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Top Five Haunted House Horror Movies

Hi all. My name is Melvin Rivers, the author of “Haven of Evil,” a horror book with a haunted house theme. “Haven of Evil” was inspired by many horror novels of course, but a few movies also inspired yours truly to write “Haven of Evil.” Since Halloween is coming up, I took the liberties to name my top five haunted house movies¬—movies you can enjoy while getting the creeps over a bowl of popcorn during the Halloween season. 

“Haven of Evil” has something that is similar to each movie. (Something I did on purpose, since I’m a huge fan of each movie.) Without further ado here’s the list.

5. The Others (2001). Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman) a mother who lives with her two young children in a remote country house in in the immediate aftermath of World War II. The children, have a disease that makes them sensitive to sunlight. After a series of eerie events, Grace begins to fear there are others in the house. This movie had a strange twist at the end. The others weren’t the ones movie goers had suspected. “Haven of Evil” also has a strange twist towards the end.
 Movie trailer:

4. The Amityville Horror (1979). A movie based on Jay Anson's 1977 novel of the same name. A couple moves to a house with their children and things begin to get strange. This movie is a must see during the Halloween season. It has it all as far as a good haunted house movie is concern, from ghostly experiences to demonic eyes peering through the window. I thought about this movie while writing my book. 
Movie trailer:

3.Poltergiest (1982).  Ghosts are very active in this movie. A glass of milk spontaneously breaks, silverware bends and furniture moves on its own accord. The phenomena seem benign at first, but quickly begin to intensify. Later on, a tree in the backyard of the house comes alive and grabs a boy through the bedroom window. And strange things come through the Television set. What would you do if you live in a house like this? I know I would get out fast.
 Movie trailer:

2. The Exorcist (1973).  Technically speaking the Exorcist isn’t a haunted house movie. But evil does reside inside a house. Would you live in a house with a demon possessed child living only a few doors down from you? Well, I thought so.
Movie trailer:

1.The Shining (1980). This is the king of all haunted house movies, by the horror master himself, Stephen King. Some may say the haunting didn’t happen inside a house, but a hotel. Let me say, a hotel is nothing except a big house with a lot of guest.  “Haven of Evil” was heavily inspired by the Shining. 
Movie trailer:

Now what is your top five haunted house movies?

Haven of Evil
Melvin Rivers

Genre: Horror

Re-release date 10/01/16

ISBN: 978-1494317461
ASIN: B01384ES70

Number of pages: 265
Word Count: 41,200 words

Cover Artist: Artrocity

Book Description:

Haven of Evil, a book of supernatural terror, contains bone-chilling terror that is unleashed on an unsuspecting couple who moves into their new home after a flood had destroyed the old one.

When Kevin and Sandra Wilson’s home and personal possessions were destroyed by flood waters, the couple relocated to a town called Havenville. Things started out rough when they avoided hitting a mysterious woman on the road. Later Kevin was attacked by hawks in a cemetery where a stranger rescued him. Kevin and the stranger become fast friends, but later the stranger wasn't who he had appeared to be.

After some tragic and terrifying events Sandra goes into a murderous rage not long after Kevin finds out about an evil that dwelled inside their house--an evil that will change their lives forever.

In this tale of horror, some will live and others will not.

 About the Author:

Melvin Rivers was inspired to write horror by imitating the writers of his favorite horror comics many years ago. As he grew older the works of Bram Stoker, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and of course Stephen King grabbed his attention.

Melvin Rivers was born in the town of Luxora, Arkansas, and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He received a degree in Journalism from the University of Iowa. He lives in Cedar Rapids Iowa with his wife, dog and two cats. When he is not writing or surfing the web, he enjoys having a hot bowl of popcorn while watching his favorite horror flick on TV.

Cover Reveal Steele City Blues by Karen Greco

Steele City Blues
Hell’s Belle Series
Book 3
Karen Greco

Genre: urban fantasy/paranormal romance

Date of Publication: January 3, 2017

Word Count: 98,000

Formats available: epub, mobi, pdf

Cover Artist: Robin Ludwig

Book Description:

Blood Ops leader Dr. O is chained in the bowels of Steele City, the state’s maximum security prison, and the clock is ticking for Nina and Frankie to bust him out.

Now that supernatural creatures are out of the closet, Providence is descending into an Apocalyptic wasteland. With the abrupt shut down Blood Ops, Nina and Frankie are on their own to save Dr. O and the other supernatural prisoners from certain death. Not knowing where Demon Mayor Bertrand’s loyalties lie, they are forced to rely on some questionable allies to battle Leila, a powerful vampire/witch hybrid hell bent on creating a indestructible supernatural army. She also happens to be Nina’s mom.

Alliances are tested and relationships fractured as Nina and her band of supernatural crime fighting misfits are pushed to the breaking point.

About the Author:

Karen Greco is originally from Rhode Island and loves hot wieners from New York System, but can't stand coffee milk. She studied playwriting in college (and won an award or two). After not writing plays for a long time, a life-long obsession with exorcists and Dracula drew her to urban fantasy, where she decapitates characters with impunity. Steele City Blues is the third book in the Hell’s Belle series, after Hell’s Belle (the first) and Tainted Blood (number two). She writes contemporary romance for a small press under the pen-name Jillian Sterling, and has a day job in entertainment publicity. She does not speak in the third person all that often.


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The Magic and Medicine of Herbs with Patricia Lee

Hi. So glad you stopped by. My name is Pat Lee and I wanted to talk about how a secondary character in Destiny’s Past, the Sorceress Narena, uses plants as an aid for her powers. 
For millennia, plants and herbs have been utilized for more than just cooking. If you check most modern medicines, the basis of their healing properties stems from plants.  

Because Narena lived two thousand years ago, she would have had to rely on what was available in her part of the world (Ancient Persia) to help with healing the sick or injured and also any spells she had to cast. For instance, grapefruit seed extract can be used for fighting infection, except grapefruits didn’t grow in Persia, which incidentally is now Iran and Iraq. Instead, I found out that oil from the Frankincense plant can be used for the same purpose. 

Another aspect of how my character used plants is in magical herbalism. There is a great website called that has a vast list of herbs, their magical uses and various preparation methods. For example if you cut and look at the interior of an apple you see a natural pentagram in the positions of the seeds (never considered that!) Apples are sacred to the Goddess of Wicca and represent fertility and sacred knowledge. Or the herb basil, which soothes tempers between lovers and is used in love incenses and sachets. Carry some in your pocket to attract wealth or put it in the cash registers to attract customers. Basil’s mystical properties are love, wealth, exorcism and protection.

Although my research couldn’t find any factual evidence to support these theories, I’m sure many practicing Wiccans and others would find it interesting or helpful.

In Destiny’s Present, the second book of the Daughters of the Crescent Moon Trilogy, Narena becomes the central character and therefore even more research was done when she needed to use plants for spells. I actually found a registered herbalist who is a member of the American Herbalist Guild to verify which plant Narena could use to create a sleeping draught. Hey, it was for a good reason!  

The internet is crammed with websites about herbs and their medicinal properties. My experience with herbs and plants has been through a registered naturopath but if you decide to develop concoctions using plants or herbs, make sure you do your research and be careful.
If you have had any success with herbs and their magical usage, I’d be curious, as I’m sure others would be too, about how you made out.

Destiny’s Past
Daughters of the Crescent Moon Trilogy  
Book One
Patricia C. Lee

Genre: Fantasy/paranormal romance

Publisher: Phoenix Literary Publishing

Date of Publication: August 22, 2015

ISBN: 9780994851222

Number of pages: 332 (print);
Number of pages 271 (ebook)
Word Count: 80, 300

Cover Artist: Taria Reed

Book Description:

No-nonsense medical examiner, Kelly Richards, relies on the familiar comforts of science and scalpels to get her through the day. So when a not-so-dead guy who claims he's from the past lands on her autopsy table, she considers calling the men in white coats to escort him to a padded room. But Jarek’s old-world ways and hot gaze trick her heart into falling for him—a mistake she swore she’d never make again.

When Jarek, Prince of Leisos, discovers someone he trusts has been slowly poisoning him, he travels to the future in search of a cure. Driven by vengeance, he enlists the help of an impudent scientist to return him to his time.

As they try to find a solution, Kelly struggles with her feelings for Jarek while dodging the police and a visitor from her past.

Caught between his growing desire for Kelly and the need to expose his would-be assassin before they strike again, Jarek must decide between forfeiting his ticket home or losing the only woman he’s ever loved.

Amazon     BN    iBooks    Kobo
Kelly Richards was at her best when surrounded by death. Calm, centered, and confident, she was exactly where she was meant to be.
She plucked a pair of surgical gloves from a box on the counter, snapped them on, walked over to the open file on the desk and glanced at the information. Caucasian male, mid to late thirties, died of an apparent drug overdose.
Although she couldn't understand or agree with people trying to find answers in chemical substances, she felt a momentary pang of sadness at the needless loss of life.
She'd dreamed of becoming an MD because she wanted to help others. Taught to maintain emotional distance from her patients, their pain and grief brought her own inner struggle to the surface—the one buried deep to avoid living it day after day. Unwilling to turn her back on aiding people, she switched careers and became a Medical Examiner to assist families of the dead achieve closure.
Working the evening shift alone at the county morgue was preferable to being with people who made idle conversation, mainly about stuff she had no interest in. It also provided a way to prevent coworker's well-meant intentions to set her up. Her job offered escape from them, allowing her to hide from her past. And herself.
Five metal drawers occupied the far wall of the room, each containing bodies to be autopsied. Kelly pulled open the door to number three, rolled out the drawer, revealing the man she would work on.
Her eyes widened. Most of the time, the prep crew stripped cadavers of their clothing before putting them in the cooler, but if the autopsy couldn't be performed right away, they didn't bother. His clothing wasn't the issue. It was the type of garments that caught her attention. He wore a short sleeve shirt, almost like a tunic, made of a fine, silky material. His loose fitting pants were woven from an odd cloth, not the usual denim or twill. Dust covered dull tan sandals strapped to his feet.
He was foreign, exotic looking. Dark brown hair, longer than the norm, barely brushed broad shoulders. His skin was light bronze, yet the file classified him as Caucasian. A frown pursed her lips. Odd. The people in admitting didn't usually make mistakes. This male appeared of mixed Mexican or Spanish descent, maybe Cuban. She leaned closer. Hmmm. His skin didn't have the ashen grey pallor of death either. She reached out to touch his arm.
The phone on the desk screamed two jangling blasts.
Kelly started, heart pounding against her ribs. Muttering a soft curse, she answered the phone and gave the caller information on a body she'd autopsied earlier.
She braced the desk with a trembling hand. She hadn't been here long and working evenings still made her jumpy.
Her attention reverted to the file on the body she was supposed to autopsy. What the hell? The measurements were all wrong. No way was the body on the slab five-five. More like about six-three. Did she pull the wrong drawer out? The information at the top of the page confirmed no mistake. There must have been some kind of screw-up. Surely someone didn't switch bodies? Checking the others would be the only way to find out.
Kelly marched back to the bank of drawers. As her hand closed around the handle of the second one, a wheezing breath not her own interrupted the silence of the room. She turned in slow motion to the cadaver lying on the slab beside her. Her throat closed. Similar to a scene out of a horror movie, the dead man's chest rose and fell. Not the final gasp of air escaping lungs at death, he inhaled and exhaled in a slow, shallow rhythm.
Grabbing the edge of the slab for stability, she shut her eyes.
Easy girl. Calm down, it's just your imagination. When you open your eyes, there will be a dead person on the slab, and he will not be breathing.
"Oh, for heaven's sake. This is ridiculous. He's dead."

"Not yet," the body whispered.

About the Author:

Pat is a playwright and award winning author who has had a love affair with the written word since childhood, many times immersing herself in the stories of Enid Blyton and Carolyn Keene. An active imagination gave inspiration to short stories and her first play as a teen.

Her full-length play, The Truth About Lies, was staged at a regional theatrical competition in 2006.  She was  selected as  "One of 50 Authors You Should be Reading" in 2012. One of her novels achieved a finalist slot in the 2013 International Book Award Contest - fantasy category. She is also the winner of the 15th Annual Writer's Digest Short Story contest for A Holy Night.

Although still in pursuit of a place truly called home, Pat shares her life with her husband and three cats, all of which claim rule over the house at one point or another. Besides dreaming up the next novel, she enjoys traveling, baking, camping, wine, and of course reading – not necessarily in that order.

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Dreamcasting The Raveners by LD Towers

I thought I would share a little ‘dream casting’ for The Raveners, if it were ever to become a movie.

 First off, we have our heroine, Dr. Alexandra ‘Lexa’ Horne. As with all of my female characters, Lexa is plus sized and she has very naturally red hair. (I’m not joking. Galiena von Steinberg of Teufel and New Austrian Order has auburn hair. Next female character won’t be a ginger! I promise!) When I think of Lexa, I tend to think of Christina Hendricks. While Hendricks is, by no means, plus sized, she is a little bigger than a lot of the women in Hollywood. Another choice would be Hayley Atwell, though she really isn’t bigger at all. It’s really hard to find actresses who are bigger in Hollywood. If any of you remember Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke? When she was red haired and a little heaver than she is now? That would be my ‘dream Lexa.’

For Kurt von Wittelsbach, I would choose is Ken Duken. At first, I thought Duken looked too young, but then I saw a few of his more recent works and thought… yeah. He has it. I really like his look in some period pieces. Karl is a bit of an enigma. Visually, he’s in his mid thirties, but that’s also mid 30s for someone of a thousand years ago. I think Duken could carry that off. In some of his period pieces, he really looks fantastic.

Ludwig von Gravenreuth could only be Matthias Schweighöfer. Ludwig is so stereotypically German looking- blond, blue eyed with a large, Edwardian moustache. Schweighöfer played Manfred von Richthofen in the Red Baron and again, was a bit of an inspiration for the character.

If he would do it, about the only person I could ever see as Pentadourn is Morgan Freeman. In fact, when I was reading the book to my mother, she even said he felt like Morgan Freeman. So there you go. Mr. Freeman- if you ever see this? You are 100% Pentadourn and will always be Pentadourn to me.

Tchéky Karyo is the only person who could play Baron Gustav Rothschild in The Raveners. He has a perfect mix of stern power. In fact, I thought of Karyo when I first started writing the character. He has a small part in The Way as a policeman and it really inspired me when I was creating the Rothschild character. He just looks strong and very capable. And his accent is like butter!

Another character who had their ‘actor’ very firmly in mind from the moment I created him was Cardinal Mungo Kerr. In my head, I see Michael Byrne. He has those ice cold eyes and yet in some films, they can be rather gentle. I can really picture him in a heavy, scarlet, moire cassock.

Dr. Charles Forsythe would be Ron Donachie. Again, needs a walrus moustache.

Fellow Canuck Françios Arnaud as (Commandant) Médecin Principal Bernard Llense. A little young, but yes. And he would look damn saucy in an Armée de Terre uniform.

Liev Schrieber is totally Dr. Jack Bennett. "Lexa was sure that all the archeology undergrads wanted him as a prof."

The Raveners
Book 1
LD Towers

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Publisher: BadBird Publications

Date of Publication: September 20, 2016

Word Count: 100k

Cover Artist:  Pranav Lohani
Photo by Blackbird Photography

Book Description:

On 26 May 1897, Bram Stoker brought us the story of Dracula; an undead creature who terrorised the living by drinking their blood. He based his creature on the legends of Ireland and Eastern Europe, bringing it to life with all the pomp of Victorian literature. What if his concept was correct, but the execution was not? What if there was not one creature, but a band of twenty-four? Crusader knights who committed such a terrible act that the Pope of Rome and the Rabbis of Jerusalem joined together in petitioning God to bring a terrible curse upon them.Sentenced to eternal life as punishment for their crimes, yet hounded by both the clerical and the secular as they struggle to live them. The Jews called them Ga’ashekelah: the Raveners. To the Catholic Church, they are the Accursed Ones. Feasting on the bodies of the living to maintain their power.

What starts as a simple trip on the Eurostar to the buried trenches of World War One in Northern France is going to take Imperial War Museum expert Dr. Alexandra Horne on a journey she could never have conceived. From the bustling streets of Paris to the azure waters of Collioure and the very Vatican itself, Lexa will discover the Raveners and those who have sworn to hunt them down.

Amazon    BN    iBooks    Google Play    Kobo

About the Author:

LD Towers travels the world like a rootless vagabond! A military historian, she searches out places of conflict to find a deeper insight to the things she writes about. Presently enjoying the warm weather and azure seas of Central America, she has lived all over Western Europe, including 5.5 years in the incomparable Berlin.

Primarily working in Historical and Military Fiction, LD sometimes sneaks in the odd Dystopian or Modern Thriller piece. In fact, her new book is a complete redo on the vampire concept. Look for The Raveners; coming September 20, 2016.

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Release Day Blitz Opaque by Calix Leigh-Reign

Have you ever based your book or characters on actual events or people from your own life? 

Not as of yet, but you never know lol

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you? 

I am a very playful person. Sometimes my facial expressions will have people believe that I’m serious or upset. 9 times out of 10, I’m thinking of something silly and laughing to myself.

When you’re not writing what do you do? Do you have any hobbies or guilty pleasures? 

I’m either in the gym, at a movie premier, listening to music, viewing art, spending quality time with my family or simply relaxing. Guilty pleasures? Pizza. It was once chocolate but chocolate doesn’t agree with my complexion lol. It’s so delicious. A bittersweet sacrifice to maintain clear skin J

Of all the characters you’ve ever written, who is your favorite and why? 

Adam and Carly are tied as my faves. Adam’s imperfections and Carly’s strength are both admirable qualities.

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share? 

The next installment in the Scion Saga is Split Adam. I’m extremely excited to see where Adam & Carly take me. So far, they’re both dealing with familial loss. No more spoilers for ya lol

What is next for you? Do you have any scheduled upcoming releases or works in progress? 

More books! I’m drowning in manuscripts right now. So many of my characters want me to write about them but I only have 2 hands and 24 hours to work with lol. I’m currently scheduled to appear at Barnes & Noble in Palmdale on October 22nd and Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica on November 12th for the release of Opaque. I’m super excited!

The Scion Saga
Book One
Calix Leigh-Reign

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance

Publisher: Nnylluc Book Group LLC                       

Date of Publication: 10/22/2016

ISBN: 9780997923988
ASIN: 0997923989

Number of pages: 256
Word Count: 96,910

Cover Artist: Calix Leigh-Reign
and Joshua Jadon

Book Description:

"Her crimson limbal ring glows and I focus my sight as the incandescence dims. I clearly see it for sure this time. There's no denying it. Carly isn't human. She's something more - and if she isn't human, neither am I."

For those craving an untapped Sci-Fi niche - Opaque delivers in this gripping page-turner involving mutated Limbal rings, biokenretic anomalies, mental dysfunction, perplexing Russian ancestry & romance.

Cālix takes us on an adventure that begins when 16 year old misanthropic Adam unknowingly reaches biokenretic puberty, and his supernatural abilities awaken to save him from his murderous intentions. His every thought revolves around the extinction of the human race until mysterious Afro-Russian Carly Wit stumbles into his English class one morning. Adam notices something otherworldly about her immediately but denies the bio-synch taking place inside of him. As he resists their blossoming love, he battles with unnatural thoughts of his mother.

Discovering his origin isn't what he'd thought, he becomes determined to peel back the layers of his lineage and unmasks a multitude of mind-bending secrets along the way.

Amazon    BN    Kobo

About the Author:

Cālix is the published author of the Russian-mutant, psychological Sci-Fi fantasy novel, Opaque. She's a certified paralegal and has studied creative writing under English teacher, script writer and published author Larry Strauss. Her earliest literary inspirations include Alice Walker, Larry Strauss, VC Andrews and Stephen King. She spent a majority of her childhood in libraries and developed an intense relationship with words. She's a member of YARWA and RWA and is currently serving as a judge for YARWA's 2016 Rosemary Contest. She enjoys prayer, discovering the minds of those who rebel against social programming, listening to music, a great cup of coffee, exquisite ethnic cuisine, spending time with family & friends, attending movie premieres, traveling and the arts. She spends her free time in the gym, fantasizing about story plots and different ways of changing the world.


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It's Fiction - Crosswind by G.L. Ross

“It’s Fiction!”
People often assume a story-line or character in a novel is representative of the author. After releasing “Turbulent Passion” I had phone calls and text messages from people as far back as high school, women asking if I was Lisa, men wanting to take me out after reading the sex scenes, family members asking if I had been assaulted! It’s FICTION I reiterated.

As one friend, a male friend, said to me “those thoughts have to be in your mind somewhere.” Yes, I literally laughed out loud as I pleaded the fifth. I think most authors put some part of themselves in each book, whether it be the storyline or a character. Obviously, being a flight attendant gave me insight into the world of aviation, but I had to step out of my comfort zone and research the Air Force reserves and combat.

My inspirational romance, “The Strength of Love,” is built upon a prayer I prayed in my twenties and the fact God hears our prayers, but doesn’t always answer them the way we intended. Lisa, in The Flyboy Trilogy, is naïve, as I was in my twenties, and a flight attendant, but that pretty much is all of me there is within her creation. Her best friend, the energizer bunny, is most definitely based on my best friend. The rest of the characters are unique mixtures of different people and personalities meshed together.

I laugh when I’m out with friends and someone comments, “Watch what you’re saying it may end up in a book” or they do something and reply, “That needs to be in a book, Gayle.” Yes, beware of authors in your midst, but please remember it’s fiction!

The Flyboy Trilogy
Book Three
G.L. Ross

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Military Romance

Date of Publication: October 11, 2016

Number of pages: 344
Word Count: 80, 500

Cover Artist: James at

Book Description:

Lisa’s memory has returned along with her burning desire for insanely hot Captain Lance Miller. Passion soars when the two unite.

Lance is thrilled his goddess finally remembers him, but which Lisa is coming home with him? In some ways he is eager for the return of his original, sweet, loving Lisa, but he also adores his new and improved, sexy, opinionated, wild tiger.

They are settling into their smooth sailing, happily reacquainted life when Lance’s flyboys are called to Afghanistan. This disruption is nothing compared to the turbulent arrival of Lance’s long lost half-brother, fighter pilot Derek Fuller. Derek’s arrival may cause Lisa’s path to be completely rerouted.

Amazon    Smashwords    BN    Kobo    iTunes

Also Available - Books 1 and 2 of The Flyboy Trilogy

Turbulent Passion Free on Smashwords    iTunes    BN 
.99 at Amazon

Burning Desire on Sale for .99 at 
Amazon     Smashwords    BN     iTunes

"Turbulent Passion" named to Steamy Romance Books Top BDSM Erotica EBooks Guide (The Top 50 Reader and Editor picks)

"Burning Desire" named to the RomCon 8+ list

Short Animated Teasers

Crosswind is the conclusion the of the Flyboy Trilogy

Turbulent Passion Release Date 11/20/2013
Burning Desire Release Date 09/16/2014
Crosswind Release Date 10/11/2016

Excerpt 3

Step by firm step he approaches me, backing me against the wall. “Lisa, I can only be so strong.” He captures my wrists, holding them firmly above my head. Staring vehemently into my eyes, he continues, “I’m not a saint. I love my brother, but when it comes to you I lose my mind and my honor.” His eyes lower to my heaving chest. After dropping his head back to look at the ceiling, he returns his gaze and continues, “I’m begging you to stop whatever this teasing torment is, because if you keep this up we’re both going to wake with regrets.”
His forearms rest against the wall. Fanning his warm, labored breathing across my face, his hips press firmly against me. The heat of his rock solid erection between my thighs excites and lubricates every blessed inch of me. His head drops to my shoulder. Against my ear, he whispers, “You’re my kryptonite.”
“My hearts pounding,” I reply.
“Sweetheart, mines been pounding ever since I first laid eyes on you.”
I whisper, “You really want me…and think about me?”
With his forehead pressed to mine, he replies, “If you’re asking me how many times you’ve entered my thoughts I would have to say once, because, quite honestly, you never really left my mind from our very first encounter.”
“How much of what you say is bullshit and how much is sincere?”
He tosses his head back and laughs, before placing his lips directly in front of mine. “When it comes to you, Lisa, it’s all factual.”
“You’re maddening.”
His crystal blue eyes turn dark. “Well, that’s the pot calling the kettle black.”
His breath brushes warmly against my lips. “Are you going to kiss me?” I ask.
“I want to.”
“Then do it. I miss being kissed.”

About the Author:

G.L. Ross is a proud, sixth generation, native Texan. As a true Southern Belle, G.L. has always dreamt of the “happily ever after,” the prince riding in on the white horse sweeping her off her feet. She hasn’t found “Prince Charming” – yet (always an optimist) – but finds him every time she writes about her characters’ “happily ever after” endings.

Her motto in life is to “always find the good” in every person and situation. Whether through laughter, prayer, music, or a glass of wine or vodka, G.L. finds the good in life and shares her sense of humor, love, and adventure in her stories. Each book will inspire you to stand strong in faith and believe in second chances. Take flight with Lance & Lisa in Turbulent Passion, Burning Desire, and Crosswind (The Flyboy Trilogy). After twenty-seven years as a Flight Attendant, G.L. has incredible and often humorous insight into the aviation industry. She shares many of these stories in the Flyboy Trilogy. Plus, you must meet hunky rancher, Graham Gaskin, in A Rose Has Thorns…he is hot! Fall in love with Rachel and Brooks in The Strength of Love, an Inspirational Romance and recipient of the Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Seal.

Join G.L.’s Street Team: The Flygirls to receive the most up to date information regarding releases and prize opportunities:

Instagram: ross.gayle

Twitter: @GayleL4


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