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Interview with Connie Flynn Author of Know When to Run

Please welcome author Connie Flynn to the blog today.

Thanks, Wenona, for the warm welcome and the invitation to submit an interview. I’m always flattered when people want to know about me.

Please share a little about yourself, your genres, any other pen names you use.

I have written eleven published novels in several genres. My first book was a ranch story with a murder mystery, a sexy hero and lots of horses. I sold it to Harlequin, who required that I take a pseudonym (Casey Roberts) then told me ranch stories were too old fashioned and they wanted something else. So I wrote an issue story revolving around dyslexia, then a story about cutthroat corporate takesovers,  next a rough and tumble big truck driver adventure, followed by a couple of romantic comedies. All over the place, you may notice. But when I was invited to submit a paranormal romance I found my niche. I wrote four novels that ended up being romantic fantasy and sometimes science fiction.

KNOW WHEN TO RUN is not paranormal, supernatural or fantasy. It’s straight romantic suspense and I wrote it as Connie Flynn even though I’d decided to write mysteries under the K.C. Flynn (so readers could tell the genres apart).

Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release.

So far, K.C. Flynn has only done a couple short stories. They star Derek Shriver, an ex Green Beret turned accountant and amusement park owner, who gets mixed up in unlikely adventure. Derek is getting his own book—FIRST WE KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES—which is scheduled for release in early summer.  

Are you a mom? 

I have two grown children who, between them, have given me five grandchildren. They’re of an age where they have significant others and I’m suspecting some great-grandkids aren’t too far off.

Writing is a calling for me and the most important thing in my life . . . except for my family. They are my blessing and raising my son and daughter was the most important and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

If yes do you find it hard to juggle writing and parenting?

I didn’t start writing until my kids were pretty much grown so parenting wasn’t the issue. However, IMHO, husbands are more dangerous to a writing career than triplets. Somehow they can’t grasp the concept that if they interrupt your writing, you not only have lost that time, you’ve lost your whole train of thought. Or is it just me? 

(No Connie, it's not just you. I know husbands are sometimes harder to deal with than children - I threaten to kick mine out often, I'm going to have to build him a pole barn just to get him out of the house so I can write in peace, that way he has his own space to work on his hobbies and he can be as loud as he wants and it won't disturb my writing. :-)

Is there a theme or message in your work that you would like readers to connect to? 

I never start out thinking I have a theme — I decry themes, I think they’re stuffy, I think they tempt writers to preach. BUT . . . every time I finish a book and am doing final edits after being away from it for a while, I notice that the books seem to be working out some issue in my personal life. Not tit for tat. I never use people I know in my books (well, once I did but my editor said the character was a stereotype) and I don’t write about real events from my life. But every book has subtext—subtler content that moves the inner story—and my subtext tends to deal with the possibility of redemption and of finding the good in everyone. Pretty idealistic for a self-proclaimed realist (that being me). But that’s as far as my use of theme goes because I still believe themes tempt writers to preach and to take themselves too seriously.

Which romance book or series (or other genre, if you don’t write romance) do you wish you had written? 

Technically the Sookie Stackhouse books are paranormal mysteries but even before they became the cable TV show “True Blood,” they contained a high level of romance of the star-crossed lovers type. I love Sookie and Bill and Eric and Pam, all from the book because I’ve never seen the TV show, and I wish I had written them (and not just because I would now be rich and famous :-).

Is there a genre(s) that you’d like to write that you haven’t tackled yet?

Goodness, I still have so far to go to master the genres I already write so I’m not thinking about tackling new ones. But it’s an interesting question.

Of all the characters you’ve ever written, who is your favorite and why?

Lily de le Vega, the werewolf queen in SHADOW OF THE WOLF plays into my subtext of redemption because she had much to make up for, I find myself equally a fan of Ky Taylor from my new release KNOW WHEN TO RUN. She not only has much to make up for, she has to remember it before she can even start. She’s strong, like Lily, but much more vulnerable because in many ways she has the empty mind of a child. As my story unfolded beneath my fingertips, I found myself continually fascinated by Ky’s complicated personality. She was challenging to write because as they story starts she has absolutely no backstory.

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

I’m considering a sequel featuring the daughter of one of the secondary characters, a mobster who . . . whoops I’m on the verge of creating a spoiler so we’ll have to wait for that later.

What is next for you? Do you have any scheduled upcoming releases or works in progress?

My next release will be FIRST WE HAVE TO KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES, but I also have a couple of completed novels in the deep freeze right now --another romantic suspense and a semi-classic epic fantasy. My present dilemma is to decide which project to work on.  I invite interested readers to leave suggestions in the comment section or stop at Imagination Gone Wild, my personal blog, or my Connie Flynn Author page on Facebook. I’ve found that my readers are awesomely inspiring. After all, they are why I write. 

Thank you Connie, it was a pleasure to have you here today.

Know When to Run
Connie Flynn       

Genre: Romantic Suspense       

Publisher: CKF Enterprises

Number of pages: 280
Word Count:  61,000

Cover Artist: Carol Webb         

Book Description:

She woke up one morning on a Mississippi riverboat casino with a huge headache and no clue to who she was.

With the help of new friends she rebuilt her life. Now, nearly two years later, a tall dark man with killer good looks comes after her. A bounty hunter, who claims she killed her father then ran out on her bail. She says he's got the wrong woman. He says she's guilty as sin. One of them is right . . .

Suddenly so many people are after her, she can't tell the good guys from the bad guys. But one thing she can do is KNOW WHEN TO RUN.

About the Author:

Award-winning, bestselling author Connie Flynn writes both long and short fiction and is published in multiple genres, including paranormal romance, romantic comedy, mystery and suspense and contemporary fantasy/sci-fi. She lives in Arizona on a lush green park where she walks her dog and escapes from the hot desert sun. Her latest release is the twists-and-turns romantic suspense, KNOW WHEN TO RUN.

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Connie Flynn said...

Wenona, thanks so much for hosting me on your site and for letting me know I'm not only writer who has trouble with husbands keeping me from the writing. I'd like to let visitors know that I'm running a 14 prize raffle on my website ebooks, paperback & audio + gift cards. Thanks again. I'd like to trade links.