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Alien Bride Guest Blog and Giveaway

Alien Bride: Falling For Angels and the Tall Ones

            In Alien Bride, I introduce a race of technologically superior, sentient, non-terrestrial beings, loosely referred to as “the Tall Ones.” They are something between angels and aliens, noncorporeal transhuman entities that became smitten with human life on earth.

            Or more specifically, they became smitten with human women.

            My inspiration in creating the Tall Ones stems from both musing upon sacred texts and scraping the bottom of the bowl of conspiracy theories. (I’d also like to make a quick disclaimer that while I drew inspiration from religious concepts, I make no claims to know The Unknowable--my ideas are simply ideas, what-if’s!)

            Angels are a fascinating subject; what woman wouldn’t love a hunky, heavenly protector? Forbidden love brings an even greater appeal; if one is to follow the pseudepigraphal lore, love between angels and humans is expressly forbidden.

            Delving one step deeper into writings like the Book of Enoch, love between angels and human women can only yield abominations--the Nephilim. The Nephilim are genetic aberrations, half-angel and half-human, giants at least twelve feet tall, with six toes, six fingers, insatiable hungers of all kinds, wicked menaces. According to the Book of Enoch, angels sent to watch over mankind fell when they caved into the temptation to make love to human women. Different angels are credited with teaching humanity different things; some taught of the constellations, some taught metallurgy, some taught the art of war and weaponry. What the angels taught humanity is a mixed bag--some of the skills clearly advanced civilization, while others seem to hasten its destruction. This forces me to speculate upon the motives of such angels, wondering if they did love humanity, or if they wanted to destroy it and took it by force... or perhaps it was a bit of both?

            I’m a junkie for all things ancient civilization, and the astronomical knowledge of ancient people has always been a huge point of fascination for me. It blows my mind thinking about how they could calculate the movements of the stars with precision on par with the Hubble, with no comparable tools at their disposal.

            The Annunaki are another race of beings from the stars said to have descended upon humanity to bestow upon them various great feats of civilization in ancient Sumerian myth. In modern internet-era myth (ask Google... at your own risk), the Annunaki are aliens, and there is a boatload of conspiracy theory extrapolating upon the original mythology, painting the Annunaki as instructors of civilization, and even as politicians today. Some claim they genetically engineered humans to be gold-harvesting slaves, or a food source to be fattened up for the slaughter.

            Honestly, I have no idea about any of it, much less the truth in any of it--but I do think it’s incredibly interesting to consider that some of the most mystifying bits of ancient knowledge came to humanity from an outside source. Then I thought about it, thought about it, thought about it some more... (binged on some Stargate SG-1 in the process...) and wondered, what if?

            Alien Bride is that what-if. It’s spaceships, it’s politics, it’s devils, angels, blood-sucking fiends, and a forbidden romance that is hella sexy. It’s not intended to be canonical; it is, however, completely intended to raise some appreciation about the unsolved mysteries of the world--and to get the reader tangled up in one of those, “oh, no, oh, we shouldn’t, oh--oh--OH--” kind of romances. Whew!

Alien Bride
Sex, Drugs, and Biopunk
Book 1
Brie McGill

Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1492890758

Number of pages: 419
Word Count: 140,000

Cover Artist: Cover Shot Creations

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Book Description:

Ninkasi Mara didn’t plan to celebrate her university graduation entangled in a bungled kidnapping meant for her father, a corrupt senator in the pocket of Techthonic Innovations. Locked alone in the gilded tower of Chateau Bernadette, Ninkasi fears its opulent pleasures will erode her will until she collapses into the comforting arms of the mysterious masked man who frequents her chamber with vintage wines and sumptuous dinners.

For more than twenty years, Orion has plotted the perfect revenge. Manipulating the hand of an insurrectionist faction, he intends to settle a shadowy score with Techthonic Innovations, a biotech giant with a history of dubious experiments. When the faction’s amateurs fail to return with the senator, they further complicate Orion’s task by returning instead with a woman who is a painful reminder of a love lost long ago. Torn between risking the secrecy of the faction and a maelstrom of emotion, Orion secretly visits her chamber in disguise.

When Orion disappears, Ninkasi is dragged into the search and rescue mission. To find him, she must learn the truth of his secrets about his hatred for the company and the physical anomalies he tries to hide. The answers await discovery in a terrifying alternate world beneath her feet in which human sacrifice is the least of her worries.

There is a reason Orion went alone...

About the Author:

Doctors suspect Brie developed an overactive imagination during childhood to cope with the expansive corn maze known as rural Pennsylvania. Unable to afford an operation to have the stories surgically removed from her brain, she opted instead to write them down.

Brie lives with two devious cats, Lunar and Loki. In her spare time, she enjoys making laser sounds with her MiniKorg, channeling entities in hyperspace, and roflstomping video games from the nineties.
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