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Interview and Giveaway with Sabrina Benulis

Tell us a little about your latest or upcoming release. 

Covenant just released on April 1, 2014. It's the sequel to Archon, the first book in The Books of Raziel series. The story picks up a little over a year after events in Archon. My main character, Angela Mathers, is just getting used to enjoying a (relatively for her) normal existence with her best friend Sophia again at Westwood Academy in the gothic city of Luz. But Sophia is more than just a person--she is also the personification of a very valuable treasure highly sought after by angels and demons. Angela and Sophia's peace is broken when a scheming demon kidnaps Sophia, and Angela must storm Hell itself to save her, with terrible ramifications for the universe if she doesn't succeed.

Are you a mom ? 

I will be shortly--sometime around mid-August of 2014!

Congrats Sabrina, do you think you will find it hard to juggle writing and parenting? 

I'll admit the idea intimidates me a little bit, but I think for me it will probably just become a matter of discipline. When baby is napping, sleeping, etc. is when stuff gets done, right?

Have you ever based your book or characters on actual events or people from your own life? 

People ask me this often, but for The Books of Raziel series at least, the answer is 'no.' That is mostly because the work is paranormal fantasy, and there are many characters that are not human and have their own particular way of thinking and behaving. Perhaps this is for the best. If I wrote people I knew into  a book, I always think to myself, what if they get mad at the way I portray them!

Is there a theme or message in your work that you would like readers to connect to?

The working theme in Covenant is that there are some relationships special and strong enough to deserve their own term to define them.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you? 

Some writers are shy and some aren't. I'm one of the shy ones! Reading reviews on the internet and other such things intimidates me!

When you’re not writing what do you do? Do you have any hobbies or guilty pleasures? 

Reading when I get the chance! Haha I also love anime. I haven't been able to find a good series in a while, but I've heard Attack on Titan is worth checking out . . 

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share? 

Right now I am putting the finishing touches on the first draft for what should be the 3rd and final book in this series. It's too early to share any real details right now since anything about the plot could change at the moment, but let me say that I am working my hardest to deliver on the promises established in Books 1 and 2. Finishing off a series is very difficult!

The Books of Raziel
Book 2
Sabrina Benulis

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Date of Publication: 4/1/2014

ISBN: 9780062069412

Number of pages: 400
Word Count: 98,000

Book Description:

The haunting gothic tale started in Archon continues-a mesmerizing work of the paranormal in which a young woman discovers that she is caught in a labyrinth of intrigue where angels, demons, and all the creatures between Heaven and Hell will stop at nothing to possess her.

A year ago, Angela Mathers, a talented artist with a tortured soul, enrolled at the Westwood Academy and encountered the angels who haunted her dreams. Then she discovered the dark truth … she is the Archon, a being of supreme power who will determine the fate of the universe. But with such power comes great danger, and for every force seeking to aid Angela there is another burning to stop her. After a scheming demon kidnaps the Book of Raziel, Angela must find her way through a nightmarish game and enter the Door to Hell to rescue her only friend before it is too late.

The perilous fate of both Heaven and Hell rests on her success.

About the Author:

Sabrina Benulis graduated with a Masters in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She currently resides in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband Mike, and her spoiled cockatiel Caesar. COVENANT is the follow-up to ARCHON, her first novel.

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