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Green World Building in Moncrief’s Werescape

Green World Building in Moncrief’s Werescape

               As a world-building author, I’ve done my share of extensive research to create my story worlds. I spend as much time learning about things taking place in my story as I did studying geology and anthropology in college. So, when I say “green” world building, don’t get me wrong. I world build on a computer—making writing somewhat environmentally friendly for forests. But that’s not what I’m referring to with the idea behind this blog post. I’m talking about my post-apocalyptic Werescape story world being “green.”

               The Werescape is our world set 50 years in the future after an alien invasion of earth. Most humans simply vanished. Ten percent are left to eke out an existence. They do so with many of the things Preppers stock up on today. Don’t get me wrong with this subject either. I think Preppers are savvy people who have enough gumption to plan ahead. We see so little planning for the future in the mainstream of life. So, go Preppers! But Preppers stock the items a person would need if we lost all electricity, a plague caused self-induced or government-induced quarantine, the economy crashed, etc. Preppers would have everything they need to survive. So, in writing the Werescape series, I had to think along these lines to allow for the survival of that ten percent of humanity. My characters use solar ovens, grow and preserve their own food, draw from doing things during the pioneer days, and trade for things often scavenged from overgrown suburbs or cities. My characters were simply and most likely reluctantly forced to go “green.” So, what can be “green” in a romance series?

In the Werescape, everything is about recycling and survival.  People pour their own bullets by melting old metal objects because alien beasts stalk the night eat anything living, i.e. humans, making ammunition crucial to survival. Well, then there are the humans who steal from others. Still, there’s more to what humans do in a pinch than make ammo. Some produce penicillin for trade. Others make bio-fuel. Now, the series doesn’t preach recycling and warn against global warming. This is romance, not a scientific paper. The point of the Werescape is to show how life could change in the event of genetic tampering through alien mischief. Genetic tampering is pivotal in the Werescape world because the Shifters are born of some alien tweaking of the human genome. Everything boils down to physical survival (where and how to), the cultural happenings in various political arenas on and off earth, and the perpetuation of the human species. None of these things would have been possible if the initial ten percent of humans surviving the alien invasion hadn’t gone “green.” And, of course, survival of the species leads to population growth…

               As for the perpetuation of the human species, well, it’s a shiny moment for women everywhere. Women tend to prefer Shifters for mates. Why not? This is fiction. Now, most Shifters are male werewolves. Yet, a few are female cougars. There’s something important behind that difference in sex and soon to come in a Werescape tale. But for now…Shifters are quite possessive and protective, all “growly”, well-fed because they can catch their own food, and sexy as heck. So, don’t worry. Humanity is doing its duty with reproduction. However, it never crossed my mind to go “green” with productivity and devise forms of post-apocalyptic birth control. That just seems so wrong with big hunky men running around searching for mates to cuddle… ~Skhye

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Werescape Book Six
Skhye Moncrief

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Word Count: 38,000 words

Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill (EDH Graphics)

Kindle    Nook

Book Description:

Each wants the other, but neither can stand to be in the same room. 

One day in the Big Woods, Normal Josie wakes up and helplessly watches a Shifter virus kill her immediate family in their remote wilderness homestead. Josie has no choice but to carry on. She's forced to brave the forested Wild alone, leading a string of pack horses with all the supplies she can manage to her uncle's Shifter outpost--back to where she became known as a little Normal female who could kick butt with the best Shifters, back to where she fell in love with the only Shifter she could ever mate. Thank goodness he isn't there. But when living among a pack of Shifters, a girl has to obey the alpha. And her alpha has secret plans for her, plans that involve the only Shifter she loves--the Shifter who now irritates the hell out of her.

Stationed at an isolated agricultural outpost with nothing but teenage hormones for company, Shifter Hostillian doesn't mind monotonous day-to-day schedules where he rules the roost. And then his inner Wolf's favorite wild cat screeches at his door. He has no desire to mate the only person who challenges everything he utters. But his Wolf makes demands the minute it catches Josie's scent.

Stand back and watch the fireworks light up the Minnesota sky because the BIG BAD BEAST can't help but to huff and puff and blow Josie's house in...

About the Author:

Aside from muscled men in fur, leather, denim, or kilts, I love cultural ecology, cultural evolution, cultural relativism, and natural processes. Big ideas. Simple concepts that manifest in world building to crazy people like me who studied anthropology and geology before turning to writing romantic fiction. My rule of thumb is to love the good, the bad, and the ugly of every culture in my tales so every aspect of my stories resonates as real as possible.


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Leslie Miner said...

This looks really good. Thank you for a chance to win a copy.
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Skhye Moncrief said...

Thank you & you're welcome, Leslie!

Krysykat said...

I'd love to read this, it sounds like it could get naughty ;)