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Guest Blog and Giveaway Giveaway: Angelboy Vol. 1 by Nicole Beguesse

The Process of Creating My Story
Are you wondering how the Angelboy gets its unique look? I draw every page by hand, in a multistep process that takes 3-4 hours per page.  I try to use environmentally-friendly products whenever I can, and reduce waste. Here's a quick peek at how it's all done.

First, I draw all the characters and backgrounds in pencil. When I'm done, I scan in the pencil drawings and then print them out again, very lightly, on watercolor paper. Here's what it looks like.

Strathmore creates some environmentally-friendly watercolor paper that I really like. It's made using only windpower. I ink over the pencil-lines with sumi-ink and a paintbrush. Sumi ink is a type of water-based ink made from vegetable oil soot. It's used in Japanese calligraphy.

The image looks pretty nice at this stage, but it's kind of hard to tell what's what without any shading. After the ink is completely dry, I color over the shaded areas with watercolor pencil...

And now it looks rather childish, but after I paint it with water, the texture smooths out. The watercolor pencils are not completely transparent and they have some gray pigment in them. It lightens up the inks and causes a slight ghosting effect. Once the watercolor pencils are dry, I go over them again, by painting them with extremely diluted watercolor paint. Then I'm done. I fix up a few of the mistakes by using a black marker or wite-out tape.

I've inked the white highlights on a separate page. Usually, I also draw the dialogue balloons here, but this particular page doesn't have any. I scan everything in, composite the images in Photoshop, and add some text. The digital-composition part doesn't take any longer than 10 minutes. Here's the finished page!

That's all! I hope you've enjoyed this small tutorial. You can find all my art at my website,
Vol. 1
Nicole Beguesse

Genre: Manga / Fantasy


ISBN: 978-0989887908
ASIN: 0989887901

Number of pages: 198

Cover Artist:

Book Description:

Cyrus is a normal teenager whose life is abruptly ended when he’s brutally murdered!...

He reawakens as Angelboy in a town he doesn't recognize. Unable to be seen or heard by anyone, Cyrus tries to make up for the effects of his wasted life...

Only to find his world inhabited by the devils of peoples' minds! He battles hell's vilest demons for something more valuable than the entire earth... ...a single soul!

Warning: Angelboy is for Older Teens (Age 16+)

About the Author:

Many years ago I was in a bookstore when I came across a volume of manga by the all-female Japanese team CLAMP. It was at that moment I understood the storytelling power of manga and how it was so unlike anything I had ever seen before. Since then, I've been studying day by day to draw and write my own manga series. I have a BS in Computer Science from the University of Florida and a Master's in Sequential Art at SCAD.

I am currently living in Savannah, GA.

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