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Character Interview – Dylan from the Anath Series by Shyla Wolff

Character Interview – Dylan

Thank you to the readers who’ve let me know they enjoyed Shadowed Passage. In response to a request from Shannon in South Carolina, I’ve posed several questions to Dylan, our hot as hell hero.

Shannon: Dylan, why are you so driven?

Dylan: I’ve been that way since I was a kid, when my uncle forced me to make a choice, kill my father or baby sister. Kill one and the other would survive.

Shannon: Dear God, how did you survive that?

Dylan: I’ve kept two goals in mind since that day. First, to kill Roth. Anyone that insane shouldn’t live. Second, put my family back together. I’ve trained every day, learned everything I could, developed my talents in whatever way possible.

Shannon: How will you acconmplish either?

Dylan: As soon as I’ve completed this off the books mission, (I’ve just been discharged from the military), the major will give me the information to track two of my sisters.

Shannon: What is your mission?

Dylan: Stop the terrorist threat and protect the major’s woman, Tori, who by the way is about half his age. How can any woman want a man who’s so old? What does she see in him?

Shannon: Sounds to me like Tori is someone you think about a lot?

Dylan: Christ, I can’t stop…She’s smart, beautiful, can take what I dish out…which few can. I can’t figure out what he’s holding over her head.

Shannon: Maybe you need to change her mind?

Dylan: I’ve tried, but she keeps secrets, won’t share. Not that I can blame her, I do, too. If she knew what I could do and told the major…my family’s lives would be in danger. They’d be hunted to the ends of the earth.

Shannon: So—just stay away from her. Think annoying thoughts when she’s near.

Dylan: Yeah, I’ve tried. Yet I can’t forget how her body writhed under my caresses, or how she screams my name at particular moments…

Follow the continuation of Kiera and Kyley’s story as Dylan locates and protects his family while dealing with spies, terrorists and a psychopathic uncle.

Shadowed Passage is third in the Anath series but also a standalone read. Available on Amazon and your normal ebook distributors.

Shadowed Passage
Anath Series
Book 3
Shyla Wolff

Genre: erotic paranormal romance      

Publisher: Extasy Books

Date of Publication: 5-15-15


Number of pages:  275
Word Count: 79,000

Formats available: MOBI, PDF

Cover Artist: Latrisha Walters

Book Description:

Tariffs paid on an ill-fated decision can last a lifetime.

A young boy—tossed an impossible situation by his psychopathic uncle, father or sister, he must kill one for the other to survive.

Two decades later, Dylan has developed his psychic talents, trained by the military, learned the skills necessary to locate the family he’d abandoned as a child and kill the devil himself, Roth. On the day he’s discharged, his ex-boss offers assistance in locating his sisters, demanding help with one more mission in exchange.

Tori, a young woman weeks away from graduating with her Psych doctorate, is torn from her stable life and thrust into a world of espionage, warriors, and unexplainable phenomenon. The man she loves, Major Clannahan, attaches her to the unit charged with locating a terrorist cell. Dylan, leading the unit, draws her like no other. Yet the darkness buried in his soul will test her skills and patience beyond anything she’s ever known.

Kiera and Kyley, identical twins challenged by the extremes of evil yet remain pure of heart, both bound to their man with a love withstanding the tests of time and tragedy.  One a warrior, the other with a warrior’s heart, each wield formidable psychic talents, sought after by a psychopath and terrorist bent on destroying the country.

A group of psychic warriors, dedicated to fighting evil in the shadows, locating and helping others develop their paranormal talents without splintering society’s tenacious perception of reality.

These are the extraordinary people living among us, protecting and preserving our way of life. Courage and honor, duty and strength of will can sustain us for only so long. Eventually, we must find our own path forward, learning to open our hearts to love even as we risk the ultimate pain.
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“The choice is yours boy, but understand—not deciding is making a decision. Do it before I make the decision for you. Only difference is, I won’t kill one, I’ll kill them both. Father or sister. You have all the power.”Roth’s kept his tone calm and gentle. The evil coiled tightly within him warmed his soul. He fancied the boy killing his father, silently rooting for the infant to survive. He could have lots of fun with her over the coming years.The boy’s father would die either way. Roth had bound and beaten him just for fun.

     “Daddy? What do I do?” Tears streamed down Dylan’s face, sobs racked his entire nine-year-old battered frame. His gaze slid from his father to his baby sister, now held by Roth. When he looked back at his dad’s bruised and bloody face, he cried harder. His dad’s eyes were swollen—nearly shut.

     The gun shook uncontrollably in the boy’s small hand. “Daddy?”

     Boredom shadowed Roth’s eyes, the excitement of the climax dimmed with the child’s indecisiveness. His gaze wandered out the window over the kitchen sink. In the back yard, a massive play structure stood, complete with swings, tunnels, overhead ladder, and a slide. How extravagant for just two children, one still an infant. His sister always belabored the little things. Shame she’s not present to witness this. He would’ve found this even more amusing.

     The blond haired infant cradled roughly in his left arm actually cooed at him. Disgusting. If he kept this thing, he'd have to hire a nanny. Still, the thought of it growing up with half the powers he'd felt in his sister years ago made the brat worth the trouble…If she survived today. He sighed.
       “Dylan, son, It's okay. You’re going to be all right. Look at me. Remember how we played catch this morning? When you think of me, you’ll remember how we played ball today. Okay, son?” He didn’t know what else to say in this horrific situation. His own psychotic brother in law was forcing his son to commit the most heinous act imaginable, choose between patricide and sororicide. Roth had always been the canary in the crazy mind but even Devon hadn’t seen this coming.

     “Awww, isn’t this touching?” Roth snorted, no doubt weary of his twisted game. “What a little wimp. I’m growing tired of your indecision, boy. I think I’ll just slice this little bitch’s throat. 

About the Author:

Of the many lessons life seems intent on throwing her way; the most important one Shyla’s learned is to take the time to enjoy family and friends. The flux and flow of changes aren’t something to fight, but adapt to with the best of your ability. One day’s heartbreak is often followed by another day’s triumph. The only barricades remaining are the ones we refuse to navigate. She hopes you’ve enjoyed this story. Shyla’s website,, will be updated as Dylan’s journey continues.

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