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Interview and GIveaway with Tasha Blackstone

Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

Elle is my first novel and it has opened up the door I always dreamed of walking thru when I was younger. It is my take on the classic Faerie Tale Rapunzel and includes a twisted tale of love and deception. Like with my other WIPs, I have taken the basic idea of the typical characters and flipped them into characters that I feel have more depth and a more important story to tell.

Are you a mom (or parent)?

I am! J I am the VERY proud mom to 3 amazing children. 2 of my kiddos are in their early teens and my youngest is just about there as well!

If yes do you find it hard to juggle writing and parenting?

Yes! I have recently joked that I think as teenagers, my kids are more demanding than they were when they were toddlers. lol Between band recitals, football games, plays, practices, and their freakishly busy social lives I definitely spend more time toting them to and from than I do anything else. Thankfully when we have a quiet evening on the home front they typically understand when I lock myself away.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

Even though I adore Faerie Tales and have written my own versions since I was old enough to understand that the world of Faerie came with no restrictions, I am actually a murder mystery junky! I have seen every episode of Perry Mason, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Bones, Law & Order, CSI, The Mentalist, Castle, Cold Case and more. It is a special treat for me when my husband brings me full seasons on DVD and we get to veg on back to back episodes. J

When you’re not writing what do you do? Do you have any hobbies or guilty pleasures?

Writing actually is my guilty pleasure. I am currently back in college working towards my Associates and then onto my Bachelors, so between the heavy loads of homework, the kiddos, my husband, our pets and running everything else possible for our household, there is nothing I would rather do during my ‘off’ time than write. Someday I hope that I can claim Author as my full time job, but until then I fit it in between everything else.

Of all the characters you’ve ever written, who is your favorite and why?

In my upcoming release there is a secondary character, Ian. I have to say, I fell in love with him! He was so much fun to write and his side story brought out a lot of emotion. He’s a pill, a smart ass and a total pain, but he has the rawest emotion of any character I have written before or since.

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

What is next for you? Do you have any scheduled upcoming releases or works in progress?

I do! In March (tentatively scheduled for the 19th) Siren will be releasing my book Waking Beauty. It is the first of a series and I am so excited about it! This series has allowed me to open up a whole new world and delve into some of the darker sides of the Faerie Tale genre. I can’t wait!

What book are you reading now?

The Children’s Blizzard. Yes, I wish it was something more intriguing, however, I am in the midst of the Winter Term and have a multitude of papers to write on the book so, until Spring, this is it. 

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Elle: An Erotic Faerie Tale
Tasha Blackstone

Genre: Adult Fantasy /erotica

Publisher:  Siren Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-62242-307-1

Number of pages: 159
Word Count:  53,443

Book Description:

A tangled web of love, magic, and seduction, this retelling of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel is not your mama’s fairy tale.

Elle has lived in solitude, high in the tower, her entire life. When Emmett appears on her balcony, poisoned from the vicious Witch Weed and close to death, she knows she must save him at all costs. Her desire for him becomes unbearable, and when she realizes that he has also stolen her heart, she must decide—risk it all to be with him or let him walk away, missing her only chance at true love.

However, Elle's time is short and her life is in danger. Despina, an Enchantress posing as Elle's mother, needs the magic that lives in Elle in order to survive. Can Elle save Emmett, embrace the love that awaits her, and survive her mother’s dark intentions before it is too late?

About the Author :

There was never a day in Tasha’s life when she wasn’t creating new worlds, or characters, or story lines. Even as a little girl, she was often locked away in her grandfather’s office drawing, cutting, pasting, and writing short stories to give to her mom. Using all methods, crayons, pens and pencils, typewriters, and word processors, her favorite was the typewriter. The clickity-clack sound that the keys made as she wrote her stories ignited excitement, and at the young age of eight, she knew she wanted to grow up and be a writer.

Tasha thanks her grandma for her love of books. Her grandma’s home was in all aspects a library with hundreds and hundreds of books on the shelves, all of which Tasha was allowed to read regardless of her age. With the exception of the typical children’s faerie tales, Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King was the first fantasy novel Tasha had read, and she was hooked. The freedom to create a world without having to follow traditional rules was the most amazing thing ever! Of course, as she grew and decided that boys were no longer gross and infected with cooties, but rather cute and tempting, she turned to romance. Her favorite pastime became writing short stories for her friends and featuring them as the heroine and their crushes as the love interest. When one of the moms found a story and mistook it for a real event, Tasha knew writing truly was her calling.

Though it took a little longer than she had hoped to achieve her dream, the waiting was well worth it.

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