Friday, November 2, 2012

Guest Blog and Giveaway with Mark Tufo

Zombie Fallout on sale today for .99

Hi Everyone, I first off wanted to start this blog entry by thanking Wenona for her kindness in allowing me an opportunity to showcase my insanity on her blog! 

I've been asked this question a bunch of times, 'How much like Michael Talbot are you?' or sometimes readers assume that we are in fact one in the same. Now to say 'Nothing could be further from the truth' would be an outright lie but to say we were exactly the same would only be a partial truth. Let's start at the beginning, I started the Zombie Fallout series thinking it would never leave my desktop, it was more of a distraction from being laid off and something to do so I wasn't driving my wife crazy. So I went with the old adage, 'you write what you know' I picked a character VERY similar to me.

We're both former Marines, we both came from blue collar families, we both have a love of our country and a healthy fear of what it may be doing behind closed doors. It's strange to think on it now as I'm writing but of the two of us, I'm more the conspiracy theorist than Mike but he's definitely a bigger germ-a-phobe although my wife may debate vigorously on that point. Would I do some of things Mike has done in the books, like going out to help Chase when he was caught without pants by a zombie horde. God I hope so, but that's easy to say when you're sitting comfy behind a desk listening to Jimi Hendrix on ITunes sipping on a tall cold glass of Iced Coffee. I envy Mike his ability to adapt as he does, my hope should I be confronted with anything quite as horrific as him is that I stop crying about not being able to play Wii anymore.

Then we come to the second part of the original question, what about the other characters are they real? My family as they are written in the stories only share one thing in common with real life, the names. And if I had it to do over again I would never have used, Tracy, Nicole, Justin and Travis not because I don't enjoy their characters but rather I'm having as hard a time putting them in harm's way in the books as I would in real life. Now if Mike's wife was named Greta, and the kids were Gretchen, Heinrick and Bob it would be much easier. But again, I NEVER thought folks would be reading these books and it was easier at the time to just use their names than think up new characters. Henry is as real and stinky in real life as in the books. BT, as much as I wish he were real and would show up when the crap slams off the fan blades is not. Most folks have him pegged as Michael Clarke Duncan, I've always seen him as maybe a bigger version of Lawrence Taylor (pre-drugs and pervert days). Durgan is just an amalgamation of assholes we've all known but is not anyone specific. Deneaux I am going to leave unanswered so as to protect the innocent. Eliza is the stuff pulled from my nightmares and Tomas is someone I haven't quite figured out yet.

One thing I can say unequivocally that Mike and I differ on, I do not hate ALL cats (most but not all). If you've read ZF5 you'll understand the reference!

Wenona again I appreciate you letting me on to your blog and thank you!

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The Spirit Clearing    
Mark Tufo

Genre: Horror/ Ghost

ASIN:     B0094JWLYG

Number of pages: 264
Word Count: 85,713

Cover Artist:

Book Description: 

After a horrific accident Mike wakes to find himself blind in one eye. He now sees things that others can't and nobody will listen to him.

That is until he meets Jandilyn Hollow. Will she be able to pull him out of the depths of his despair?

Can love transcend even death?

About the Author: 

Mark Tufo was born in Boston Massachusetts. He attended UMASS Amherst where he obtained a BA and later joined the US Marine Corp. He was stationed in Parris Island SC, Twenty Nine Palms CA and Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. After his tour he went into the Human Resources field with a worldwide financial institution and has gone back to college at CTU to complete his masters.

He has written the Indian Hill trilogy with the first Indian Hill - Encounters being published for the Amazon Kindle in July 2009. He has since written the Zombie Fallout series and is working on a new zombie book.

He lives in Maine with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs.

Visit him at  or or for news on his next two installments of the Indian Hill trilogy and upcoming installments of the Zombie Fallout series

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Mark Tufo said...

Thanks for having me!

Erik said...

Mark is an amazing writer! I am a serious fan. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

Breana M. said...

The cover is so gorgeous, thank's for hosting the giveaway! :)

Julie Jones said...

That was very insightful....

laurie said...

The cover is so gorgeous, thank's for hosting the giveaway! :)

Jennifer Storm said...

Zombie Fallout is a fantastic series. I loved reading about where your ideas came from...keep up the great writing!

Catherine Lee said...

New-to-me author and series. Sounds good.
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Pooh Bear said...

I love hearing some of the background of your stories. And knowing Henry is real made my day. It almost makes up for the bad mouthing cats. Almost, as I love my kitty's