Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crafter or Hoarder? Guest blog and giveaway with Rhonda Parrish

I'm not a hoarder. I swear I'm not, but if you looked at the crafty corner of my living room you might not believe me. The thing is I'm not into just one kind of craft. You can relate right? Tell me you can relate.

(I can relate Rhonda, boy can I relate,  my hoarding consists of all kinds of craft supplies- paper, paint, assorted little odds, ends and doodads and I have bins full of floral and wedding decorating supplies....~Wenona :-)

I love quilting and along with that comes fabric painting and appliqué. I also adore cross stitching (which can sometimes go well with the fabric painting too because I can overdye floss or fabric) and when I watch television I find it enjoyable to crochet something at the same time, just to keep my fingers busy. What's more, my husband is also crafty. He enjoys cross stitching but also embroidery, paper quilling and painting. Just to name a few things.

My interest in these crafts is cyclical -- I am never doing all of them at the same time, I sort of drift from one to the other and then back again. Still, I can't possibly purge my home of the supplies (oh, the supplies! You should see my fabric stash…) in between. It just wouldn't work. So I've got wool, and fabric, and paint and cross stitch patterns, and floss and… You get the idea. I try to keep it sorted and somewhat organised, but it's an ongoing battle.

I can't stop crafting either. Not that I want to, but it really goes hand-in-hand with my writing. I think that being crafty helps keep my creative juices flowing, and more than once it's been while I've been sitting at my sewing machine, mindlessly stitching away that suddenly the solution to a plot problem has slapped me upside the back of the head. I'd be afraid that if I quit crafting I'd lose that (and besides, what would I give as gifts? I'd have to like, shop *shudder*).

So in the meantime part of my house looks very much like it belongs to a hoarder. That's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. J

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Aphanasian Stories
Rhonda Parrish

Genre: Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1481249478

Number of pages: 182
Word Count: About 56,000

Cover Artist: Darek Zabrocki

Book Description:

Three of Rhonda Parrish’s beloved Aphanasian stories brought together in one collection for the first time!

A Love Story: Z’thandra, a swamp elf living with the Reptar, discovers a human near the village. When she falls in love with him, she faces the most difficult choice of her life, a decision that will affect the Reptar for generations.

Lost and Found: Xavier, the escaped subject of a madman’s experiments, and Colby, a young lady on a mission to save her brother, must combine their efforts to elude capture and recover the magical artifact that will save Colby’s brother before it’s too late.

Sister Margaret: A vampire hunter and a half-incubus swordsman are hired by a priestess to kill the undead pimp that is extorting, torturing and murdering vulnerable girls.

About the Author:

When she isn't being crafty, playing video games or procrastinating, Rhonda writes fantasy, YA and horror stories and poems. Also, she loves sushi.

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Roxanne Rhoads said...

I think all crafters and creative types are a bit hoarderish. We don;t like to part with our precious materials.

My biggest hoarding issue is books- of all types. I also have art supplies all over the place.

Rhonda Parrish said...

Oh Roxanne, don't even get me started on books...

Thank you for hosting me here Wenona :)