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Guest Blog and Giveaway: He’s So Fine by Marie Mason


As writers we are all extremely grateful that we have a following of readers that are eager to read our next offering. Sometimes, the pressure can get a little overwhelming, especially for those of us who are still trying to work full time, deal with a family and write. There simply are not enough hours in the day it seems.

When I look at the writing and publishing schedule I have set for myself for the next four months I want to throw up my hands and so NOOOOO. I can’t do it. And, I may not, that’s one of the reasons I never give hard release dates. Every time I do, something has a way of interfering with my writing.

I’m somewhat lucky in that I no longer have small children who demand my attention on a minute by minute basis. I am dealing with aging parents and adult children (no, it doesn’t get easier as they grow up!) and I work forty hours a week. Roughly, that leaves about twenty-five hours a week to write – if I’m lucky and I don’t cook or do dishes for a day or two. 

It’s difficult to switch into the writing mood after all your energy has been sucked out of you dealing with the wants and demands of other people all day. 

A quiet, reflective time is precious to writers. Other times, you’re bursting at the seams to get in front of a computer and let the words flow. Usually that’s when you have to drop everything and rush someone to the emergency room!
So, if you are fortune to have a writer in your family or as a friend, give him or her some slack. We’re odd creatures. We need time and space alone to immerse ourselves in the world we are creating inside our heads.

And, as readers, please be patient with us. We want to write that next story as much as you want to read it. But, we are human and life happens to us, same as it happens to you. Always remember, even if we don’t say it often enough, we do love and appreciate you. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be writing.

Look for my new release He’s So Fine available for only 99 cents and on Kindle Unlimited. I’ll also have a new story in the anthology Wicked After Dark entitled You Lucky Witch.

Best wishes,
Marie Mason

He’s So Fine
Marie Mason

Genre: New Adult / College/Romantica Erotica

Publisher: Marie Mason

Date of Publication:  August 4, 2015

Number of pages: 75
Word Count:  50,000

Book Description: 

Underground fighter Cage Montgomery was use to making it on his own. When a man in a two-piece suit showed up during his training session, he wasn’t the least bit curious. But Frank, his mentor and the only father figure he’d ever known, ordered him to go to the Hamptons to see his long-lost father.

Cage finds much more than that…he discovers he has a step-sister that makes his body—and his heart—feel alive for the very first time in years.

Theirs was not a forbidden love…but was it a love never meant to be?

Available at Amazon

Abby looked at me through the dark veil of her lashes and I could tell she was dying to ask me why I wanted a computer. She looked damn cute this morning. Her hair fell down her back in soft waves and she had on the slightest touch of makeup. Not that she needed it. She was beautifully fresh faced. Today she wore a green and brown outfit that clung to her curves in all the right places. She kept tugging at the top, pulling it away from her breasts. The action only made me want to look even more. I knew she was self-conscious of her size. Hopefully, by the end of the summer she wouldn’t have any doubts about her attractiveness to the opposite sex. I smirked as I took another drink of my protein smoothie.
I could say with no false modesty that being fucked by Cage Montgomery usually ramped up a girl’s self-esteem.
Taking another drink, I had to say the quality and quantity of food was much better at the Montgomery summer residence than I’d had in my entire life. I felt no qualms eating my fill. It was the least the old man could to do, feed me for one summer. It wouldn’t make up for the days I’d gone to bed hungry as a child. But then, I didn’t know if anything could. Except maybe making sure no kid of mine ever did.
“You can use mine. It’s not the latest, but it will get you on the net and there’s a word processing program—”
“You don’t have to sell it to me. As long as I can get on the sites I need, I’m good.”
She walked across the room and took her backpack from the floor. I noticed that even when she went off with her posse, she took her backpack. I watched as her ass cheeks juggled and wondered if she was wearing a thong. I loved slipping my fingers beneath a woman’s clothes and filling my hand with a plump ass cheek.
When she straightened back up, she was biting her lower lip. I just stared at her, realizing she wasn’t doing it on purpose. She had no fucking idea how much that turned me on. How much I wanted to lean down and suck her full lower lip into my mouth and ravage it with my teeth.
“I, um.”
“Spit it out, Sis.”
“I don’t have an anit-virus program. So if you, ‘em—”
“So if I get on my kinky websites, I better be careful and not give you something?”
“I didn’t mean anything.”

“Don’t worry, babe, I’m clean.”

 About the Author:

Marie loves anything romance. Give her a story about curvy gals and alpha males and she’s one happy person. She writes what she likes to read. All of her stories feature a big, buffed man who takes one look at the woman meant to be his and falls down on his knees. Each of her stories comes with a happily-ever-after all their own.

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