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Characters and Creatures in the Valens of Legacy

The Phoenix 

The Phoenix or Fire-bird appears in Greek, Persian, Arabic, Chinese and Egyptian mythology.  Many other cultures have a similar story of the bird that rises from the flame. There are even those who believe this amazing avian creature was mentioned in the Hebrew Bible although others believe the translation refers to a palm tree.  At least one version of myrrh says the bird was the only living thing that did not take a bite of the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, and was therefore blessed with immortality.

The Phoenix lives, according to various legends, from 500 to 1500 years before its rebirth.  Various spices and aromatics such as cinnamon, myrrh, and frankincense are often said to line the bird’s funeral pyre before the bird bursts into flames and is reborn to live another cycle of life.  The Phoenix exists as a constellation in the southern sky, has been used on coats of arms throughout history.  Its image has appeared on Greek currency and it was pressed on a Belgian coin to celebrate sixty years of peace.

The Gryphon

The Gryphon, a creature that has the face and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion appears in Green, Egyptian and Persian mythology.  The legends say he protects precious treasures and guards his charge from evil and witchcraft.  The spelling of the word Gryphon is inconsistent and include “Griffin,” ”Griffon,” and Griffyn as examples of some of the spellings I found.

The Gryphon claws are said to be medicinal in that he can restore sight in the blind and the charming fellow or lady is loyal to his mate who he is faithful to for life.  The stories do not tell us what the life span of the Gryphon is, at least I didn’t find any that but please let me know if you find a reference to this in your research.

The Legend of Mystical - Kitten

Mystical, or Misty as she likes to be called, is only 25% Valens and was born without the fate mark that determines what she can shift and become.  In the Valens world this would give her no power but her Grandfather told her when she was very young that she would be the one who would come when needed.  Misty looks like a young woman in her teens, but is she?  We will have to wait to find out more about her life after Jemma stumbles into the clothing shop owned by Misty’s family, on a fateful, rainy night. Our first glimpse of misty is as a kitten, one that curls up with Jemma giving her a warm soft companion for a time, then Misty changes and exposes herself for what she is. 

Misty wants to be part of the Valens at Legacy Security and we will find she is willing to do what it takes to make this happen, even turn into a little mouse who scurries into the enemies territory so she can report back to Jemma and the Legacy team on what she observes.  Will she be discovered?  Will she be able to live her dream?  As always, pick up Valens Rise to learn more about Misty and the Valens team.  You have only to Dare to Believe.

The Unicorn

The unicorn is a very different type of legend.  In Greece, when other myths were being told, the unicorn was considered real and was included in the Greek natural history as an extremely wild creature that actually existed.  The European myth of unicorn was that it represents purity and grace and can only be caught by a virgin. 

The Valens Unicorn, can do those things that myth says the unicorn can do, change poisoned water to pure drinking water, and has some powers to heal, but we have given the beautiful creature the added power to stop natural disasters in order to protect mankind.  A very useful power, I think considering how many events seem to have occurred of late around the world.

Valens Remembered, The Story Begins
Valens of Legacy,  Book 1
Sherrel Lee

Genre:  Paranormal Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 9780985249687

Number of pages: 92
Word Count: 26,324

Book Description:  

Do you love reading about ShapeShifters? Psychics? Genetically Engineered Monsters?

Get your free copy of Book One of the Valens of Legacy series now.

As Larinda Nix Thomas buries her adoptive parents, who died in a deadly echo of the accident that took her birth parents, hidden documents reveal that she is being threatened by a sinister force and that she shouldn't trust even her closest allies. Fate demands she accept her place among the Valens as a shapeshifter, a unicorn, which brings more changes to her life than she could have imagined and puts her on a collision course with her ultimate destiny. In this first book of the Valens of Legacy series myth is rewritten, fantasy and science fiction blend to create a chilling story of death, loss, and discovery.

Struggling to make a life for herself on the streets of Seattle, Washington--Jemma a, runaway is battling to stay safe and unmolested, find legitimate work, and secure an education. Concerned social workers search for her and other runaways to return them to the lives they escaped from. True friends are few and life has made it hard to trust anyone. The memory of loving family no longer exists.

Meet the women who can't remember their past. Discover their stories. Begin the journey into the world of the Valens of Legacy.

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Excerpt – Valens Rebel, Book 5


Miranda crept through the dark palazzo toward the bedroom where Giovanni Belledini slept as though he were already dead.  He wasn’t her primary target, but he would have to suffice tonight.  His death would start the endgame and with any luck, the bitch scientist he was supervising would get the blame.  When they saw Belledini dissected like a specimen, she’d be the obvious suspect.  But before Belledini died, Miranda had a few questions for him.  Where was the Blood Map?  How had it been created?  How many people were aware of how powerful it still was?  If she could locate the Blood Map and bring it to her grandfather, his creations—the Humani—would become the most powerful weapons in an arsenal of monstrous killers.  

Miranda reached Belledini’s bedroom and slipped inside, silent as a shadow.  Her unsuspecting target was snoring loud enough to have shaken walls in most other residences, but the walls of the palazzo were a foot thick and had withstood war, natural disasters, and bloodbaths without revealing the screams and secrets they had witnessed through the centuries.  

Miranda sat on the edge of the oversized bed, running her hand across the expensive duvet and sliding it under the downy pillows.  She had always loved Italy, with its secret societies that had existed since memory began.  The country had been part of her life for over a hundred years.  The feuds between the powerful families and the inventive methods they used to torture and kill their enemies were endlessly fascinating.  She had learned so much from these masters, but Belledini wasn’t a master of anything.  He was a low-level, dull-witted dupe who would change loyalties at the drop of two lire.  It insulted her that he had been entrusted with the secret to the Blood Map she sought.  He wasn’t worth wasting funds to try to bribe him.  However, it pleased her greatly to plan all the ways he would suffer while she encouraged him to tell her everything he knew.

The mattress shifted and Giovanni woke with a start, shocked to see Miranda so close.  “Who are you?  How did you get in?”  He shouted.

Miranda bared her teeth in a threatening smile.  “Mr. Belledini, I’m surprised you are so shocked to find a woman on your bed.  Your reputation had me expecting a much more enthusiastic welcome.”

Belledini sat up, shifting away from her, his eyes narrowed to angry slits.  “Again, who are you?  What do you want?” he demanded, his hand slipping under the pillow beside him.

Miranda laughed at the sight of his shocked face when he came up empty-handed.  “Do you think I would be foolish enough to leave your pathetic little toy where you can reach it so easily?  I am so disappointed.  I had hoped the stories of your half-wit antics had been exaggerated.”  Miranda gave a heavy sigh.  “I see we are not going to be friends, so I guess it’s time to go to work.  Tell me, Giovanni, where is the Blood Map?”
Belledini glowered at her.  Then, without warning, he threw the covers off his naked body and tossed them at Miranda.  While she fought her way out from under them, he leaped off the bed and ran toward the bathroom. 

Miranda fired through the duvet, the bullet striking the floor in front of Belledini’s foot.  He came to an abrupt stop.  She tossed the torn duvet to the floor.  “Not a weapon of my choosing,” she said, nodding at the gun in her hand.  “I much prefer a knife for close work, but the gun is effective when people think they can run away.  Now, turn around and come here.  I think we have things to discuss.”  She shook her head as she watched him stumble toward her on hairy feet, his stomach juddering with each step.  Miranda directed Belledini to pull one of the straight-backed chairs from beside the fireplace into the middle of the room.  “Now.  Sit down.  I am going to give you one more opportunity to tell me where the Blood Map is before I bind you to the chair.  I love helping people tell me what I want to know, but I try to be a fair and compassionate person.”

Belledini dropped heavily into the chair, staring through her.  “I do not know what this Blood Map is.  You have been misinformed.  I can tell you nothing.”

Miranda pulled a roll of duct tape from the small pack she carried at her waist and tossed it to him.  “Bind your legs to the chair,” she said.  “Tightly.”  He hesitated, but she gestured impatiently with the gun, and he began to bind his thick legs to those of the antique chair.  It was a pity—such a beautiful piece of furniture, and it would be blood-soaked when she had finished her task.  Perhaps his heirs would find a way to restore it.  Otherwise they would have to replace the pair.   

When he finished, she instructed him to roll the tape back to her.  She moved behind him and began to wrap his chest and arms with the remainder of the tape.  She couldn’t wait for the sweet music of his screams.

About the Author:

Wrangler of a fearsome Yorkiepoo named Rogue (Half Yorkie half Poodle weighing in at a hefty five pounds). Obsession controlled writer with a passion for making up names and twisting myths. 

 Sherrel, as the daughter of an Emmy winning cameraman, learned early in life the dark secrets of creating all those incredible fantasy characters for the large and small screen.

 Refusing to be crushed at the discovery the monsters, aliens, and Robby the Robot weren't real, Sherrel's imagination soared. She became a SELF-proclaimed voyeur of special-effects and expert at fictional character creation.

Twitter:  @gryphoenix

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