Sunday, May 27, 2012

Garden Rocker Saves Your Back

My husband and kids bought me the Garden Rocker for Mother's Day.

It doesn't look like much right?

OMG, it is one of the best garden tools ever. I love it.

Take it out to the garden, put it where you'll be working and have a seat. It saves your back and neck from bending over and works better than the stools and pads where you have to kneel. Because I have a bad knee and those kneeling pads still kill me.

Not this.

The garden rocker gives me a range of motion so I can lean, bend and move, making digging, planting and weeding so much easier. It is fabulous.

At first you may feel like a weeble wobble but after a bit yo get used to it and it becomes an extension of you. So easy to use.

If you garden you will want to add this to your must have tools and accessories.

I think they can be purchased at Home Depot and possibly other stores, I found a link to one at Home Depot here

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