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The Book That Never Was: DIY for the Green Bride: Eco-friendly Crafts and Projects for a Great Green Wedding

Here's another book that never made it to print.

I am consiering self-publishing but I'm not sure if there's a market for "green" anymore. 

A Non-Fiction Book Proposal for
DIY for the Green Bride: Eco-friendly Crafts and Projects for a Great Green Wedding
Learn How to Turn Thrift Store Finds, Antique Treasures, Eco-Friendly Supplies and Everyday Items into Gorgeous Wedding Décor, Favors, and Accessories

By Wenona Napolitano


The Overview

“Green” is the biggest trend and the hottest buzzword right now. You can’t open a magazine or newspaper without being hit with some kind of green article or how-to guide. Turn on the TV and you are assaulted by shows that help you learn about going green, a whole new green network has even popped up, PlanetGreen. The green industry is growing at such a rapid rate that even huge corporations are going green to keep up with the times.
The wedding industry has really jumped on the green bandwagon. Everyone from local vendors to major couture fashion designers are going green. Having a green wedding was listed as one of the hottest trends in the bridal world in 2007 with predictions that the trend would continue well into 2008 and beyond as the awareness surrounding global warming continues to grow.
Other trends that are popular in the wedding industry are do-it yourself brides that want to do projects and make crafts that will personalize their wedding experience.

Combine these trends and you have DIY for the Green Bride: Eco-friendly Crafts and Projects for a Great Green Wedding, Learn How to Turn Thrift Store Finds, Antique Treasures, Eco-Friendly Supplies and Everyday Items into Gorgeous Wedding Décor, Favors, and Accessories.

DIY for the Green Bride is Eco-Chic Weddings meets The DIY Bride. It is a resource for couples interested in the combination of going green and taking a DIY approach to their wedding planning.

DIY for the Green Bride will include eco-inspired crafts and green projects that the bride can do to make her big day eco-fabulous and charmingly green.

While writing and researching The Everything Green Wedding Book, I learned so much about green living and green weddings that I was completely inspired. I came up with many craft projects that would be great for a green wedding yet I was only able to touch upon and mention a few of the ideas in that book.

Some of the projects to be included in this book are totally vintageous crafts made from vintage finds; ring bearer pillows made from vintage fabrics; favors, bookmarks, table tents, and more made from vintage ephemera; and centerpieces fashioned from antique store finds.

Other craft projects include those inspired by nature’s bounty; thrifty chic finds found in thrift stores and resale shops turned into fanciful green décor; elegant oil and electric lamps made from wine bottles; wine labels transformed into table tents, bookmarks and more; wine boxes and crates turned into wedding card holders; and a variety of everyday objects that can be reclaimed and transformed into fabulous eco-crafty creations for a green wedding.

DIY for the Green Bride is more than just your basic wedding craft book. It is a DIY advice and project book that will show brides how to think creatively, how to use their imagination to help save the earth and save them money while planning the wedding of their dreams.

The Book’s Structure
DIY for the Green Bride will have 12 chapters containing over 50 DIY projects. DIY for the Green Bride will start with an introductory chapter that introduces the reader to the importance of going green. It will also familiarize them with green concepts and eco-friendly thinking and will show the reader how to tie it all in with their wedding planning.

The book will include ideas for easy green DIY projects as well as detailed step by step instructions and supply lists for eco-friendly wedding crafts. Each craft project will also include ideas and variations on how the bride can take the idea and make it her own (called Brideas with an icon of a little light bulb wearing a veil, Bride + Ideas = Brideas).

The vision for DIY for the Green Bride is to have a full color book with a fun and eye catching cover complete with supply lists and detailed step by step instructions on how to do the craft projects, along with full color photos of the finished projects. In addition to the detailed instructions and finished projects, sidebars of facts and stats about weddings and the importance of going green will be included.

An easy to understand guide using fun icons will easily tell the crafty couple what kind of materials and projects they are working with: vintage, recycled, tree free, organic, repurposed or reused, natural, handmade, fair-trade, and local.

The back matter of the book will include a resource guide full of green craft products and where to find them. For instance the reader will learn where to find handmade, tree free, and specialty craft and scrapbook papers. They will also learn what paints, stains and finishes are eco-friendly and they will see options for organic cotton and bamboo pillow stuffing, eco-friendly ribbon, natural glue, and much more.

Another appendix featuring green wedding planning resources on the web will also be included as well as a resource list of books for green wedding planning and green living.
A great follow up book for DIY for the Green Bride would be DIY for the Budget Bride: Creative Ways to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams without Going Broke.

Audience and Market for the Book

DIY for the Green Bride is for the bride who wants to put her own personal stamp on her wedding. She wants the world to know it’s her wedding; it will be a day that showcases her personality.  She’s a DIY’er who has no problem getting her hands dirty. The green DIY bride is creative and trendy (in her own quirky way) and interested in saving money while saving the planet.

Many brides fit this description. Most brides want to make sure their wedding has a personal quality to it; they want a creative flare that showcases who they are. Combine that with the green trend and the resurgence of the arts and crafts movement in addition to the DIY themes and you have an in demand topic.

The wedding industry is a market that has definitely hopped on the green bandwagon. The average wedding costs somewhere around $27,000 in the US, multiply that by the approximately 2.5 million weddings in the US every year…there’s a lot of wedding dollars to go around.

Brides shell out a lot of money while planning their weddings, some of that money is devoted to buying books on many aspects of wedding planning. Research indicates that many brides buy two or more books a piece about wedding planning and they are spending up to and over $150 on just those books.

With today’s major focus on green living and eco-friendly products couples are interested in how they can fit their weddings into the green theme of things. Green trends continue to expand with more and more green products coming out every day. Television shows are airing green wedding episodes like the Discovery show, Get Fresh with Sara Snow. New green wedding planning Web sites are popping up every day.

Brides (and possibly grooms as well) are going to continue to look for ways to incorporate green into their wedding, especially in new and creative ways. DIY for the Green Bride has the opportunity to be the first DIY wedding book devoted to green projects.

Studies show that more and more couples want to focus their wedding dollars on earth friendly products. They figure they are going to be spending a lot of money for their big day; it might as well be spent on something good for the environment.

Now is the perfect time to get a green wedding DIY book on the market.
DIY for the Green Bride can be sold in many outlets other than the traditional bookstore; craft stores like the big chain stores JoAnn’s and Michaels, bridal boutiques, wedding stores, wedding planning Web sites, wedding planners, bridal shows are…these are all sales avenues that can be explored.

Competitive Books

Weddings are big business and there are many wedding craft, handmade weddings, and wedding DIY books on the market. Many wedding craft books that have come out in the past ten years were thoroughly researched. There are enough to suit many types of brides from the traditional white lace bride, to the colorful trendy bride but there are no DIY/craft books that focus on the green bride.

Some projects may be similar and comparable but not one of these books mentions being green or eco-friendly or explains why natural elements and recycling are important. Some books contain mostly sewing projects while others contain a combination of advice, DIY projects as well as crafts. DIY for the Green Bride will focus on green DIY tips, projects, and crafts with an eco-friendly angle.

Brides that would be interested in DIY for the Green Bride may also find these other bridal craft and DIY books useful but won’t be able to find the green projects and advice they are looking for in any of them:

  • The DIY Bride: 40 Homemade Projects for Your Ultimate One-of-a-Kind Wedding, Khris Cochran, 2007, Taunton Press Incorporated, 224 pages, $19.95, paperback
  • Wedding Decorations on a Budget, Miriam Gourley, 2001, Sterling Publishing Company, Inc, 128 pages, $14.95, hardcover
  • The Artful Bride: Simple Handmade Wedding Projects, April Paffrath and Laura McFadden, 2003, Quarry Books, 128 pages, $22.00, paperback
  • The Artful Bride: Wedding Favors and Decorations: A Stylish Bride’s Guide to Simple, Handmade Wedding Crafts, April Paffrath, Paula Grasdal and Livia McRee, 2004, Quarry Books, 80 pages, $12.99, paperback
  • Beautiful Wedding Crafts: Gifts, Decorations and Keepsakes to make and Cherish, Heidi Tyline King, 1999, Sterling Publishing Company, 128 pages, $24.95, hardcover
  • Michaels Book of Wedding Crafts, Lara Brooks, Linda Kopp, Michaels (firm), 2006, Lark Books, 200 pages, $24.95, hardcover
  • Wedding Papercrafts, Editors of North Light Books, 2004, North Light Books, 128 pages, $19.99, paperback
  • Wedding Plans, Wedding Crafts: Organize, Personalize, Accessorize, Editors of Creative Publishing International, 2003, Creative Publishing International, 144 pages, $19.95, spiral-bound
  • Wedding Crafts:40 Charming Ideas for a Unique Personalized Wedding, Lucinda Ganderton, 1998, Krause Publications, 128 pages, $19.95, paperback
  • The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way, Kelly Bare, 2007, Chronicle Books, 180 pages, $14.95, paperback
Outline for DIY for the Green Bride
Chapter 1: A Crafty Green Wedding
Going…Going…Green- Easy Ways to Have a Green Wedding
It’s All About the Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Creatively Green: Add a Little Eco-Charm
Simply Sustainable: Gorgeously Green

Chapter 2: Save a Tree
Handmade Paper: Make your own beautiful paper and turn it into a guest book.
Be Tree Free: You can be tree free and still have paper for all your wedding needs.
Eco-Invites: Create your own beautiful invitations from recycled paper.
Paperless Place Cards: Rocks, Fruit, Candy and More
Wallpaper Favor Boxes: Turn wallpaper scraps into pretty favor boxes.
Toilet Paper Roll Favor Boxes: Turn trash into wedding favor treasures.

Chapter 3: Nature’s Bounty
Grape Vine Wreaths
Twigs, Branches, Leaves and More
Rock Out- Decorate With Rocks
Easily Edible-Yummy Decor
Top it Off- Cake Toppers from Nature

Chapter 4: Totally Vintageous
Vintage Fabric Ring Pillow
Antique Store Treasures Transformed
Be My Victorian Valentine
Ephemera Favors: Bookmarks and More
Pillowcase Flower Girl Dress
Tea Cup Candles

Chapter 5: Thrifty Chic
Thrift Store Finds: Transform Your Treasures
Basket Case: Decorate with Baskets
A Bucket Full of Flowers: Simplicity at Its Best
Architectural Texture: Use Architectural Salvage as Beautiful Decor
Shutter Me Up: Breathe New Life into Old Shutters

Chapter 6: Green Thumb
Pretty Potted Centerpieces: Paint a pretty pot and add dirt and flowers.
Grow a Green Favor: Grab some seeds and tiny little terra cotta pots.
Growing Décor: From small potted flowers and plants to larger trees, you can grow your own decor
Seeds of Love: Use Seeds as Fabulous Favors
Trees Please: Trees Make Great Favors and Gifts

Chapter 7: Birds, Birds, Birds
Scrap Wood Bird Houses: Make Your Own Bird Theme Decor
Transform Old Birdcages: Birdcages Make Cool Card Holders
Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders
For the Birds-Birdseed Favors
Flights of Fancy Décor: Feathers, Nests, Eggs and More

Chapter 8: Wine and Romance
Wine Bottle Lamps: Transform old wine bottles into oil or electric lamps.
Wine Crate Card Box: crafty and ultra cute perfect for your bridal cards.
Charming Favors: Make your own wine inspired favors.
Gorgeous Goblets: Old wine glasses become beautiful toasting goblets.
Wine Label Inspiration: Crafty ideas for wine labels.

Chapter 9: Fabulous Flower Girl Baskets
Thrift Store Baskets: Easily transform tossed baskets into flower girl worthy containers.
Tin Pail Transformed: Make it your way, an little bucket can become something amazing with a little bit of imagination and a few craft supplies.
Plastic Ice Cream Pail: An amazing transformation from garbage to wow.
Sand Bucket Fun: A great idea for a beach wedding flower girl basket.
Easter Basket Makeover: Keep an Easter basket out of the landfill and turn it into something eco-fabulous.

Chapter 10: Italian Inspirations
Sauce Jar Centerpieces: Sauce jars become candle holders or pasta pretties.
Fancy Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottles: Make your own eye catching and tasty wedding décor.
Italian Country Décor: Think Under the Tuscan Sun and let your imagination run wild.
Garlic and Herbs: The simplest things can easily become décor.
Baskets of Bread: Baskets filled with fresh Italian bread make tasty and eye catching elements at an Italian inspired wedding.

Chapter 11: A Gorgeous Garden Wedding
Watering Cans: These little cuties are adorable for flower girls to carry or filled with fresh flowers on table tops.
Terra Cotta Cool: Terra cotta pots can be filled with potted plants or candles for crafty centerpieces.
A Wheelbarrow Full of Gifts: A wheelbarrow with a crafty paint job is an easy way to collect your gifts and wheel them out, plus it’ll be a great addition to your garden after the wedding.
Arbor of Love: Arbors and arches are so pretty they make great wedding accessories. Whether you are getting married inside or out think of getting married in front of or under one then it can be put in the yard the two of you will share in your married life.
White Picket Fence: A little white picket fence can add a bit of whimsy and country charm to your wedding or reception. Consider placing it in front of or behind the bridal table and stinging ivy vines or flowers along it.

Chapter 12: Everyday Items Transformed
Etched in Glass: Your can transform any glass container into something unique.
Decoupage It: Pretty paper and a bit of glue can make miracles happen.
A Fresh Coat of Paint: Sometimes all it needs is a fresh coat of paint to make it wedding worthy.
What’s In Your Recycling Bin? Creatively reclaim items that have been tossed.
Reuse, Reclaim, and Repurpose: Breathe new life into ordinary objects.

Appendix 1: Eco-Friendly Craft Supply Resources
Appendix 2: Green Wedding Resources on the Web
Appendix 3: Green Wedding Planning and Green Living Books

Sample Introduction and Book Chapters

Introduction to DIY for the Green Bride

Do you consider yourself to be an artsy, crafty gal? I am. I love being a hands on DIY’er and putting my personal stamp on things.

I’ve always been a creative person someone with an “artistic personality” but I didn’t really consider myself to be a crafter until my early to mid 20s.

I come from a long line of crafty and industrious people. My mother and grandmother both sewed and crocheted (mom still does when the arthritis isn’t bothering her too bad), my dad worked with wood and all kinds of stuff and my grandfather built the home I live in. Plus my mom is super handy, she knows her way around a work shop, can use just about any tool and can fix things better than most guys. Of course they all came from a time when it was necessary to work with your hands and make the things you needed.

Much of my creativity was also born out of necessity and the desire to create something beautiful and unique out of very little. As a child I made my own holiday and greeting cards out of scraps, old cards, discarded wrapping paper, stickers, glitter and whatever else I had on hand. I have passed this tradition on to my kids, even my husband gets involved. Every year at Christmas time we have a card making night where we pull out the craft supplies and make cards as a family.

I also had to be creative when I was younger to decorate my home. A little bit of paint, a couple funky knobs and handles and a new piece of furniture was born out of someone’s cast off that I grabbed from the trash.

My creativity really blossomed when my mother announced that she was suddenly going to marry her longtime boyfriend. We had a very short time to plan and decorate a wedding and a very small budget to work with. I offered to do the flowers and decorations even though I had no idea what I was doing. It turned out that I had quite a flair for flowers and a knack for wedding decorating.

After that I took a couple of floral design classes and a home course on becoming a bridal consultant. Since then I have helped plan and decorate many weddings -my specialty being frugal weddings and budget conscious brides.

In 2003 my own wedding was a budget event. I did all my own flowers, centerpieces, favors, and miscellaneous décor. My husband’s family did the catering and family and friends pitched in to help with most of the set up and clean up afterward. We were quite the hands on family.

I really loved being able to put a unique stamp on my wedding. My husband, Robert, quite crafty and creative himself, helped out a lot and together we created a wedding that showcased our personalities and our unity as a couple.

Many couples are opting to be hands on with their weddings these days. Brides especially want to make their wedding day special, personal, and uniquely theirs.

After my own struggle with planning a wedding on a budget I have dedicated a lot of time to helping brides plan beautiful budget weddings. I’ve written numerous articles and how-to guides for budget wedding planning, most were showcased on the site Wedding Planning for the Budget Bride. Soon my tree hugging nature combined with my frugal ways and love of wedding planning and The Everything Green Wedding Book was the result. While working on the DIY chapter for that book the initial idea for DIY for the Green Bride was born.

I thought couples want DIY ideas and green alternatives for their weddings. Why not combine the two and give them green DIY projects?

More and more brides and grooms like you are opting to DIY it and want to spend their wedding dollars on environmentally friendly products and services. In the past five years more and more couples have been including green concepts in their special day from hemp wedding gowns to eco-responsible honeymoons. And many couples are opting to do things themselves instead of paying someone else to do it.

Weddings are expensive. In 2006 the average American wedding cost $27,825, that’s a lot of money spent for one day. Did you know that every year between 70 and 125 billion dollars are spent on weddings, and that is just in the United States? According to a survey done by the Fairchild Bridal Group wedding spending was a $5 billion industry in 2002. That means excessive spending has increased by between $65 and $120 billion since 2002. Isn’t it about time that all that excess gets turned into something eco-conscious?

As the reality of global warming becomes more evident people are starting to realize that we have to change our ways. Combine that with the major economic struggles most Americans face and everyone is pinching pennies and cutting back. Even the glamorous wedding industry is shifting its perspective.

Going DIY is a popular alternative and going green is an eco-responsible option as well. In DIY for the Green Bride I combine the two and show you how to give everyday items and simple objects a new life as green wedding décor and accessories. All of the projects can easily be adapted to fit your own color scheme and taste.

Good Luck and Happy Green Crafting!

Chapter 9: Fabulous Flower Girl Baskets

Flower girl baskets are one of the easiest things to make for your wedding. Almost any container can be transformed into a fabulous flower girl basket. From second hand baskets found at thrift stores or yard sales, to old tin pails or Easter baskets you can make a great green flower girl basket for your wedding. Some containers may only need minor changes to give them a makeover while others may need a complete overhaul to breathe new life into them.

Thrift Store Baskets

With the abundance of baskets available at thrift stores, second hand shops, and yard sales I don’t really see a reason to ever purchase brand new baskets: most of the time you can find great baskets for under $1. I’ve bought as many as 10 for $1 at one yard sale. With a few supplies you can easily transform a second hand basket into something beautiful and unique for your wedding. And the best thing is you will have a one of a kind piece that no other bride will have.

Supplies Needed:
  • 1 Gently Used Basket
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Lace (Optional)
  • Roll of Beads (Optional)
  • Small Artificial Flowers
  • Artificial Ivy

Green Supply Options

  • Used Baskets
  • Any Supplies That You Already Have (maybe tucked away in your craft box)
  • Ribbon Made from Organic and Natural Materials like natural Lokta twist paper ribbon, or 100% biodegradable ribbon sold by Sweet Organics and Naturals or Paporganics

Bridea: Try these no fuss containers for great green flower girl options:

Vintage wedding? Opt for an old handbag that the flower girl can carry. Pick one that is pretty with decorative beads or faux jewels. They are easy to find at flea markets and antique shops and usually relatively cheap. I found quite a few at my local antique store for under $10. You might even be able to find a few in a relative’s attic or basement. If it isn’t a family heirloom you could let the little girl keep it and add it to her play dress up collection. No fuss, no muss.

Going for the rustic look? Maybe you are having an outdoor or old fashioned style wedding? Find a rustic buckets. I found one that reminds me of butter churns and handmade ice cream. It might have been an ice bucket. I’m not sure what it was actually used for but I love it just the way it is. I found it at the local Salvation Army for less than $1. All you have to do is clean it up (maybe) and throw in some flower petals and voila you have a charming flower girl basket.

Other Book Material

Wedding Facts and Green Stats to Be Spread Out Through DIY for the Green Bride
  • Paraffin candles are made from petroleum, a non renewable resource. When burned they release toxins and gases the equivalent of burning diesel fuel. 100% soy or beeswax candles are all natural, burn 90% cleaner and will burn up to 50% longer than a regular paraffin candle. Plus they are made from natural, renewable resources.
  • According to Emily Anderson, author of Eco-Chic Weddings, around 500,000 trees are destroyed every year to make invitations, menus, place cards, and other paper items for US weddings.
  • Recycled paper uses about 44% less energy and produces around 48% less solid waste when created than conventional virgin paper.
  • If every family in the US reused just 2 feet of holiday ribbon every year over 38,000 miles of ribbon could be saved. That’s enough to tie a bow around mother earth. Imagine how much ribbon and resources could be saved if every wedding used reused, recycled or all natural ribbon.
  • Just one 18 karat gold band needs more than 13,000 gallons of water to be created and will leave behind over 20 tons of mine sludge contaminated with cyanide. If 1000 couples opted for antique, vintage or recycled wedding rings over 2 million tons of mine waste could be prevented and over 1.37 billion gallons of water could be saved.
  • If you buy a vintage diamond you’ll save roughly 171 gallons of water, 35 kilowatt hours of electricity, and about one gallon of petroleum…per carat.
  • Reduce the environmental hazards of silver mining and opt for stainless steel flatware on your registry. If you must have real silver ask for antique, maybe it’s time for someone to pass on a family heirloom set.
  • Love wine? One bottle of conventional wine may contain over 250 different chemicals. If one out of twenty regular wine drinkers switched entirely to organic wines around 3.3 million pounds of agrochemicals could be eliminated.
  • There are over 2.5 million weddings in the United States every year.
  • One LED light can outlast 60,000 incandescent light bulbs.
  • Did you know that 74% of brides receive a diamond engagement ring?
  • According to the EPA, every year over 900 million trees are cut down to provide raw materials for paper and pulp mills for American production.
  • The US paper industry uses over 12,430 square miles of forest every year.
  • 79% of modern couples pay for their own weddings with little to no help from family.

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