Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slopjar by Ingrid Jennings


It has already been determined how much I burned my candle because of a

haunting in a dream.

A dream so extreme,

it felt so supreme,

 call it blasphemy,

because this dream made me scream.

A dream where I dreamt of cedar and oak romancing my figure

and caressing my body under a starry sky.

A sky so intensifying,

it bewildered my mind.

 Under the starry sky

I didn’t feel any lack,

any lack of love,

for I knew it was all there.

And in this dream the woods

capture my soul.

The cedar and oak entangle me so.

Why do they do so,

seduce me each night?

They entangle me in their bewildering webs.

I just float through the night

in the midst of the shadows.

I dance with the branches,

I play with the leaves

until the dawn begins to rise.

And just as it rises,

it sets just as well,

and when it does my friends and I

begin to dance.

In a trance

we move about.

The glowing moon watches from above.

We twirl and we run.

We enjoy the sounds of a sleepless night.

Why do these woods entangle me so,

wrapping me in their bewildering webs?

When the fall comes they shelter my body

from cold frost bites, and as the winter tiptoes in

I run about,

there’s no doubt.

Trotting on the leaves,

scouting through the forest.

Pecan, cedar, oak, or maple,

I love my trees.

They are my friends,

they entice me

to the end.

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Ingrid Jennings

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Lioness Publishing House

ISBN: 978-0985696047

Number of pages: 138
Word Count: 9,122

Cover Artist: Gaelyn Larrick

Book Description:

This is a book of poetry that will truly touch your soul. Indulge in the words of a lonely lunatic full of laughter, love, lust, Lucifer, and the Lord. 

Escape into a world of profound, seductive words that will melt your soul like butter. 

Escape into an insane mind and learn the trials of a battered soul. 

Fall into the trap of this astonishing book that will pull at the strings of your heart. 

Immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of this dazzling work of art. 

Open up the Slopjar.

About the Author:

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Ingrid Jennings is what one would call a true Lioness. As a wife and a mother, she is loyal and a protector. As a publishing guru, she is a team player and works with her clients toward their success. As a teacher, she is passionate about education, and as a business woman, she is always on the hunt for new opportunities to learn and grow. She wears many hats and handles each situation in stride and with ease.

        With a B.S. in biology and chemistry from Palm Beach Atlantic Christian University, Ingrid decided to go a step further, to get a step closer to her true passion by excelling with her masters degree in reading education from Nova Southeastern University.
Ingrid spent three years working as a public school teacher in Palm Beach County, teaching integrated science to ninth graders. While teaching, Ingrid self-published her poetry into her first book titled SlopjarSlopjar recieved rave reviews not only for its creativity, excellent writing, and self expression but also for the excellence of its publishing and marketing. Through the experience and knowledge gained while publishing and marketing her own book, Ingrid gained an appreciation for the inner workings of the publishing world and ultimately birthed her own publishing company Lioness Publishing House.

Twitter @ingridmjennings

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