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Character Interview: Secret Surrender

Welcome Kristen. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.
*smiles brightly* Thank you for having me.

Let me get straight to the hardballs. Vincent’s a gorgeous CEO with nipple rings and tats. Why on earth would you turn him down? Are you okay in your brain?
*nearly chokes on saliva and coughs* Vincent is a potential client for my employer. My interest in him is having Waterbridge-Howser effectively manage his personal assets. If we have any type of relationship, it’s a professional one. I would appreciate it if you kept the questions professional as well.

You pinched his nipple.
*blushes furiously* That was a complete accident! I was handing him supporting documents during our first meeting and I happened to trip over my heels and fall into his lap. That was not on purpose. No way. I’d never do that on purpose. Nope.

That explains the fall but it doesn’t explain the N-I-P-P-L-E pinching.
I felt something odd when I landed in his lap and my palms flattened against his rock hard chest. It was something that shouldn’t have belonged there. C’mon. When you know something’s off you’re saying you don’t try to see what it is?

My husband was spending a lot of late nights at work and I found out he was having an affair with the secretary. I punched that bitch in the face.
Yeah, exactly. I mean. . . no. Wait. What did you just say?

Not important. Moving on. So tell me what was your impression of Vincent after your meeting in Cape Town?
I honestly don’t know what to think. Richard and I had spent weeks practicing and rehearsing our pitch. We really wanted to land Vincent. But it’s hard to read the guy. He wasn’t at all what we thought. Much more serious. Much more business-minded. Shrewd. Intimidating. Fuckable. Clever. Demanding. Confident. Skilled. Not at all the surfer bum we thought he was.

You just said he was ‘fuckable’.
No I didn’t. I said ‘implacable’. He’s a difficult person to please.

Okay, sure. So if Vincent asked you out, would you go for it?
I don’t date potential clients. That would be disastrous for my career. Office politics would be like elephants at a water hole. Besides, I haven’t dated in 2 years.

Why not?
Personal reasons. Very personal. So let’s just leave it at that.

Okay. That’s all the questions I have. Thank you for your time!
Thank you!

Secret Surrender
The Surrender Series
Book Two
Priscilla West

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Date of Publication: 9/30/2013


Number of pages: 150
Word Count: 35,000

Amazon   BN

Book Description:

“What gives you a thrill Kristen?”

I knew that giving in to Vincent Sorenson was a risk, but it was one I was willing to take. I had hidden my heart for so long and for the first time in a long time, Vincent was close to breaking down the walls.

When a trip to Vincent’s exclusive private island reveals the real Vincent underneath the layers of suave nonchalance, I thought we were close to the start of something special.

Just when things were looking up for us, I would discover the one secret that Vincent never intended for me to find.

About the Author:

Priscilla West is the author of the popular erotic romance series The Sandstone Affair and is currently writing the Surrender series. She likes to write stories with sassy heroines and strong but flawed heroes.

She enjoys: cuddles, men in suits, eskimo kisses, life-sized teddy bears, and eggs over medium.

You can find her at

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