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Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcake Tower

Would anyone be interested in a tutorial for this 

Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcake Tower?

This was created for a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party with a 
Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

If there is sufficient interest I will type up a complete tutorial for this.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Release Day Blitz Summer Fire: Love When It’s Hot

Summer Fire: Love When It’s Hot

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: dba 7th House Publishing, Imprint of Andromeda LLC

Date of Publication: May 26, 2015

ISBN: 9781507060469

Number of pages: 1,610
Word Count: 483,000

Cover Artist: Victoria Danann


20 ALL NEW summer romances by New York Times, USA Today, and National Bestselling authors.

Love when it’s hot? So do we. Especially when we’re writing about gritty alphas, angsty bad boys, sizzling attraction, and unrequited passion. Military, cowboy, biker, humor, second chance love, and more.


1. Gennita Low Sizzle Spies, Lola and Jake, fall hard for each other. Is their love strong enough for one assignment that would risk everything?

2. R.J. Lewis Sinful Two different people from two different worlds find their lives colliding in the most sinful way.

3. L. Wilder Summer Storm VP Guardrail’s life has always been his MC club. It’s up to him to fix a wrong, but he wasn’t expecting Allie to take him by storm.

4. Victoria Danann A Season in Gemini The first time sexy biker, Brant Fornight, saw Garland St. Germaine, he knew she was going to turn him inside out. And she did.

5. Kym Grosso Solstice Burn Love and temptation flare in a tropical paradise. When Chase rescues Penny, she learns to embrace her inner fantasies.

6. Cat Miller Sun Burnt Kesslyn inherits a ranch, but the city girl is unsure she’s up for the challenge. Can her sexy foreman rope her into staying forever?

7. Mimi Barbour Big Girls Don’t Cry He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man. And she’s nothing like the girl she wants to be. Something’s gotta change…

8. Clarissa Wild Killer Secrets could kill you. He murdered her husband. She’s the prime suspect seeking justice. Only one of them can win.

9. Teresa Gabelman Rodeo Romance Jake McCabe had one rule. Never date a client. Trisha Summers had a new rule. Never date a man again. Rules were meant to be broken.

10. Helen Scott Taylor Irish Kisses Ten years ago he said he loved her, then he left and broke her heart. Now he’s back, and he wants her again, but can she trust him?

11. Victoria James Sweet Surrender Cade showing up on her doorstep is not what Julia wants-but this bad-boy is back and ready to convince her that this time is forever…

12. Mona Risk Husband for a Week A Sicilian vendetta, a fake husband, and a matchmaking grandmother complicate Jonathan and Isabella’s lives. Can love conquer all?

13. Patrice Wilton A Man for Hire Jordon’s ex-boyfriend is bringing home a bride. To save face she hires a hot guy for the weekend. Sparks fly–can this be love?

14. Linda Barlow My Mile-High Mistake Six years ago, she yearned for her sexy, forbidden high school teacher. Now she can’t resist his temptation at 35,000 feet.

15. Joan Reeves Heat Lightning Her husband found her, claimed her, rescued her. His touch makes her throb. Her body knows him, but she remembers nothing about him.

16. Danielle Jamie Tan Lines and Salty Kisses Becca and Parker have a second chance at summer romance. The spark is hotter than a Georgia July. Can it withstand news of his secret?

17. Terri Marie Someone Exactly Like You Cameron Barron’s plan was solid. A few lies, a disguise, and an apology to Chastity Newberry… What could possibly go wrong?

18. Lorhainne Eckhart His Promise A love they thought would last forever. A promise forgotten. Until one summer night.

19. Brandy L Rivers Summer Rhythm Doug never could resist Chloe. She always runs. Will this time be different or is their summer rhythm destined to repeat.

20. Nicole Blanchard Anchor I thought it was a weekend from hell, until he showed me a little piece of heaven.

Available at Amazon   Apple   BN   Kobo

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Guest Blog and Giveaway Half Breed Queen by LA Hendricks

Hi everyone! It’s LA Hendricks, author of Half Breed Queen (Book 1 of the Skatia Narratives) checking in on this book blog tour. I’m here to provide a little bit of bonus content for the readers and followers of The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom! 

At its essence, Half Breed Queen is about a girl trying to figure out her path after losing her parents. Finding out she’s the heir of an alien throne and has developed these amazing – and otherworldly – abilities is secondary to figuring out why she’s being hunted. The soundtrack is a celebration and acknowledgement of the innate strength all of us have, especially as we grow from teen to adult. And in Marla’s case, her transition from human to Skatian!

I hope you enjoy this soundtrack. Thanks so much for your support. All of these songs can be found on iTunes or Amazon Music. You can order your copy of Half Breen Queen at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble. And let me know if you can think of some other music Marla should check out!

Half Breed Queen
The Skatia Narratives
Book One
LA Hendricks

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Publisher: Illipsium Media

Date of Publication: March 2, 2015

ISBN: 978-09860984-1-3
ASIN: B00U5945FW

Number of pages: 322
Word Count: 72,000

Cover Artist: LA Hendricks

Book Description:

Devastating tragedy puts 14-year-old high school freshman Marla Owens, on a fast-paced journey of survival, revival and coming of age. Driven by a force she can't begin to understand and a burning need to find out the truth, she heads toward her mother’s home in North Dakota. She soon learns more about herself and her family than she could have ever imagined — her mother was royal heir to the powerful Skatian throne! And now the Skatian people need her to protect their world from those who wish to conquer it.

In a classic tale of good versus evil, set on Earth and beyond, a young girl fights to survive to become a young woman—and the reluctant queen of Skatia.  Who can she trust? Will she be able to control her own immense abilities and justified anger to do what’s right? One thing’s for sure: Marla’s not in Texas anymore!

Available at Amazon   BN   iTunes   Kobo

Excerpt #3

Another hour or so passed as the train finally pulls into Los Angeles. She stepped off the train and took in the fresh and much less humid California air. The place amazed her, it was the exactly opposite of her hometown in Texas. Everything was green and alive. The people were tanned, rather than leathered-looking and fresh-faced - even in the train station. Marla pulled her backpack on and walked out of the train station. She figured there had to be food nearby, and she was dying for a non-microwaved meal. Two blocks away, the smell of cheeseburgers and onion rings pulled her into a diner that was in the middle of its lunch rush.

“Sit anywhere you can find space, hon,” said a waitress that walked by carrying a seemingly impossible amount of food on a tray. 

Marla peered around the diner and found a seat at the counter. She sat down, stuck her backpack under her feet, and picked up the menu. So many options! Her mother had been somewhat of a naturalist. She insisted they eat most meals at home and categorically hated any chain restaurants. Andi cooked like a professional and loved feeding her husband and daughter recipes she found on the Internet; and in the many, many foodie magazines that were delivered to their house monthly. Marla zeroed in on the meal that drew her into the diner initially and decided to splurge on a chocolate milk shake. She'd used her money very judiciously and had much of it left. She was reading the diner's history on the back of the menu when a high-pitched voice cut-in. 

“What can I get you, sweetie?” The voice came from exactly the woman you would have expected. The waitress couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall with unnaturally blond hair and deep brown eyes. 

Marla smiled as she said, “I'll have a cheeseburger and onion rings, a glass of water and a chocolate milk shake.”

“How do you want your burger cooked?”

“Gee, I'm not sure.” The waitress held back a chuckle at Marla’s deep Texan accent.  That was something her mom had known and something she didn’t bother with. Before now, that is.

“Do you like a lot of pink in the middle of your burger?” Marla wrinkled her nose, causing the waitress to laugh. “Well done it is. Be right back with your water and milkshakes.”
Marla loved California. The whole atmosphere was just incredible to her. Back home, everyone was struggling; the town had been in decline for years. Only during the county fair did everyone seem to forget their woes and actually enjoy themselves. Not here, though. All around her, Marla heard people talking and laughing as though they had no cares in the world. The sensation was truly heady.

Before long, the counter waitress brought Marla's water and milk shake. “You want whipped cream on that, sweetie?” She held up a can that read “whipped topping.” Marla was reasonably sure it wouldn't taste anything like her mother's homemade whipped cream.

About the Author:

LA Hendricks is an IT project manager by day and science fiction/fantasy novelist by night. A longtime lover of words, she reads science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance novels regularly (when there is time).

When not reading, writing or working, LA can most often be found watching football or basketball with her adorable cat, Mona.

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One Day Blitz: Stricken by Marcia Colette

The End? Really?

Many authors look forward to typing those words "The End" at the end of their manuscript. The story is over, all loose ends (for the most part) are resolved, and the hero and/or heroine are happy for now. I've always imagined my favorite authors sitting back with a huge smile on their faces and thankful that Fate is on their side, as they've met their ferocious deadline. 

The end has never been "The End" for me. That doesn't mean I don't so things like celebrate my accomplishments in some minor way. I always treat myself to a few days of rest before I start that next story or I have that dessert I normally don't eat. After slaving over a book that has most likely taken me from an emotional high to an emotional low and back to that high again, I deserve something to regain my sanity, right?

For me, even though "The End" has come, it doesn't mean I stop thinking about a story. Thousands of questions bombard me. Do I want a sequel? Do I want to make this a series? Do I want to leave it at one book and explore a spin-off world? Stricken, though you might think it’s a first book, is actually a second book in my Alexa York world. Stripped was published by a different publisher back in 2009 (I think), so this second book is a long-time in the making. That wasn't planned—I swear. And if you're really curious, there was another book that featured Alexa York that was released back in 2006, which was my very first contracted book. That one is in the process of being rewritten for submission to my publisher for a re-release (fingers crossed my editor likes it). Let's face it. I'm Alexa York's biggest fan girl. If all goes well, there will be a fourth book, too. In fact, I'm in the process of writing a story for Alexa's sister Genevieve that will also be an urban fantasy with romantic elements. And thanks to Stricken, I'm toying with the idea of a spin-off series. 

You see? There's really no true "The End", as I suspect is true with other writers, too. Ideas are always churning and molding in our brains until we finally have a chance to put fingers to the keyboard. Series like Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong took thirteen books. Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series is another one. Kim Harrison is still forging ahead with The Hollows, thank goodness, though I'm a few books behind and desperately need to catch up. How long has Harry Dresden been around? Woohoo!

Sure, there comes a time when an author has to put "The End" on a series. But as long as readers keep reading, it'll be a while before we authors truly stamp "The End" on our books. As a reader, too, I’m extremely grateful for that.

Thanks for indulging me!
Alexa York
Book 2
Marcia Colette

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Purple Sword Publications

Date of Publication: 5/6/2015


Number of pages: 167
Word Count: 66,020

Cover Artist: Traci Markou

Book Description:

Personal tragedy convinces half-werewolf Alexa York to get away to the town of McCormick, Pennsylvania where she's charged with protecting Dr. Aiden Joss, physician to the supernatural community. Not only does she need the money, she needs the distraction. Unfortunately, she gets it in spades when Joss's personal issues and a myriad of dangerously sick patients make her new job nearly impossible.

A mysterious disease is running its way through the New York Order of the Amazons and leaving bodies in its wake. The same warrior who had chosen her clan over Joss has asked for him help. Even though the disease is real, Alexa has reason to believe his ex's sincerity is not.

Given the other numerous problems she has to deal with that are outside of her job description, Dr. Joss might be the biggest threat to his own safety. But, protecting him comes first. That’s difficult to do when his efforts to find an antidote put everyone in his remote clinic in danger, including Alexa.

Available at Purple Sword

Excerpt: Chapter One

Present day.

I stood on the porch of Dr. Aiden Joss’s luxurious home irate as hell. Someone was supposed to meet me at the airport in Philadelphia. I ended up having to take a cab because all of the rentals were booked from the only airport about twenty-five miles from the small town of McCormick, Pennsylvania. The taxi driver must have mistaken me for an oil baron with the fare he charged. He ended up having to leave me at the front gate because the intercom was busted. Thankfully, being a human hybrid had its advantages. After tossing my duffle over the ten-foot wall, I followed by leaping over. Some security.
The downpour turned my black, wavy hair into thick tresses snaking down my neck and upper back. Sadly, my duffle bag was just as pitiful as I looked, since it wasn’t waterproof. I’d exercised more care when picking out my purse and laptop bag.
The front door opened. A tall, bulky man who looked like he missed his calling as an NFL linebacker stood against the golden glow of the interior. His face was criminal-hard, though something in his dark eyes said otherwise. He wore a white shirt and jeans with a brace around his left knee. He blinked.
“Oh, boy.” He hurried to unlock the storm door and let me inside. “You must be Ms. Alexa York.”
I struggled getting past him with my wet duffle, carry-on and my drenched clothes clinging to my cold body. “I am. I take it the phones don’t work around here.”
He took my stuff and set it aside. “The power has been flickering all night. They just got the lights back on about three minutes ago. The phone is Internet, so when the power goes out, everything goes out.”
I unzipped my sodden jacket. “I get it. No phone, no phone calls. Which is why I was stuck at the airport.”
He sighed. “Again, my apologies, ma’am. With so much going on, I only had a chance to worry about one thing at a time.”
I glanced at him before answering. So much going on? The house was quiet and not a soul in sight. What could’ve possibly had him too busy to pick me up when he knew I was coming? Heck, I was here to be his replacement while he was on the mend. If he didn’t want me here, forgetting me at the airport or not sending a car to pick me up worked in his favor.
He offered his hand to me. “My name’s Sammy. I’m Dr. Joss’s med tech and assistant.”
“Med tech?” I looked him up and down. “But I thought you were his—”
He chuckled. “I’m really his assistant. I’m only his bodyguard when I have to be. And given the kind of world that lies beyond those gates, I find myself playing the latter more often.”
I closed my eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry if I sounded a little crotchety, but—”
Sammy waved a large hand. “No need to apologize. I’d be a lot more than pissed had I been in your shoes. Speaking of which, let me show you to your room so you can get some dry clothes on.”
Snorting, I glanced at the puddle forming around my duffle. “Dry clothes, huh. That would be nice.”
“No worries, Ms. York. I’ll find you something.”
“It’s Alexa, by the way.” Those close to me called me Lex. We weren’t there yet.
“Alexa, then.”
My room was upstairs on the second floor along with five other bedrooms. Every piece of furniture was stained pine and sitting against light blue walls. Thankfully, I had my own private bathroom. When I looked out the bathroom window, light was coming from the woods somewhere behind the trees where it shouldn’t be.
I sure hoped Dane had told me everything I needed to know about this so-called mission. I would hate to learn something the hard—painful—way. Though that would never be his intention, I also knew his idea of what information was important to know was different from mine.
Had it not been for Wesley Dane, a full-blooded werewolf friend of my family, I wouldn’t be here to play bodyguard for one of his closest friends. It wasn’t the thousand dollars a day, tax-free money for my services that had brought me here. I needed the distraction more than anything.
“So, how much do you know about me?” After snuggling into a thick, warm robe I found hanging on a hook, I dried off my hair with a towel and opened the bathroom door.
Sammy was still there, though keeping his distance by waiting in the hall. I thought it was weird, but whatever, seeing as this was more his house than mine. “Enough,” he replied. “You’re half-werewolf, which is extremely rare. You’re also married, which means either your husband, who’s a full-blood, or Dane is going to tear Dr. Joss apart if anything bad
happens to you. Although, that sort of defeats the purpose of you being the doctor’s bodyguard.” He half-smiled.
“Are you expecting me to be torn apart?”
“No.” He chuckled. “But I expect you’ll be put through the wringer.”

About the Author:

Author Marcia Colette didn’t discover her love for reading until her late teens when she started reading John Saul and progressed to works by Bentley Little, Stephen King and Laurell K. Hamilton. Her reading tastes convinced her to write paranormals where curses cause people to shift into spiders, psychotic and telekinetic mothers are locked away in attics, and murderous doppelgangers are on a rampage. Let's not forget about the hunky werecheetah coalitions who live throughout North Carolina. As long as she can make it believable, that's all that matters.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Marcia now lives in North Carolina with her mom and beautiful daughter. They’re not raising zombies in the backyard. There aren’t any hellhounds living in the den, only a rabbit and a cockatiel. So where she gets her ideas is as much a mystery to her as anyone else.

The best place to find her--when she's not stirring up trouble--is on her blog where she loves connecting with readers.

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Guest blog and Giveaway Destiny by Charlene A. Wilson

Thank you for having me as a guest here at The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom, Wenona. This is going to be fun! Not only because I get to share on this great blog, but I charged my characters with a special assignment.

Now before I let you dive into their part, I really need to explain something. These characters are from my series, Cornerstone Deep. In their world, they know of the Arched Spectrum of Realms which a set of five dimensions. Cornerstone Deep is actually one of them, a cornerstone realm to the “Arch” and where they reside… for the time being. The Shilo brothers, James, Cole, and Vincent, are from Meridian, which is situated at the meridian cap of the “Arch.” You can see the different dimensions in the image below and get what I mean.

Elaina is Vincent’s wife and soul mate. *smile*

Elaina and Vincent sneak into Charlene’s office and quietly close the door behind them. Vincent sits down at the computer and logs on.

Elaina:  *whispers*  Hurry, hurry, Vince.  They’ll be here any minute.

Vincent:  *waves his hand at the door and an opalescent sheen covers it and the latch locks*  Eko Silyst.  *the air thickenes*

Elaina:  *squinches her cheek*  Do you really think locking and blocking the door will stop them? *scowls and wiggles her finger in her ear as her words flattened*

Vincent:  You don’t have to whisper.  Eko Silyst is a silencing spell.  And no.  It won’t stop them, but it will buy us a little time.  Now…

Elaina:  *rushes to look over his shoulder*

Vincent:  *types*  The Meridian Maiden.

Elaina:  Charlene’s not from Meridian.

Vincent:  The topic is:  “If you could write your author into a book it would be called … and she would be a …”  *holds up a hand to accentuate the “…”*

Elaina:  *folds her arms*  Well then why not call it The Princess of Shilo City?

Vincent:  *smiles a toothy smile*  Because, I’m at the computer. 

The door knob rattles, the latch unlocks, the opalescent sheen fades, and the silencing spell breaks.  James leads Cole into the office.

Vincent:  *grimaces*  I forgot about James and his multi-tasking.

Cole:  Nice try, Kid.

James:  *motions for Vincent to move*  I’ll take over here.  *takes seat as Vincent gets up*  *types* Goddess of the Ethereal Plane.

Cole:  Wait.  *a sly grin curves his lips*  The topic didn’t say the book was going to be a real book. Why don’t we have some fun with this?  *everyone looks at him and he reaches over James and types*  Token Toad of Toad Suck.

All eyes widen. 

Elaina:  Cole! 

Cole:  What?  Toad Suck is a small community near where she lives in Arkansas.  I could call it Banshee of Booger Hollow.

Elaina:  *covers her mouth and snickers*

Charlene:  *enters the office*  How’s it going, guys?

James quickly waves his hand in the air and Cole straightens, turning deep red. 

Cole:  Uh, duh, uh…well…

James:  Cole came up with the perfect title and character.  Why don’t you have a look?

Charlene:  Oh, Cole, you did?  That’s great.  *looks over James’s shoulder and reads*  The Lady of Cornerstone Summit.  Aww.  *hugs Cole*  That is so sweet.

Cole:  *looks at James with a “thanks for the save” look*  Anything for you, Charlene.

Cornerstone Deep
Book 3
Charlene A. Wilson

Genre: Paranormal/light sci-fi/ Fantasy

Publisher: Spectrum Publishing

Date of Publication: May 11, 2015

ISBN 10: 0989984656
ISBN 13: 978-0-9899846-5-2

Number of pages: 200
Word Count: 52,886

Cover Artist: Charlene A. Wilson       

Book Description:

Angels, Gods, High Ones… Could anything else find its way into the prophecy caused by their father, Sylis Shilo, the renowned realm traveler? Vincent understands there were things in his father’s work he wasn’t privy to simply because his soul was too young, but how could this be kept a secret from even his brothers? The more he learns, the more he’s glad he hadn’t known.

The sentinels of Cornerstone Deep are in for their most difficult challenge yet. The portal to the Spectrum of the Realms must be sealed, and punishments must be carried out. Will the Gods take all that is dear to Vincent, James, and Cole Shilo?

“Flesh cannot take away that which our souls have united.”

Available at Amazon


Stars blinked, and Vincent scowled at the firmament. They mocked him—tiny gems as out of his reach as the treasure he sought. With a snarl, he scanned the area around the empty town square, whirled to face Simpson drive, and then jabbed his hand toward the deserted street of the city’s east side.
The summoning command echoed through the night and then ebbed into the quiet atmosphere with no result.
A frog croaked from Center Creek somewhere within the park to his right. The urban green rustled and deep shadows waved as the breeze whispered along the tall border hedges. A cat padded from an alley between the north side commerce onto the sidewalk and then looked his way. The dim streetlight reflected in its eyes, two silver discs that taunted alongside the night sky.
With a growl, he punched his frustration into the air. Blue neon flashed from his fist. The bolt highlighted the crimson brick storefronts and plowed into the street with a resounding blast. Asphalt bulleted the commerce, shattering glass behind the barred windows, and pelted the granite griffin perched on top of the corner archway of the entrance to Shilo Park.
The cat darted back the way it came. 
Vincent snarled. Turning toward the city center, he clenched his jaw and glared around the empty court. How many times have I tried to summon the Mother Earth beads from here already? Every faithful follower of the gods had come to witness the absence of Gryffin. When they left, the park was in shambles. It took three weeks to pick up all the rubble and return the vegetation to its rightful state. He glanced over his shoulder at the stone gargoyle. The god of conformance couldn’t have made a more striking statement with that disappearance act—and the beads couldn’t have been lost at a worst time. Anyone could have stashed them away, thrilled to find such a keep.
Vincent ground his teeth together so hard his temples ached. Humidity thickened the early summer night and carried the sulfuric odor from the west side industries. It coated his senses with added irritation. Where was the floral scent of Shilo Park? He needed the sweet comfort it held.
Releasing his breath, he whispered a vow he didn’t intend to sustain. “Elaina, you will never touch another magical charm as long as you live.”
He glanced at his watch and sighed an anxious breath. I need to get home.
How long before his brothers questioned his excursions? How long could he keep the disappearance of the relic a secret? 
Furling his cape, he dispersed his elements into a fine mist. He allowed his dark essence to meander as he flew the length of the boulevard, recalling the crowded scene. Pilgrimage buggies, tents, covered wagons; they were only a portion of the massive gathering of faithful that had finally cleared the area.

Irritation rippled his essence. With a growl, he conceded failure and headed over the southern apricot orchards to Shilo Manor.

About the Author:

Charlene A. Wilson is an author of tales that take you to other dimensions. She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue to immerse you into the lives of her characters.

She began writing in her early teens when her vivid dreams stayed with her long after she had them. The characters and worlds were so amazing she brought them to life through her books.

Charlene resides in a small community in Arkansas, USA, with her two beautiful daughters, husband, a cuddly Pekingese, and a very chatty cockatiel named Todder.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kindle Freebie May 21-23 A Hot and Sinful Summer

A Hot and Sinful Summer

5 Tantalizing Tales of Sizzling Summer Seduction
By Roxanne Rhoads

Five sinfully seductive tales of scorching summer trysts grace the pages of this short story collection.

Something More Than Friends- a clandestine hookup in the front seat of a car is anything but casual as two friends simmer with emotion while hiding their secret affair from the rest of the world.

Sun Worship- The heat brings out carnal urges in Gina, urges she can't control as the hot summer sun beats down upon her bare skin. You won’t believe the naughty things she does to appease her needs...while her neighbor, Joe, secretly watches.

Lawn Service- Serena's loneliness and the relentless summer heat have her aching for something sinful. Her wishes are granted when Rob, a sexy lawn service technician, shows up to get her yard in shape for the annual 4th of July party.

A Hot and Sticky Summer Night- It’s a hot summer night and a young couple are plagued by boredom. They drive around looking for something fun to do. They end up making love in the woods... and it's anything but boring.

Not Another One Night Stand- Rebecca has been watching Damon at the nightclub for weeks. One night she finally works up the courage to approach him...and he goes home with her. Will it be just a one night stand or could it be something more?

Get it at Amazon 

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Spotlight and Giveaway Thomas by V.A. Dold

Le Beau Series
Book 4
V.A. Dold

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: April 10th 2015


Number of pages:  211
Word Count: 63838

Book Description:  

Julia is happy with her place in the shifter community as the owner of the famous shifter bar, The Backwater. But the life she's created for herself isn't enough to satisfy her crazy-ass mother, Lucinda, who shops her and her sister, Krystal, around to the pure blood shifters like pieces of meat. Only a born shifter mate is good enough for her girls.

Thomas James has his hands full as the shifter king's head of security. He certainly wasn’t looking for a girlfriend during the first annual shifter gathering. He had the king and queen to protect, not skirts to chase.

A childhood of emotional and physical abuse by his birth father has left Thomas emotionally unavailable and uninterested in romantic relationships. His father Tim’s cruelty to his mother and brother molded him into an extremely protective person. No one messes with his loved ones without answering to him.

Even though Julia and Thomas are destined to be mates, the obstacles standing between them and their happily-ever-after seem insurmountable.

Lucinda insists Julia stay away from the filthy human.

Tim is trying to kill every one Thomas loves. The mysterious Benevolent Sovereign, who is trying to overthrow the throne, has sent swampers to attack Thomas and destroy Julia’s livelihood.

With family like theirs, who needs enemies? Will Julia and Thomas’s happiness be snuffed out before it has a chance to begin or will they forge through - obstacles be damned.

Available at Amazon


“Hello?” Julia Le Beau yawned into the phone.
Her alarm never had the chance to go off, because her mother, Lucinda, beat it by a good thirty minutes. She was convinced the woman could hear her biological clock ticking, which was ridiculous since she had another six hundred years for children. No matter what Julia said, it didn’t seem to penetrate her mother’s ears, so, here she was, having the same conversation again.
“Julia, are you still in bed? Did you forget I’m bringing another family to your house this morning?”
“I thought I told you not to bring them. I’m finished with your parades, Mother.”
“For Goddess sake, get showered immediately. We’ll be at your door in one hour.”
“I’m not going to answer the door, so don’t bother.”
Her mother ignored her as usual and exactly one hour later was at her door.
Julia hung her head in frustration. She lost count years ago how many men her mother brought for the ‘sniff’ test. Each time it was the same: no mate. Like the Little Engine That Could©, Lucinda refused to give up.
The last time Julia locked the door and ignored her mother’s knocking, it resulted in a very ugly scene. Lucinda in the throws of an angry tirade was not a pretty sight. Her face turned a mottled shade of red, and she broke the door down, dragging the shocked men in behind her.
Since that day, she'd grudgingly opened the door. If not for her house’s sake, then for the sake of the men, she could at least spare them the humiliation of the tantrum sure to happen.
Two hours later, Julia’s stomach churned. She loathed the questions that came after each ‘visit’. Couldn’t her mother forget to ask, just once?
“Well?” her mother asked impatiently from the doorway.
“Nothing,” Julia mumbled, not bothering to look up from the romance novel she was reading. “I had no attraction. No, scent. No, telepathy.” She didn’t even bother to say she was sorry this time because she wasn’t.
Lucinda snarled in frustration as she came fully into the room.
“I met all the men you just paraded through my house and had none of the mating signs. I don’t know what more you expect from me.” She sighed wearily.
“I expect you to accept one.”
Julia’s chin fell to her chest as a heavy sigh escaped. “You know as well as I do, it doesn’t work that way.”
“I’m sure if you made the extra effort to at least date them, something would shake loose. How hard can it be? Just look at Cade and that human, Anna, they met in a bar in the French Quarter of all places. Not to mention, Simon and his mate Rose, yet another human to dilute the royal gene pool. Rose showed up at Cade’s house after she lost her job in Denver, and now the family is stuck with her. And I heard a rumor that Stefan has found his mate, and you guessed it, a human. He bought her at the auction Simon had a couple months ago. I can’t believe Isaac can still hold his head up in public with his sons mating lowlife humans. My daughters will mate pureblood shifters and maintain the integrity of the bloodline.”
Julia wanted to scream. A mating didn’t just ‘shake loose’, and there was nothing wrong with humans. Heck, most mates were human. There was no reasoning with her mother anymore. That ability had left the building along with Elvis years ago. She wasn’t sure if the animal part of her mother was taking over and acting erratic or if the human side was slipping into insanity.
Her mother leaned forward forcing Julia to sit back. “For years, you have rejected the males I bring to you. It’s time you made a—”
“Mother, I know you want your children mated, but no matter how badly you want it, you can’t force it.”
“Just watch me,” Lucinda spat. “We are in line to gain the throne. The lineage must be continued and ready at all times.”
It was true the family needed to continue, but mates and children came into a shifter’s life when the Goddess deemed it was the right time. The last thing you wanted to do was push the Goddess or try to circumvent her plan. Thinking that way was suicide.
Lucinda turned on her heel toward the door and then paused. “There will be a group of available males here Friday. This pack is out of Arizona. Pray one of them is acceptable to you.”
Once Lucinda was in her boat and headed out of her private bay, Julia finally breathed easy again. Krystal would be home in a few hours and available to talk. They needed a plan; somehow they needed to find a way to approach Father about Mother’s behavior. The problem was her father, Charles, was completely blind to her mother’s oddities.
Julia turned the page of her book and settled deeper into her favorite easy chair; there was nothing she could do until Krystal got home. Tonight she would suggest again they bring Logan and Quintin into the conversation. It was about time the boys knew what was going on behind the family’s back. Thinking it through, she shook her head. She wouldn’t bother the twins, Rémi, and René, just yet. They were too young to be drawn into this.
Once Lucinda got a notion in her head, she had a tendency to twist it until it fit her needs and desires. After that, she could never be swayed.
And her mother’s drive to force both Krystal and Julia to find mates had reached critical mass.
“What are we going to do?” Julia whispered to herself.

Two weeks later

Morning was Julia’s favorite time of day. The bar wasn’t open yet, and she had it all to herself as she wiped down tables and checked the bar stock.
The only problem was; it sometimes gave her too much time to think. Today was one of those times. She had her mother on her mind.
It wasn’t that her mother didn’t love her—she did. At least, she was pretty sure she did. But the woman had some pretty extreme ideas of late. She apparently believed shifters should only mate other born shifters, and humans were a scourge and diluted the bloodline.
In her disturbed mind, she believed if she dragged her daughters around to enough eligible shifter males, she could somehow force a pureblood mating.
Julia and Krystal were tired of being paraded before one shifter family after another. Tired of letting hundreds of males sniff them in the hopes of finding a mate. It was straight up embarrassing.
As much as she loved the bayou, she was seriously considering tagging along with Krystal to Lucas’s ranch in Texas. She heaved a sigh and took a good, long look at the bar. All right, she would do it. If her mother tried to drag her out ‘visiting’ one more time, she’d pack up and head for Texas.

It had been a busy shift at her bar The Backwater, and she was ready to relax in a bubble bath with a good romance novel.
Julia came through the front door of her home to a horrifying sight. Her beloved novels lay shredded and callously thrown in a pile. It must be her entire collection to create a mountain of pages and covers five feet high in her living room. Next to the carnage lay a note on a side table. The room smelled of anger, frustration, and her mother.
She was going to have to store her books in a safer place from now on. Huffing out an angry breath, she picked up the note.

You need to get your head out of the clouds and look for a mate. You won’t find him in one of these human books. I’ve had it with your lack of interest in settling down. Pick out a mate, or I will pick one for you.

“Pick one for me? She has completely lost touch with reality.”
Every shifter knew you couldn’t just pick any old mate; you had to find the one who held the other half of your soul. It was time for a private talk with her father. He needed to know how crazy she was acting.
Sighing, at almost two hundred, she was well past the age by which she hoped to be mated. Every year her mother had marched available men into her quaint little house like she was presenting the latest fashions, or worse, dragged her to them. Not a single one had been her other half. How exactly was she to blame for that?
Then she read the last sentence of the note.

You will attend the dance at your Uncle Isaac’s on Saturday. Perhaps this time you will find your mate.

Your Mother

She audibly groaned. She hated being sniffed by every single male who came within five feet of her. It made her feel dirty. The First thing she did after these setups was take a long, hot shower.
Julia thought back to the beginning of her ‘shame’, as her mother described it. She had gone to yet another event where she was set out like a prize to be won. When none of the men were a match, her parents informed her they were buying the Gator’s Tooth Bar and Grill, and she would be the full-time bartender. Their hopes were she would stumble upon her mate amongst the patrons and visitors. The first thing Julia had done was rename the bar The Backwater to spite her mother.
Has it really been twenty years?
“Oh well, I have six days before Isaac’s party; time enough to stock up on new books. And I’m not going to waste another second thinking about the party. Take that, Mother.”
At least her uncle’s party actually sounded fun. Her cousins would be there, and she could hang out with them while avoiding her mother.

The Day of the Gathering

Stretching, Julia considered what to do with her free day. The gathering didn’t begin until seven that evening, and since everyone was invited, The Backwater was closed for the day.
Grabbing her robe, she slipped on her bunny slippers and made a beeline to the coffee maker. Goddess, she loved her new programmable machine. No more waiting for the coffee to brew for this girl.
Steaming cup in hand, she grabbed one of her new romance novels. A friend had recommended it, saying the storyline and names sounded like her cousin, Cade, and his mate, Anna. She’d never read V.A. Dold before, but she hoped it would be as good as her friend said it was.
Not two chapters into the book and the last person she wanted to see walked through her door. Her mother. Lucinda took one look at the book and turned an interesting color of purplish red.
“Do you always barge into a person’s home without knocking?” Julia asked coolly.
“Where did you get that?”
“The coffee? From the pot in the kitchen.”
“You know very well I’m not talking about the coffee.”
“Well, if you’re referring to my NEW book, touch it and die. And if you think I’m kidding, try it.”
Lucinda was dumbstruck; Julia had never spoken to her like that before.
“Since I have a day of relaxation planned, why don’t you tell me why you’re here so I can get back to it?”
“I bought you a dress for the gathering. I was shopping for one for myself and saw this. It’s your favorite color, and I’m sure it will be stunning on you.” Lucinda held it out to Julia a little hesitantly.
Interesting. She’d never seen her mother unsure of herself.
 I’m going to have to tell her off more often.
“I wasn’t planning on wearing a dress, but I’ll try it on later and see what I think of it.”
“Wonderful. We’ll pick you up at six thirty.”
“No. You won’t. I’m going by myself.”
“But you have to ride with the family.”
“Because that’s the way you travel to these gatherings. You arrive as a family pack.”
“Then I guess I’m starting a new tradition because I’m going by myself.”
Lucinda narrowed her eyes. She was so mad, Julia checked to see if steam was rising out of her ears. “You wait until I tell your father.”
“Go ahead. I’m still going by myself.”
Lucinda growled, spun on her heel, and slammed the door on her way out.
“Well,” Julia chuckled to herself, “that was pleasant.”

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