Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden Updates

I'm slowing getting my gardens in order this year

I'm not planting as much as I usually do partially because I'm too busy and partially because the wacky spring weather in Michigan made it impossible for me to start a lot of plants outdoors early. I usually start seeds in egg cartons and put plastic over them to keep them safe during the cooler nights but plastic couldn't save them from freezing and I had no place to start them inside.

I started some seeds but I did them so late in May I'm not sure if they'll do much.

Mid to late May and we were still frosting at night. Many farmers with fruit trees lost everything in Michigan, a lot of orchards are hurting. I know one of my Japanese Maple trees died and my Crab Apple looks sad, I don;t think it ever flowered which means no fruit this year.

My flower bed finally was weeded and mulched so it looks pretty, right now my lilies are blooming which adds color. I need to take a few pictures of those.
I also need to add annuals for color to create visual variety. I purchased marigolds and petunias, now just to find the time to get them in the ground.

This is my seeds in egg cartons, I've since added a lot to my big garden even if the plants were still teeny tiny. Hopefully being in the good compost soil will encourage faster growth.

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