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Guest Blog and Giveaway Destiny Finds Her by Miranda Lynn

Good Morning! As I sat down to write my post today, I found it hard to focus. Journal pages kept popping into my head and after about a half hour of fighting it I finally gave in. Obviously Jami wanted to share something with you all. Here is a page from her journal, I hope you enjoy.

                                                                                                                          Date: I have no clue.

It’s been a crazy past few weeks. So much so that I decided to start writing about it. My life has taken a weird twist, and it’s hard to believe I am where I am. My biggest concern used to be whether I remembered to set the coffee pot the night before. Now I have to worry whether we are going to be attacked the minute I walk outside the Keep walls.

A few weeks ago I would get up, throw on my robe, fill my mug and snuggle in my reading chair preparing to start work for the day. I might check my email, give my best friend Todd a call, or finish reading the manuscript my boss had sent me to review. Now I when my eyes open I pray that Drea has lit the fire and started warming the room before my feet hit the cold floor. Now I sleep in a big feather bed in a stone castle called a Keep and am in the process of teaching the kitchen staff how to make a proper pot of coffee.

On my twenty-fifth birthday, I was transported back in time and learned the real truth about my family history. I’m not just a normal girl dealing with a society climbing mother. I am a descendant of Fae royalty, and my twin sister tried to kill me to prevent me fulfilling a prophecy foretold hundreds of years ago.

Somehow in all that mess I had time to fall in love. Though why it was Devlin I don’t know. I never thought I would be attracted to someone like him. Cocky, overbearing, jealous, and a believer that what he says should always be followed without question. Beneath that exterior though is a man that is loyal, loving, sweet, and my soul mate. His looks aren’t too bad either. Just looking at him makes my heart flutter and my knees weak. Todd will be surprised that I ended up with him if he ever gets to meet him.

I miss Todd and my apartment, even my adoptive mother a little. I miss tennis shoes, the local coffee shop, and cars. I am already tired of walking or riding a horse to get around. Though my legs look killer with all the exercise, I have been getting. I miss my yoga pants and fuzzy slippers. I am not sure how I am going to last the winter in these skirts and dresses. I suppose wool stockings will become a very good friend of mine. Ugh…wool…really?

I have to admit, finding out I have magical abilities has been very cool. Oh and the look on Devlin’s face when he realized we won the fight because of me was priceless. I have a lot more to learn and discover and controlling it is still hard at times, but I wouldn’t change what has happened to my life.
I am already planning on how I can go back and visit Todd. I am also in the process of figuring out how to save my sister from a destiny that seems set in stone.

Lots to do today before Devlin finds out my plans, I am not sure when I’ll get to write again, but I am sure it’s going to be full of exciting things. If I make it through this next journey.
Destiny Finds Her
Destiny Series
Book 1
Miranda Lynn

Genre: Romance/Time Travel

ISBN: 1502554267

Number of pages:178

Cover Artist: Sister Sparrow Graphics

Book Description:

Jami – Content with her life working for a publishing house, enjoying her caffeine addiction and her daily banter with best friend Todd. Jami wasn’t one to believe in Destiny. When her world turns upside down just days before her 25th birthday, her beliefs are challenged and time is ripped away. Dozing off in the sun one moment and sitting in a field of heather with a talking hamster the next will rattle any normal girl. But hearing a sexy deep voice and turning to find the Highlander it belongs to will rock anyone’s world!

Devlin-. He loved the annual festival, all the hustle and bustle around the keep, what he couldn’t handle was his mother hounding him about finding that “one” to settle down with as the middle brother he still had plenty of time. He escaped daily to do his rounds along the land’s perimeter, but one day he found someone he wasn’t expecting.  One look, one smell was all it took. He would find out who she was.

Faced with the obstacle of overcoming her fears and embracing her powers, Jami’s destiny is hers to take. Or is it?

Available at Amazon


As he ventured further along the tree line, the birds started chattering and became restless. The squirrels quickly climbed trees, hiding in their little holes. Devlin’s ears strained to hear what they were hearing. He stepped into the tree line, and faded into the shadows, awaiting what threat may come. His hand went to the hilt of his sword, muscles tensed, ready for a fight. What he saw next was completely unexpected.
A young woman treaded softly out of the trees, along one of the many paths the healers used to forage for herbs and fetch water from the brook; a woman Devlin had never seen. She was not garbed in the traditional broadcloth dress, but in pants and some type of jerkin. He’d never seen such clothing. Her hair was pulled away from her face and high atop her head, in a small circle with a tail flowing to her shoulders. Much like a horse’s tail. He stood silently, waiting to see what she’d do.
This woman was not from around here; that much was obvious. His muscles coiled, ready to pounce should she take off toward the keep. She simply sat down on the top of the hill, in the rays of the sun, and watched the children. She seemed to be in awe of what she saw in front of her.
Devlin wove silently through the trees to the path she’d emerged on. Advancing with years of learned stealth, he moved up behind her. When he was within a few steps, she still was unaware of his presence.
The breeze brought a whiff of her scent to him. A sweeter smell Devlin had never encountered. His body reacted immediately. His knees went weak as he breathed her in.
"Who are ye?" Devlin demanded, sounding a bit gruffer than planned.
She jumped, and was gone. Like a ghost into the night. He couldn't believe his eyes. Glancing down, he saw the slight indention from her footsteps. He followed them down the path until they abruptly ended at the brook. He searched the area for her campsite or any signs of where she’d come from. She was a mystery.

After minutes of searching, a sound wafted up to his ears. Tilting his head, he recognized the bells of the gypsy troupe that travelled through the lands. It was time for him to head to the keep and resume the duties of middle son.
About the Author:

Mother to two boys, 3 four legged babies, and wife to a loving husband who doesn't mind the extra voices in her head.

Miranda grew up on a dairy farm in Illinois, but calls Portland, TN home now. She is an avid reader, coffee addict, and loves her day job working at the local public library. Though her true passion is in creating her own worlds, characters, and stories for her readers.

Twitter: @MirandaLynnBks

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