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Another Green Book That Never Was: The Guide to Green Parenting

Here is another green book I was working on but my agent at the time told me the market had dried up so I never even finished the proposal on this one.

 The Guide to Green Parenting:
How to Raise Eco-minded Children from the Very Beginning
By Wenona Napolitano

Sample Table of Contents


Green has become quite the thing to do. There are many publications, websites and books devoted to green living. There are also very many devoted to green parenting, but I’ve found that most focus only on going green when you’re pregnant or going green for babies. What about those who have older children, toddlers, even tweens and teens?

The Guide to Green Parenting gives you the information you need in one resource, no searching the web, hopping from site to site or from one book to another. Here you’ll find everything you need to be a green parent whether you are planning on having children, already have little ones or if you have children in their teens and you’ve decided that now is the time to go green. You’ll find advice for every step of the way from before they are born until they are off to college.

Chapter 1: Greening Your Life

If you’re going to be a green parent you have to start somewhere. Learn what it means to be green, how simple changes can make a big difference and why “reduce, reuse and recycle” is such a big deal.

 What it Means to Be Green
 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
 Simple Changes You Can Make
 Green Transportation
 Green Karma

Chapter 2: Your Green Home

Learn how to green your home from simple changes to big green remodeling projects you can make room by room adjustments to make your home more eco-friendly.

 Indoor Air Quality
 Room by Room
 Green Energy
 Everyday Products
 Energy Conserving Appliances
 Green Remodeling

Chapter 3: Say Good Bye to Toxic Products

There may be toxins in everything around you. Learn what hazardous chemicals are lurking in your everyday products and how to make greener choices.

 Cleaning Green
 Natural Pest Control
 No More Chemical Lawn Fertilizers
 Eco-Friendly Candles
 Goodbye Artificial Fragrances

Chapter 4: Understanding Body Burden

Studies have found that the average person walks around with hundreds of chemicals in our bodies, over time these chemicals build up and become what is known as the body burden. Many scientists and doctors believe that our exposure to chemicals and the rising rates of illnesses and diseases are connected. Learn about the body burden and how to limit your exposure to toxins.

 Toxic Build Up
 Dangerous Chemicals in Everyday Products
 The Dirty Dozen
 Better Choices

Chapter 5: Illness and Diseases Linked to Exposure to Toxins

Childhood illnesses and diseases are alarmingly on the rise, especially autism, ADD/ADHD, and cancer. Some believe our environment and chemical exposures are to blame.

 Birth Defects

Chapter 6: The Green Mommy

Become a green mom, from greening your beauty routine to organic fashions, to pampering yourself with little green luxuries or green spa time learn how to be more eco-friendly.

 Pamper Yourself Green
 Eco-Friendly Beauty
             Personal Care Products
             Feminine Products
 Spa Time
 Organic Fashion
 Little Green Luxuries

Chapter 7: Dads Can Be Green Too

Don’t feel left out dads, there are plenty of ways you can become a green guy without giving up your comfortable clothes, your power tools or your gadgets, just learn how to get everything you want in need in the greenest varieties.

 Green Guy Fashion
 Eco-Friendly Tools
 The Outdoorsman
 Eco-Tech Gadgets
 Be a Role Model

Chapter 8: A Green Pregnancy

A new bundle of joy is on the way, but how can you make sure you have the greenest pregnancy possible? This chapter will lead you in the right direction.

 Go Organic
 Avoid Toxic Products
 Be Phthalate Free
 Preparing to Be a Green Parent
 The Eco-Baby Shower

Chapter 9: Eco-Childbirth Choices

What is the greenest way to give birth? What options do you have? Can you create a green birthing plan? This chapter will guide you through some eco-child birthing options.

 Mid Wife or Doctor
 Natural Childbirth
 Home Births
 Water Births
 Your Green Birth Plan

Chapter 10: Choosing a Green Pediatrician

If you are going to the effort of being green you want a doctor that understands and shares your views, but how do you find a green pediatrician?

 Finding a Green Doctor
 More than One Doctor
 Green Gurus

Chapter 11: The Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Nursery

Create an eco-friendly nest for your little one from the greenest baby bedding to nursery necessities find out what your most eco-friendly options are and where to find them.

 Safe Baby Bedding
 Natural and Non-Toxic Furniture
 VOC Free Paint
 Eco-Friendly Flooring
 Nursery Necessities

Chapter 12: Eco-Friendly Baby Gear

In this chapter you’ll learn about green baby gear because you want the healthiest and safest products for your baby, but what are they and where can you find them? What are the most important things to watch out for?

 Avoid BPA and PVC Opt for Safer Plastics
 Clothing Baby the Eco-Friendly Way
             Organic Clothing
             Avoid Flame Retardants
 Green Strollers, Car seats, High Chairs and More
 Better Teething Tools
 Organic Toys and Stuffed Animals

Chapter 13: Your Green Baby

Your little one has arrived, now what? What are the best choices for diapers? Bottles? What’s safe to use on baby’s delicate skin? In this chapter you’ll learn all that and more.

 The Diaper Debate
 Breast or Bottle
 Safer Baby Bottles
             BPA Free Plastic
             Stainless Steel
 Feeding Time
 Skin Care
             Bath Time
             Diaper Rash
             Sun Protection

Chapter 14: Toddler Time

Toddlers are busy and on the go how you keep them busy in an eco-friendly way? And exactly what should you feed your picky little one? In this chapter you’ll learn how to keep a busy toddler happy and green.

 Organic Toys for Toddlers
             Organic Stuffed Animals and Dolls
 More Eco-Friendly Playthings
 Outdoor Play The Safe Way
 Feeding the Picky Toddler
             Quick and Healthy
             Avoiding the Junk Food Trap

Chapter 15: Safe Home Remedies

What to do when your little ones get sick, antibiotics are often over prescribed or prescribed for the wrong reason. Learn about safe home remedies and green medicine alternatives that can keep your family healthy and happy.

 Medicine Free Remedies
 Green Medicine
 Homeopathic Remedies
 Safe Head lice Prevention and Treatments

Chapter 16: Raising Eco-Mindful Children

Teach kids about the environment at any age; fill their world with eco-activities and green learning opportunities.

 Teach About the Environment
 Mother Earth is Home to Us All
 A Green Hour Everyday
 Recycled Crafts, Found Art
 Turn Off the Television
 Books for Green Kids

Chapter 17: Leading by Example

Children learn best by example; let them see you being green and they are more likely to follow in your footsteps.

 Let Your Children See You Being Green
 Shopping Green
 Reusables-Bags, Bottles and More
 Unplug More Often

Chapter 18: Food for Thought

Food plays a large role in our lives. The choices we make when it comes to food can affect our children’s health now and in the future. Learn how to make greener food choices and avoid unhealthy foods.

 Childhood Obesity Rates
 Food Allergies on the Rise
 Genetically Modified Food
 The Dangers of Pesticides
 The Importance of Organic

Chapter 19: Eating Green

Eat green by growing your own, shopping local and seasonal or going vegetarian. Get some healthy ideas and recipes for tasty treats.

 Grow Your Own
 Farmer’s Markets
 Eating Local and Seasonal
 Go Vegetarian?
 Healthy Treats

Chapter 20: Greening the Holidays

Holidays and special days can be green, too. This chapter explores easy ways and eco-options for greening your holidays and celebrations. Learn how to make them greener, cleaner and more meaningful without added stress.

 Valentine’s Day

Chapter 21: School Age

Your child’s school may not be green but you can help it get that way. Learn how to send your children to school with green gear and school supplies and make sure your child doesn’t get left inside without access to environmental learning.

 Green School Supplies
 Other Green Gear for School
 Eco-Friendly Lunches
 Helping Schools Go Green
 No Child Left Inside
 Homeschooling Options

Chapter 22: Going Green at Any Age

No matter what age your children are it is never too late to go green. Learn new and fun ways to green your family and get them involved in eco-friendly activities.

 Older Children, New Green Ways
 Get Them Involved
 Simple Family Fun Night
 Camping and Other Outdoor Fun
 Recycling Programs
 Volunteer Days

Chapter 23: The Green Teen

Even your teen can be green. Get rid of toxin beauty products and help them make greener shopping choices. You can even learn about eco-college options.

 Green Beauty
 Eco-Conscious Bling
 Hanging Green
 Shopping and Swapping Green
 Green Colleges

Chapter 24: Green Pets

Should you have a pet or not? If you do what kind of pet? Can your pets go green? Yes, you can have a pet and they can be green. Learn all about eco-pet options and products.

 The Pet or No Pet Debate
 Respecting Animals
 Feeding Them Green
 Green Products for Pets
 Allergy Proof Kids

Chapter 25: Growing Up In a Green World

Help your family adjust and be part of the great green future. Learn about green jobs, green investments and the digital age.

 Our Children are the Future
 The Future of Green
 The Digital Age Can Be Green
 Read Green, E-books and Digital Magazines
 Green Jobs
 Green Investing

Sidebar Material:

Greenspeak- This sidebar offers definitions and explanations of important words and expressions used in the text that will help you understand green technical terms better.

Green at a Glance – These quick facts and stats provide loads of interesting information in quick easy to read tidbits.

Eco-Tips- Eco-friendly tips and advice offer quick and easy tips to help you go green.

Greenwash Warnings- In this sidebar you’ll learn about things to beware of and watch out for, labels don’t always mean what they say and greenwashing is a popular sales tool.

Appendix A: Green Web Resources
Appendix B: Green Reads

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