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Guest blog and Giveaway Destiny by Charlene A. Wilson

Thank you for having me as a guest here at The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom, Wenona. This is going to be fun! Not only because I get to share on this great blog, but I charged my characters with a special assignment.

Now before I let you dive into their part, I really need to explain something. These characters are from my series, Cornerstone Deep. In their world, they know of the Arched Spectrum of Realms which a set of five dimensions. Cornerstone Deep is actually one of them, a cornerstone realm to the “Arch” and where they reside… for the time being. The Shilo brothers, James, Cole, and Vincent, are from Meridian, which is situated at the meridian cap of the “Arch.” You can see the different dimensions in the image below and get what I mean.

Elaina is Vincent’s wife and soul mate. *smile*

Elaina and Vincent sneak into Charlene’s office and quietly close the door behind them. Vincent sits down at the computer and logs on.

Elaina:  *whispers*  Hurry, hurry, Vince.  They’ll be here any minute.

Vincent:  *waves his hand at the door and an opalescent sheen covers it and the latch locks*  Eko Silyst.  *the air thickenes*

Elaina:  *squinches her cheek*  Do you really think locking and blocking the door will stop them? *scowls and wiggles her finger in her ear as her words flattened*

Vincent:  You don’t have to whisper.  Eko Silyst is a silencing spell.  And no.  It won’t stop them, but it will buy us a little time.  Now…

Elaina:  *rushes to look over his shoulder*

Vincent:  *types*  The Meridian Maiden.

Elaina:  Charlene’s not from Meridian.

Vincent:  The topic is:  “If you could write your author into a book it would be called … and she would be a …”  *holds up a hand to accentuate the “…”*

Elaina:  *folds her arms*  Well then why not call it The Princess of Shilo City?

Vincent:  *smiles a toothy smile*  Because, I’m at the computer. 

The door knob rattles, the latch unlocks, the opalescent sheen fades, and the silencing spell breaks.  James leads Cole into the office.

Vincent:  *grimaces*  I forgot about James and his multi-tasking.

Cole:  Nice try, Kid.

James:  *motions for Vincent to move*  I’ll take over here.  *takes seat as Vincent gets up*  *types* Goddess of the Ethereal Plane.

Cole:  Wait.  *a sly grin curves his lips*  The topic didn’t say the book was going to be a real book. Why don’t we have some fun with this?  *everyone looks at him and he reaches over James and types*  Token Toad of Toad Suck.

All eyes widen. 

Elaina:  Cole! 

Cole:  What?  Toad Suck is a small community near where she lives in Arkansas.  I could call it Banshee of Booger Hollow.

Elaina:  *covers her mouth and snickers*

Charlene:  *enters the office*  How’s it going, guys?

James quickly waves his hand in the air and Cole straightens, turning deep red. 

Cole:  Uh, duh, uh…well…

James:  Cole came up with the perfect title and character.  Why don’t you have a look?

Charlene:  Oh, Cole, you did?  That’s great.  *looks over James’s shoulder and reads*  The Lady of Cornerstone Summit.  Aww.  *hugs Cole*  That is so sweet.

Cole:  *looks at James with a “thanks for the save” look*  Anything for you, Charlene.

Cornerstone Deep
Book 3
Charlene A. Wilson

Genre: Paranormal/light sci-fi/ Fantasy

Publisher: Spectrum Publishing

Date of Publication: May 11, 2015

ISBN 10: 0989984656
ISBN 13: 978-0-9899846-5-2

Number of pages: 200
Word Count: 52,886

Cover Artist: Charlene A. Wilson       

Book Description:

Angels, Gods, High Ones… Could anything else find its way into the prophecy caused by their father, Sylis Shilo, the renowned realm traveler? Vincent understands there were things in his father’s work he wasn’t privy to simply because his soul was too young, but how could this be kept a secret from even his brothers? The more he learns, the more he’s glad he hadn’t known.

The sentinels of Cornerstone Deep are in for their most difficult challenge yet. The portal to the Spectrum of the Realms must be sealed, and punishments must be carried out. Will the Gods take all that is dear to Vincent, James, and Cole Shilo?

“Flesh cannot take away that which our souls have united.”

Available at Amazon


Stars blinked, and Vincent scowled at the firmament. They mocked him—tiny gems as out of his reach as the treasure he sought. With a snarl, he scanned the area around the empty town square, whirled to face Simpson drive, and then jabbed his hand toward the deserted street of the city’s east side.
The summoning command echoed through the night and then ebbed into the quiet atmosphere with no result.
A frog croaked from Center Creek somewhere within the park to his right. The urban green rustled and deep shadows waved as the breeze whispered along the tall border hedges. A cat padded from an alley between the north side commerce onto the sidewalk and then looked his way. The dim streetlight reflected in its eyes, two silver discs that taunted alongside the night sky.
With a growl, he punched his frustration into the air. Blue neon flashed from his fist. The bolt highlighted the crimson brick storefronts and plowed into the street with a resounding blast. Asphalt bulleted the commerce, shattering glass behind the barred windows, and pelted the granite griffin perched on top of the corner archway of the entrance to Shilo Park.
The cat darted back the way it came. 
Vincent snarled. Turning toward the city center, he clenched his jaw and glared around the empty court. How many times have I tried to summon the Mother Earth beads from here already? Every faithful follower of the gods had come to witness the absence of Gryffin. When they left, the park was in shambles. It took three weeks to pick up all the rubble and return the vegetation to its rightful state. He glanced over his shoulder at the stone gargoyle. The god of conformance couldn’t have made a more striking statement with that disappearance act—and the beads couldn’t have been lost at a worst time. Anyone could have stashed them away, thrilled to find such a keep.
Vincent ground his teeth together so hard his temples ached. Humidity thickened the early summer night and carried the sulfuric odor from the west side industries. It coated his senses with added irritation. Where was the floral scent of Shilo Park? He needed the sweet comfort it held.
Releasing his breath, he whispered a vow he didn’t intend to sustain. “Elaina, you will never touch another magical charm as long as you live.”
He glanced at his watch and sighed an anxious breath. I need to get home.
How long before his brothers questioned his excursions? How long could he keep the disappearance of the relic a secret? 
Furling his cape, he dispersed his elements into a fine mist. He allowed his dark essence to meander as he flew the length of the boulevard, recalling the crowded scene. Pilgrimage buggies, tents, covered wagons; they were only a portion of the massive gathering of faithful that had finally cleared the area.

Irritation rippled his essence. With a growl, he conceded failure and headed over the southern apricot orchards to Shilo Manor.

About the Author:

Charlene A. Wilson is an author of tales that take you to other dimensions. She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue to immerse you into the lives of her characters.

She began writing in her early teens when her vivid dreams stayed with her long after she had them. The characters and worlds were so amazing she brought them to life through her books.

Charlene resides in a small community in Arkansas, USA, with her two beautiful daughters, husband, a cuddly Pekingese, and a very chatty cockatiel named Todder.

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