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Sudden Sexual Awakening – A True Story – by Kathy Lyons

I wasn’t going to write about this.  Seriously, I wasn’t. But enough people have asked after the publication of One Night in the Spa that I’ve decided to come clean.

Yes, I was a racquetball pro–for 2 weeks–and then I blew my knees. I didn’t even fill out the paperwork, so technically, I suppose I wasn’t at the pro level. But I competed in pro divisions and in my mind, I was there. I’d spent years training, practicing, and climbing in the amateur levels. And then–pop–bye bye knees. Well, not exactly. There were warning signs that I tried not to ignore, but I was ambitious and I love the game. So when they finally blew, I was a very sad woman. Here’s a picture of me playing recently. Not at my peak, but it’s me!

Back to my embarrassing past. There I was, after years of constant training, forced to sit on my ass and not do anything. Well, nothing that could use my knees. I could eat, which I did a lot. I could read romance novels, which I definitely did a lot. And I suddenly had time to fantasize. Not about the perfect racquetball kill, not about getting a few more hours of sleep or about living pain-free, but actual sexual fantasies.

Before my injury, I’d never really looked at a man’s body except in terms of how it would perform. Not sexually, but athletically. After all, I competed against men all the time. I practically lived at the club and saw people lifting weights and working out. I learned to evaluate good form in squats or restricted rotations. It wasn’t until after I was sitting weeks on my butt that I saw Joe Lando (Sully in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) take off his shirt and HUBBA HUBBA! Suddenly I was thinking sex. Not, gee, I wonder how much he has to train to get those pecks. Not, he’d have trouble swinging a racquet at full power. But, wow, what would it be like to have that guy... um, well, you get the idea.

Holy moly, I was horny. It’s like my body built to 30% body fat (I’d spent years at 21%), and whammo–the hot-to-trots hit hard. Now here’s the shocker. I was married and had two kids already. I’d already experienced love and sex, but suddenly my sexual interests were turbo-charged. Yowza! All those hot guy pictures I put on my FB page? Yeah, I didn’t start looking until after Joe Lando.

So there you go.  One Night in the Spa is based on my personal experience. I’m blushing, but it’s true, though Kim’s experience in the story is more extreme than mine. I’ve confessed, so I’m going to go back to hunting for hot guys to post on facebook. And in the meantime, please tell me if you think I’m nuts or if you know whereof I speak...

One Night in the Spa
Kathy Lyons

Publisher: Entangled: Ever After

August 26, 2013

Print Length: 74 pages


Book Description:

What starts out as a simple massage treatment for spa manager David’s best friend Kim, turns into a night of seduction and sexual discovery.

Always relegated to the friend zone, David is determined to show Kim what she’s been missing…one erogenous zone at a time. Sure, their friendship is on the line. And sure, David’s hiding a motive larger than either him or Kim. But the second his hands touch her smooth skin, he just doesn’t care anymore.

Kim’s been so focused on the loss of her sports career that she’s had no time for romance or sex. But her response to David can’t be denied. Is it just that her body’s been missing out, or could her heart be involved too?

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About the Author:

Kathy Lyons writes light, funny, sexy stories for Harlequin Blaze.  She loves the faster pace of category books and that her humor can shine through.

She leaves the dark, tortured love stories to her alter ego, USA TODAY bestselling author Jade Lee.

Visit them both on the web at  or 

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