books, but none had flown since the asteroid strike. Could it have been a satellite? It appeared larger than she’d imagined. She pulled her lower lip into her mouth and chewed on it. Damn it. The crash had happened right along the path she was taking. Curiosity seized her, and she hoped it wouldn’t treat her like a cat.

The crash site was on her path to St. Louis. She didn’t have the time to go around, so she strode toward the accident.

As a special treat, Defying Gravity, book one of the Gravity trilogy is free on Amazon until May 4th. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. You can download the Kindle app for free on many devices.

Find Defying Gravity free on these sites: Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon DE  Amazon FR  Amazon IT  Amazon ES

For an excerpt of Defying Gravity, please click on the book cover on Amazon.

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Writing Belle

Fighting Gravity

by Cherie Reich

Forthcoming May 1, 2012

Book Description:

Forced into executing Aresia’s people, Phoebus escapes the Aresian Guard by flying his spaceship through a wormhole.

The only single woman of marrying age, Marissa flees her prospects of becoming Elder McGee’s third wife for a chance at freedom upon the New Atlantic Ocean.

When Phoebus’s spacecraft crashes upon an asteroid-ravaged Earth, he is captured by a rogue Earthling youth and thrown into a cellar. Marissa stumbles upon the spacecraft, but it explodes before she can find any sign of the alien. When she awakens, she discovers the alien’s whereabouts and vows to help him. They plot his escape when they learn Phoebus’s Aresians have landed and are searching for him. Phoebus and Marissa must battle against their despair and their peoples in their quest for freedom and love. And through it all, an Earthling and an Aresian will find it easier to fight gravity than their love for each other.

Book Links: Surrounded by Books Publishing


Purchase Links will be forthcoming

Defying Gravity

by Cherie Reich

Book Description:

Homesick upon the SS Perseid, Linia, a young linguist, thinks she signed up for a mission of peace, but her crew members have another plan: attack the planet Medusa.

Bored with his dying planet, Alezandros, a space cruiser pilot, joins the Medusan Army in his quest for adventure.

When the SS Perseid clashes with the Medusans’ space cruisers, Alezandros and Linia’s lives intertwine. Sucked through a wormhole, they crash upon a post-apocalyptic Earth and are captured by cannibals. In adjacent cells, Alezandros and Linia cast their differences aside for a common bond: escape. But when romantic feelings emerge between them, they might do the unthinkable because for a Medusan and a Persean to fall in love, it would defy gravity.

Book Links: Surrounded by Books Publishing



Amazon UK

Amazon DE

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