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SEDUCED BY AN ANGEL Book 3, Velvet Lies Author Donates Royalties to Help Plant Trees By Adrienne deWolfe

I grew up in the woodlands of Western Pennsylvania, where my playground was a hardwood forest of maple, white oak, elm, and dogwood — plus plenty of poison ivy. (::shudder::)
Nevertheless, trekking through the woods to find the perfect tree, where I could eat my lunch and pour my heart into my journal, remains one of my fondest childhood memories.
When I set out to write Scoundrel For Hire (Book 1, Velvet Lies,) I knew I had to give my rogue hero some redeeming characteristic to make him lovable. I looked out the window of my Austin, Texas, home and saw the sunset filtering through a forest of live oaks.  Their deeply green leaves were limned in shades of crimson, tangerine and gold.
That's when I knew that Raphael Jones would become a “Robin Hood” for the environment. That he would fight the Colorado industrialists, who were polluting his precious Roaring Fork River with sawdust – a cloying goop that was making the orphaned, baby otter that he had rescued reluctant to swim.
Now here I am:  two books later, celebrating the release of Seduced By An Angel, the story of Rafe's kid sister, Sera.  Who would have thought that Scoundrel For Hire would become a #1 Bestseller and launch the award-winning Velvet Lies series:  a project that has been 14 years in the making and that has plans for at least five books?
But Rafe’s passion for the environment carries on in his sister.  In Seduced By An Angel, Sera fondly reminisces to Jesse, the hero, how she used to hide in the woods with her coon hound so she wouldn't have to do chores.  She describes how she used to cannonball into the Red River of southeastern Kentucky wearing nothing but pigtails.
Throughout Seduced By An Angel’s storyline, pivotal scenes occur in the woods, where Sera not only sees Jesse naked for the first time, but where she eventually seduces him (without much resistance on his part, I might add!)
I love that my Velvet Lies series is being published in ebook.  I feel better about being an author when I know that my ebooks have saved trees.
While ebook sales in the United States have steadily increased over the last few years, they only account for about a quarter of total U.S. publishing revenue. That means a lot of trees are still being cut to supply the country with millions of paperback and hardback books each year.
Several years ago, while I was researching a freelance article about recycling paper waste, I learned that one tree produces approximately 1,000 paperback books.  A typical print run for a mid-list romance novel is between 30,000 and 50,000 books -- in other words, 30 to 50 trees.  I think this statistic comes as a surprise to many people, who haven't thought about the effects of something potentially benign, like novels, on the environment.
Looking at my career in terms of our shrinking global community, I decided I wanted to be proactive.  I wanted to do something that would help raise public awareness. So I came up with the idea of donating a portion of my royalties from the Velvet Lies series to tree-planting efforts performed through the Nature Conservancy.
I hope that you will agree that urban reforestation is a worthy project.  Every time you purchase a novel from the Velvet Lies series, you can feel good, knowing that you will be helping to plant a tree!  With a little luck, Rafe, Sera, Jesse and the rest of the Velvet Lies gang will put a smile on your face for other reasons, too. J

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Seduced by An Angel
Velvet Lies Series
Book 3
Adrienne deWolfe

Genre: Western Historical Romance with paranormal elements (ghosts and a clairvoyant heroine)

Publisher: ePublishing Works

Date of Publication: Aug. 28, 2013
ISBN-13: 9781614174295

Number of pages:  362
Word Count: 94,592

Book Description:

Kentucky belle Seraphina Jones craves a dashing stranger worth kissing. When she spies her handsome, half-naked hired hand at the riverbank, she thinks her dreams of romance have come true. But this Texican is wanted for murder.

Jesse Quaid can't let Sera's sweet kisses distract him from rendezvousing with Cass, a childhood friend, to clear his name of a crime he didn't commit.  But then a case of mistaken identity turns Cass into Jesse's deadliest rival for Sera's heart.

Now, Sera must find a way to end the feud before the man she loves is lost forever.

Velvet Lies:
Book 4: DEVIL IN TEXAS (Available 2014)

About the Author:

Adrienne deWolfe is a #1 Bestselling Author and a recipient of 48 writing awards, including the Best Historical Romance of the Year.  She consistently delights readers with sexy, action-packed, western-style romances, including her Wild Texas Nights series and her Velvet Lies series.  In addition, she is the author of the bestselling non-fiction ebook series, The Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published.

Fascinated by all things mystical, Adrienne writes a weekly blog about dragons, magic, and the paranormal at to help her research her upcoming YA Epic Fantasy series.

She also writes a weekly blog with fiction writing tips and advice about the business of writing at  She enjoys mentoring aspiring authors and offers professional story critiques and book coaching services.

The Secrets to Getting Your Romance Novel Published (Series)

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