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Erotica – why women read it? Guest Blog and Giveaway with Marie Mason

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Cause it makes us happy? Makes us really happy? Being a writer you can’t help but study human nature to some degree. I’ve noticed, as I’m sure every woman has at one point or another, that men are visual creatures. It’s the sight of a beautiful woman that turns them on. Women on the other hand, are more cerebral, and enjoy a good story along with the hotness (or else we’re much better than men at not getting caught looking!) Thus, we get our thrills so to speak with the written word. Plus, it’s really easy to mark your place in a book when the real world intrudes upon you.

I was really quite flattered when I got an email from someone who called my writings mommy porn. Unfortunately, this reader didn’t enjoy the genre of romantic erotica, just as I don’t read too many mysteries or thrillers. I love romance. Can I see a show of hands of everyone not afraid to admit that? I love sex in my romance (romantic erotica). But let’s be honest, sex happens. Sometimes in books, as it is in the real world, there’s not a connection. Just sex (erotica). And that’s not a bad thing. Any time.

We all know the rise in popularity of erotica came about with Fifty Shades of Gray. I asked a woman, who I knew had never read a romance in her life, what she liked about the book. What did she say – the relationship between the characters. Not the sexual elements. I gave her a list of my favorite ROMANCE authors. Because, it was the romance that drew the reader in – not the language or even the sexual plot elements.

So why do women read erotica? Because it makes us feel good. And life is too short not to do something that makes you feel good.

Footnote: I write about women who are not the standard definition of beauty in our society. (Which we need to change by the way!) The beauty of a woman is in the eye of the beholder. I really didn’t know what that meant (or thought it was someone’s way of trying to make someone feel good about themselves), until I was older. To my delight, I have come to believe that people are attracted to a myriad of individuals for many, many reasons.

Blind Date With a Bear
Marie Mason

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance


Number of pages: 147

Word Count:  53,500

Amazon    Amazon UK     BN

Smashwords     Kobo

Book Description:

When Quinn Blackwood thought it was time to go hunting for his mate, he couldn’t believe fate handed her to him on his very first blind date. His family thought it was an hilarious turn of events since the big bear shifter had been looking forward to sowing a few more wild oats before settling down with his one true mate. No one was laughing when Paige got the wrong idea and believed Quinn was just looking for a good time.

Paige Matthews had finally given into the cajoling of her co-worker and agreed to a blind date with the woman’s brother. Paige admired the family of bear shifters and had nursed a secret crush on the oldest Blackwood brother, Quinn, since moving to town. Even though she’d known the odds were against it, she was terribly disappointed that she wasn’t his true mate. She did however, decide to take him up on his offer of a good time, cause this good-girl craved the bear’s sweet loving.

 About the Author:

Marie Mason loves romance. Writing, reading –it just depends on the time of day which she loves to do most. Having had a mydrid of unsatisfying jobs, and the gnawing, aching need to be a writer, Marie jumped head first into the world romance, without a safety net nor the ability to swim. She still works as a semi-unsatisfying and is just waiting for the day when her husband turns to her and says “Honey, when are you going to quit your job and write full time.”

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