Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Love Static Schmatic

Static Schmatic is amazing.

I have this dress that I have not worn in forever because the static was so bad- I tried all the tricks to get rid of the static cling- hairspray, dryer sheets, metal hanger, even a store bought spray- nothing worked.

Yesterday I sprayed the inside and outside of the dress with Static Schmatic- and I wore the dress last night. No static cling.

Wow, I need a case of this stuff.

I have three shirts and a skirt that are stuck on themselves so bad I have not worn them in forever either. This stuff will make them wearable again. I am so excited to finally have something that works on this horrible static cling. And the best thing- Static Schmatic is all natural.

"We only use clean, all natural ingredients sourced from the USA. Plus, we’re hypoallergenic, gluten-free and we don’t test on animals. Our formulas are created in small batches to ensure that our high-quality ingredients stay fresh and effective for you."

The clothes Static Schmatic contains- Distilled water, aloe vera, plant-based soap, glycerin & salt.

I am in love with Static Schmatic. This is a must have product to keep stocked in my house from now on.

Disclaimer: Received a bottle for free in exchange for a review. The above is my honest opion on this product.

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