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Character Interview: Revelations: Cast In Blood by Christine Sutton, Lisa Lane, Jaime Johnesee

Q: What is your name?

Polly: Apollyon, my friends call me Polly. You may call me Apollyon.

Drew: My given name is Drew Jessica Stanton.

Lenny: My name is Lenore. Everyone calls me Lenny. I know, it’s a name that makes you think of a mechanic or a bouncer, but it’s just me, Lenny.

Q: What kind of powers do you have?

Polly: I’m not telling you anything. Only a fool would reveal their strengths and weaknesses so easily.

Drew: I’m a succubus. Until recently, I didn’t know how much energy I could take from a person without doing the deed, but now it comes pretty easily. I can also smell emotions and steal people’s memories while I’m sucking their life force, so I make an excellent interrogator.

Lenny: Well, it’s actually a funny story. Not like, funny ha ha, but funny. You’ll find out more about it later, though. I’m a shapeshifter. I can shift into the form of any person, animal or supernatural thing that I’ve seen or come in contact with. Pretty handy, actually.

Q: Tell me a bit about you.

Polly: I like food and rock music. I also enjoy spending long nights torturing traitors and evildoers. Yes, I do use the word evildoer and, no, idgaf what you think of it.

Drew: I ran away from home when I was fourteen ’cause my dad kept sucking the life out of my stepmoms and I hated him for that. I lived on the streets for a while and was a prostitute for a few years, but that’s all behind me now. I’ve found I’m a sucker for pretty shoes, and I can run surprisingly fast in heels. Does that count as a super-power?

Lenny: I’m 26, I like long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting’ caught in the rain. Just kidding. Although I do like pina coladas. Any-hoo, I grew up in a convent, but never took to the whole nun-ish thing. They were cool, though. The nuns, that is. Not that I have anything against other nuns. They knew I was different, but they hid it from everyone else. After the monsignor found out I was a shifter, he kicked me out. So, I lived on the street for about ten years. I had it pretty easy, being a shifter and all. I never went hungry or anything. It wasn’t that bad … sorry, I’m rambling. 

Q: How does it feel being a shapeshifter/demon/succubus?

Polly: Being a demon is far easier than being an angel ever was. The expectations are less and the reward is higher. Go Hell!

Drew: It sucks.

Lenny: I’m getting used to it. I spent so many years trying to hide it and only using it when I really needed to get something. Now, I’m kind of digging the fact that I can openly use my powers to fight … what did you call them, Polly? Evildoers. *Chuckle*

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Polly: Eat, listen to good music, and skin evildoers.

Drew: I like to people watch. People do the damnedest things….

Lenny: I like to read a lot. I find, now that I have a paying job, I love to shop. I’m also getting into at-home spa days. Like crazy face masks and lotions and stuff. And music! I love music.

Q: What are your favorite foods?

Polly: Steak nachos, apple turnovers, and ice cream sundaes. Ice cream is kind of a special order in Hell so we don’t get it often.

Drew: I love a good Philly cheesesteak. I also really like fries and chocolate milkshakes (even better—fries dipped in chocolate milkshake).

Lenny: I’m all about the Lumberjack Slam at Denny’s. I’m also all about bacon cheeseburgers and bottomless fries. And cheesecake!

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?

Polly: I can’t say that I actually have a favorite. There’s this one diner in Castleberry that makes the best buttermilk pancakes. They offer fresh honey made right on site as well as real maple syrup. Oh, and the bacon, so thick and perfect. Great, now I’m hungry. Thanks, mortal.

Drew: Anywhere that serves fries and milkshakes.

Lenny: There is a taco truck around the corner that serves the best carne asada burrito, ever. Like in all the history of taco trucks, this has got to be the best.

Q: Are you happy being a shapeshifter/demon/succubus?

Polly: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I am who I am and there is nothing I feel needs changing. Go me.

Drew: Not really. I’d love to be normal—or mundane, as my dad called it.

Lenny: I’m cool with it. There are a few other monkeys swinging in my family tree, but I’m getting used to what I am. I wish it could be different, but such is life.

Q: If not, why not?

Polly: Not applicable to me.

Drew: Soul sucking is ridiculously addictive, and it’s been hell living my entire life with that monkey on my back.

Lenny: Swinging monkeys. Some crazy mojo went down with my mom and dad when I was no more than a twinkle in his eye. I wish it could have been different for them.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for Hell?

Polly: The medical, dental, 401k, and vision plans are out of this world. I mean, heck, we cover 100% of those expenses. You’ll never find a deal that good anywhere else. By the way, we are always hiring.

Drew: The pay, the apartment, the car—in no particular order.

Lenny: Having a job. Travel. Friends. I’ve never had that before. It kind of rocks.

Q: How does it feel when you shift/call forth hellfire/suckle at someone’s life-force?

Polly: It tingles a little. I mean, the fire used to burn painfully but over a few thousand years my nerves have started to dull to it. The hellfire strengthens me and it can be awful intimidating to mortals when fire erupts from my eyes. Always makes me smile.

Drew: It makes me feel like I can conquer the world … until the withdrawals hit.

Lenny: It feels weird because I get the powers/limitations of what or who I shift into. The actual shifting is instant, so I don’t really have time to feel anything.

Q: Have you ever wanted to be fully mortal and, if so, do you still?

Polly: No way, you meat sacks break way too easily for my taste.

Drew: Yes and yes.

Lenny: I did when I was young. I wanted to be a regular ole human. Now, I dig being a shifter. It makes me kind of special, I think.

Q: What is your favorite book?

Polly: I’d have to say either The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy or The Giving Tree.

Drew: I read A Wrinkle in Time in seventh grade, right before I ran away from home. I liked that book a lot.

Lenny: Interview With the Vampire, Jurassic Park, pretty much anything awesome. I like mysteries and thrillers and stuff like that. If it’s awesome, I like it.

Revelations: Cast In Blood
Christine Sutton, Lisa Lane, Jaime Johnesee 

Publisher: DevilDog Press LLC

Publication Date: September 1, 2015


Book Description:

An unknown force threatens Heaven and Hell, along with every soul on Earth. Three unlikely heroes join together to restore universal balance.

Will their shared adversary initiate an Apocalypse before they're able to uncover the truth, or will they rise to a calling that has, from the beginning of time, been Cast in Blood?

Available at Amazon

About Christine Sutton

Christine Sutton is the author of more than fifteen short stories, novellas and novels. While she tends to cross genres within horror, she is always passionate about scaring the hell out of you.

Her passion would have to be serial killer fiction, but she also loves ghosts, ghouls, demons and monsters of all types. Christine's work ranges from modern day fairy tales to demonic soul eaters to ghostly children that just want to play. Her writing has been called passionate, realistic, gritty, fun, enthralling and tons of other cool adjectives.

You, too can pick up some of Christine's work and come up with some cool adjectives of your own. It won't be hard. I promise.

About Leigh M. Lane/Lisa Lane

Leigh M. Lane has been writing for over twenty years. She has ten published novels and dozens of published short stories--penning the majority of her speculative and literary works under Leigh M. Lane and her mainstream and urban fantasy stories under Lisa Lane. She is married to editor Thomas B. Lane, Jr. and currently resides in the hot and dusty outskirts of Sin City.

For more information, visit her website at

About Jaime Johnesee

Jaime Johnesee lives in Michigan with her husband and two sons. She spent fourteen years as a zookeeper before shifting her focus to writing full time. Known for her bestselling horror comedy series, Bob the Zombie, she is also currently coauthoring the paranormal horror series, Revelations, for Devil Dog Press as well as working on her Shifters series.

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