Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review of the Skil Isio 3.6V Li-Ion Garden Trimmer w/ 2 Blades

My mother had a small handheld power garden trimmer when I was kid, I used it all the time. Eventually it died and I had never seen anything similar at yard and garden stores even though I had looked. Many times.

One day, frustrated with my garden and the lack of tools to do things how I wanted, I decided to scour the web for power garden shear/trimmers. Something small enough that I could use. But powerful enough to make a difference in my garden.

The only place I could find anything was QVC. I had never purchased anything from them before so I was a bit dubious.

The first trimmer I came across on QVC was made by Sun Joe, I had never heard of this brand before and the reviews were less than awesome. They also have one by Worx, I have never used this brand before either. Then I came across Skil. Now this is a brand I know. My husband has Skil tools and I've never heard him complain. Most of the reviews for the product were also pretty good so I decided to buy it.

I am not disappointed at all.

I cleared out my garden in probably one tenth of the time it would have taken me to do it by hand. It cut through all the weeds with no problem. I was able to get close to my edges, borders, porch and even around my plants without damaging them.

I was so amazed and so very pleased.

The best thing about this tool though is how lightweight it is. It is small and easy to hold in my small hands and like I said, lightweight. It is not heavy at all so your hands won't tire quickly while using.

I think this product was definitely designed with women in mind because of it's small size and light weight.

I love it A LOT. I'm thinking of buying another one for my mom.

And I haven't even used the hedge trimmer saw blade yet- only the clippers.

Thank you Skil for making such an awesome product for female gardeners. I would love to see more easy to use lightweight products like this. I would probably use power tools a lot more if more products were this easy to use.

I highly recommend this for the female gardeners out there.

Info from the QVC site:

Keep your lawn in line. This handheld garden trimmer sports an ergonomic soft-grip handle, making it comfortable to use--while two laser-cut, diamond-ground blades make it a powerful tool in your trimming arsenal. From Skil.
  • Includes trimmer, shrub-trimming blade, grass-trimming blade, and wall-mounted battery charger
  • Trimmer measures 14"L; weighs 1 lb
  • UL listed charger; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Trimmer assembled in Hungary; Charger made in China

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