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10 Things to Consider Before Taking That Sip-The Killing Cure: Drink by C.S. Kendall

Hello! Thank you kindly for having me here to today. I’m thrilled and honored to provide a guest blog post for you. :) 

In my debut novel, The Killing Cure: Drink, my main characters Julia and Charlie share a love. 

When Julia contacts a deadly illness, Charlie convinces her to drink a water rumored to heal, without knowing the full extent of what it is. So, if you were faced with a chance to take a sip from the fountain of youth, here are ten considerations before you do:

1.     You’ll Never Be Sick Again.

Imagine: Pesky winter colds be gone! (I could use that right now). You’ll never puke, never fail to breathe through your nostrils, never be confined to bed with a fever. And that’s just the start. Have a chronic illness? A life threatening one like my character Julia? One sip you and you’re instantaneously healed. That’s a pretty good deal.

2.     But you’ll never be sick again.

As miserable as illness is, isn’t it a part of the human experience? And doesn’t being sick often bloom within us gratefulness for the well days? Even sometimes, if the illness is of the chronic sort, it can awaken a special reflection of the goodness of life. Right now I can’t breathe due to this nasty sinus crud, and boy oh boy, I long to savor the flavor of my food again!

3.     You get to live forever!

Drinking from the fountain of youth affords you eternal life. Not only are you never sick again, you have all the days in existence to spend however you like.

4.     But you’re going to live forever.

I mean, you have ALL the days in existence to spend how you like. Living forever means no end. And you have to do something with yourself, right? Consider how you’ll fill your eternal days and if you can handle them if they get a little long. But hey--you’ll get to watch your children and your children’s children and your children’s children’s children grow up and maybe even have an influence over their lives in a way you wouldn’t as a mere mortal. That is, if you have kids. If this is a priority, maybe consider procreating before you take the sip.

5.     You have to get really good at saying good-bye.

One giant downside to living forever? Watching your loved ones die around you until they are all gone. Sure, you’ll be able to meet your great great great grandkids, but sooner or later they’ll die too. You’ll have to get well acquainted with grief--all five of the stages. You will inevitably get good at saying good-bye because you’ll have lots of practice.

6.     You can go anywhere, becoming anything...after all, you have time.

Couldn’t decide on a particular career path? Or whether to pursue a career or travel the world? Well, now you don’t have to. You have ALL THE TIME, so you can afford to spend eight years in med school, feed hungry children, travel Europe in luxury, and eat all the food since you’ll never change after the day you drink from the fountain. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

7.     You might have too much time on your hands…

Maybe you have one path or you don’t want to do anything with yourself. Maybe you do all the things and run out of ideas. Eternity is a long time. Don’t cope well with boredom? Maybe the fountain of youth isn’t for you. In any case, if you take a drink, you better be prepared with a toolbox of ideas for rainy days.

8.     You can sleep as much as you want.

Right now there’s no time, right? We can barely get those recommended 6 to 8 hours as it is. But as an immortal being, you can afford to sleep DAYS away. Maybe that’s how you’ll fill some of your time. Just sleep. Or at the very least, take a nap every day. You’re not missing out because there’s always more time.

9.     There’s no going there?

Drinking from the fountain of youth is a one-time decision, one you can’t go back on. Immortality or Mortality. That’s your choice….unless you want to travel to the Thousand Islands, find where the water is housed, and take your chances eating the various leaves around it that may or may not serve as an antidote. After all, if you change your mind, you have all the time to travel, right?

10.  You’ll spend an eternity answering the water’s call….to kill.

If you’re drinking from the fountain of youth, one important disclaimer is this: It gives eternal life to you--health, wellness, time...but it also has some demands of its own. It has to fill the eternal life stores somehow, right? So, when you drink, be prepared to have urges awakened in you that maybe weren’t there before. Like the urge to kill. And know this: the water will keep calling all your eternal days until you answer, time and again. You owe it, afterall. You took from the eternal stores, and now it’s your job to keep them full. Unless….

Unless you can figure out a way around the demands of the water. Like Julia, my main character, maybe you can find another way, but be careful...the call to kill comes quickly, and you may run out of time before those impulses take over.

            Whatever you do, drink carefully...

The Killing Cure: Drink
Book One
C.S. Kendall

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Booktrope

Date of Publication: September 24, 2015

ISBN: 978-1513704586
ASIN: 1513704583

Number of pages: 200
Word Count: 63,871

Cover Artist: Shari Ryan

Book Description:

Childhood friendship turns to love in this dark reimagining of the fountain of youth. In 1919, Charlie returns from WWI and gives his heart to Julia. As their love story begins, tragedy strikes when Julia contracts a deadly illness.

On her deathbed, dreams of a future together shatter, but Charlie refuses to give up, convincing Julia to drink from a vial of “healing waters” his war buddy swore would bring spontaneous healing. Julia's miraculous recovery brings hope, but the water's murderous side effects snuff out the couple’s short-lived joy.

Can Charlie help Julia fight the water's call to kill? All their efforts may be in vain when Julia has to choose between running from the curse or embracing it in order to save Charlie.

Journey with Julia and Charlie through a love story that spans a hundred years and an age-old curse that spans more and worse, puts Charlie’s life and Julia’s soul at risk.

Amazon     BN

She wheeled me to our meeting place. Charlie was not sitting on the lumpy couch like he usually was; instead, he stood, his feet almost bouncing as they met the ground. His eyes were bright, his smile bigger than I’d ever seen.
As soon as we were alone, I asked, "What are you so happy about?"
"First," he said and then kissed me. "Second, I’m happy because today you’re going to get well."
I hardly had the energy to lift my gaze to his face. "Can you sit, please?"
"Oh sure, of course. See, I knew you’d beat this thing. It only became clear to me today how it would happen. I took the next train as soon as I knew."
"What are you talking about?"
"Sorry. Okay." He took a deep breath and tried again. "Do you remember my war buddy Arnold I told you about?"
"Was he the one who wanted to be the horse doctor or the one with the bizarre obsession with water?"
"The water." Charlie’s eyes lit, and he pulled a chain from his pocket. On the end of it was a small vial with a clear liquid in it. "All I’ve thought about since I left you last was how I couldn’t lose you. I racked my brain all week long, prayed to God for you when I should've been sleeping, until the answer came this morning. I remembered I had it. You should've heard how he carried on and on about this water, how it would heal, how he went through hell to get it but it was worth it should he ever need it. And I thought, ‘Why let it go to waste?’ Especially now that you need it so badly. Obviously there was a reason I held on to the water. It wasn’t clear until now."
"Oh, I love you. But there's no such thing as healing waters. You said yourself he was superstitious."
"I know I did, but what if there's more to it than I thought? I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before."
"Look at me, Charlie. I am skin and bones. My entire body hurts, and I can barely eat. I am being consumed right before your eyes, and you’ve got your sights set on some silly potion."
And then I saw it. Behind the fire in Charlie’s eyes lived desperation. All his hope hinged on this sip of water. Insane as it was, he was willing to embrace any farfetched possibility if it meant he didn’t have to face the reality of living without me.
His face fell a little at my words, but he wouldn't be discouraged. "What will it hurt? Drink it, please. For me." He held the vial out, and I studied him. Hopelessness threatened to burst through the expectation in his eyes, and I felt sad for him. I, with a body full of consumption, pitied Charlie.
The pity came on the heels of my love for him. His plea warmed my heart, desperate as it was, because somewhere, deep down, despite all his optimism and prayers, he knew I was going to die. I took it from him, opened it up, and tipped it back. What harm could one small sip of water do?

About the Author:

C.S. Kendall spent her formative years growing up in the small town of McPherson, KS. As such, there was not much to do, so her imagination, which always lagged behind her age, had free reign. From playing dress up into her teens, recording radio shows with various voices and storylines with her friends, to dappling with the art of crafting a novel, there were few dull moments for her. Enter adulthood, a day job, and the backburner. But story came calling, and finally, her imagination woke up and answered. Though she loves and is fulfilled by her job as a social work therapist, she equally enjoys running away in her mind to imaginary lands with made up people. She lives happily with her husband and their two amazing children in southwest Michigan.

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