Thursday, March 7, 2013

Interview with Nadia Scrieva

Welcome Nadia, Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

My name is Nadia Scrieva, and I write in science fiction and fantasy. I hope to try a new genre soon, under the name Alyssa Cross.

Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

I’ve just released the fifth book in my Sacred Breath series, entitled Tides of Tranquility. I must have worked non-stop on it for over two months, and I am very proud of the story.

Are you a mom (or parent)?

No, but I would love to be someday! I want to be super successful before having children, so I can dedicate more time to my kids instead of neglecting them by being a workaholic.

Have you ever based your book or characters on actual events or people from your own life?

Of course! The best fiction is deeply grounded in truth, and could possibly be truth. Even though I write fantasy, I am always happy to hear that my readers say that they feel “it could be real.”

Is there a theme or message in your work that you would like readers to connect to?

Most of my work advocates strong, loyal friendships, and persevering through intense adversity.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

I used to be a model, actress, and dancer—and a crazy gambling casino-woman.

When you’re not writing what do you do? Do you have any hobbies or guilty pleasures?

I love movies and I’m obsessed with a few TV series. I hope that I can soon get out more and participate in a physical hobby like dancing or martial arts, which I used to do when I was younger.

Of all the characters you’ve ever written, who is your favorite and why?

My favorite character is Visola Ramaris from my Sacred Breath series, simply because she is so shockingly hilarious and delightfully insane.

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

There will be three more books in the Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak series:
#4. Paradox
#5. Parasite
#6. Paradise

Para’s journey is a long and complex one. When she finally gets her revenge, it won’t be exactly what she imagined. She’ll have to deal with serious repercussions; there will be a great price for her actions.

What is next for you? Do you have any scheduled upcoming releases or works in progress?

I am always putting out new books! I am excited to write Paradox, followed by Maelstrom for my Sacred Breath series. 

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Thirty Minutes to Heartbreak, Book 1
Nadia Scrieva
Genre: Fantasy/Romance      

ISBN: 1477618392

Number of pages: 375
Word Count: 98, 000

eBook is free on most websites  Amazon   BN   iTunes   Smashwords  Kobo

Book Description:

A goddess hell-bent on revenge...

Pax Burnson is the descendant of devas. She has vowed to live her life without practicing her powers, but recent events have overturned her entire existence. Thorn Kalgren has been the love of her life since she was fourteen -- he helped her to heal after the loss of her parents. As a close family friend, he is one of a select few who understand and share her unique heritage. His recent betrayal has released a violence within her that she cannot restrain.

While her first instinct is to escape and forget, her aimless road trip is interrupted by a childhood friend in need. An idea strikes Pax as she sees her own pain reflected in Thorn's sister, Amara Kalgren. She is suddenly filled with a new, all-consuming purpose: vengeance. She believes there is nothing else left.

Using ancient magick and enlisting Amara's help, Pax orchestrates a complex, drawn-out plan to deceive and emotionally destroy her former lover. The friendship and loyalty between the two girls becomes fortified and unshakable as they venture down a dark and twisted path together, encountering formidable roadblocks and demons.

It soon becomes clear to Pax that everything she has been led to believe about her powers and her past was shaped by blatant lies. When she discovers that Thorn's infidelity is closely linked with her mother's death, she is forced to make a life-altering decision...

About the Author:

Nadia Scrieva lives in Toronto, Canada with no husband, no kids, and no pets. She does own a very attractive houseplant which she occasionally remembers to water between her all-consuming writing marathons.

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