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Cover Reveal Love Across the Universe #spacebeachlove

Love Across the Universe

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Publisher: Stars and Stone Books

Date of Publication: August 1 2017

ISBN-10: 0-9977081-8-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-9977081-8-9

13 Stories of Science Fiction Romance Set on Intergalactic Shore 

Summer love is summer love, no matter the planet. Climb aboard your spacecraft or time machine and travel across time and space with these thirteen tales of love on beaches in the future and among the stars.
Includes stories by USA Today Bestselling Author Traci Douglass, Cara McKinnon, Rhonda Jackson Joseph, A.E. Hayes, Sheri Queen, M.T. DeSantis, L.J. Longo, K.W. Taylor, Mary Rogers, Elsa M. Carruthers, Emmerite Sundberg, Serena Jayne, and Oriana Maret.
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Traci Douglass – “A Dream to Build a Kiss On”
Can passion bloom between a bookish botanist and an analytical android?
Cara McKinnon – “The Pirates and the Pacifist”
Kai doesn’t believe in violence. Sam and Dek believe the ends justify the means. Will passion be enough to bridge the gap between the pacifist sent to broker galactic peace and the space pirates hired to keep him away at all costs?
A.E. Hayes – “Tristan’s Tryst”
One mysterious being. Two lovers who find her. Can this threesome handle the heat of this scorching summer?
Sheri Queen – “Red Sand”
If she can only save one thing, which will it be—the red beaches of Mars or a love she can’t imagine living without?
M.T. DeSantis – “The Princess of Sands”
Secrets and lies. Can they be each other’s freedom?
L.J. Longo – “Breathless”
The manager of a resort planet and the head of its secret defense unit team up to save the guests—and discover danger is a potent aphrodisiac.
K.W. Taylor – “Reprogramming”
Alex didn’t want to be marooned on an alien planet with a robot, but it may just be exactly what she needs.
Mary Rogers – “Breakfast on Pluto”
Doing the right thing isn’t always what’s best—but sometimes it pays off.  A chance meeting of two people unaware of their destiny with each other results in a bond too difficult to break, but even duty has its boundaries. Will love help them break free—and will love be enough?
Elsa M. Carruthers – “All B+ut You”
Lou is looking for the right guy and finds him where she least expects.
Emmerite Sundberg – “Fluid”
She’s everything she’s ever wanted but with one flaw – they can’t actually touch.
Serena Jayne – “You Only Love Once”
Carpe diem the hell out of love.
Oriana Maret - “Renewal” 
She’ll brave the arms of destruction to shed the arms that betrayed.

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Pen Scratching Poets by Marilyn Benjamin Wassmann

Pen Scratching Poets
Marilyn Benjamin Wassmann

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Author House

Date of Publication: November 1, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-5246-0448-6

Number of pages: 149
Word Count: 22,634

Cover Artist: Marilyn Benjamin Wassmann

Book Description:

Pen Scratching Poets has been described as a delightful book in which the author shares her family’s collection of creative poems.

The poems compilation and art work are by Marilyn B. Wassmann with contributions by members of the Benjamin family and their descendants, with the technical assistance of Paul A. Wassmann.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section, Pen Scratching consists of the poems by Ethel T. Benjamin and her descendants and the second section is Marilyn’s poems.

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About the Author:

Marilyn Benjamin Wassmann was born in a leap year.

She earned four degrees: two in Art History, one in Library Science and one in Studio Art.

In 2011, she retired from her work as an art cataloger at the Library of Congress.

Marilyn and her husband, Paul, authored the children’s book, What the Wind Blew In. They live in Hyattsville, Maryland.

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Exit Lives by Jamel Gross

Exit Lives
Jamel Gross

Genre: Horror

Publisher:  BookVenture Publishing LLC
Date of Publication:  December 2016

ISBN: 978-1-946250-83-4

Number of pages: 68
Word Count: 18, 389

Book Description:

Exit Lives is a horror story that talks about a deranged man named leather who commits lots of crimes and who became clueless to these crimes.

His world turned upside down when an unexpected thing happen to his life.

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Excerpt from Chapter One:

The tortured should not dream.
Daydreams, nightmares, and illusions
Generate a hellish reality.
The mind plays games
The story begins

I have lived around in different places, moving from an apartment to a friend’s house, to somewhere else, because jobs are hard to come by and don’t generally pay much. When I was in my twenties, I moved in with my grandparents. People used to call my grandmother Mama Dorothy, and my grandfather was known as Paypuh Bill, for dollar bill.
They needed help—someone to take care of them if they got sick and needed a doctor right away, or someone to run errands for them that were no longer easy for them to do as they were getting on in years. And I was surely thankful for a clean place to lay my head at night.
Mama Dorothy had diabetes, and her foot was lame. It did not permit of much walking. Besides, she weighed enough for three sizable women.
She had stopped going to the hairdresser to have her hair straightened years before and decided that having a woman come into her kitchen, bringing the strong acids and hot irons used to straighten black hair was more torture than it was worth. So she let her hair grow nappy. She had lived long enough, and Lord knew she had suffered enough that she had earned the right to be comfortable.
Paypuh Bill was rail thin. The hair on top of his head was mostly gone. Years before I moved in, he had worked as a chauffeur for some rich white folks. He had also worked washing dishes in an assortment of greasy spoons and fast-food restaurants. Once, he had even worked as a bouncer in a strip joint. But that was a long time ago. The part of his life that would never let him go were those terrible years he had spent overseas as an enlisted man in the army. The fighting and the killing gave him nightmares almost worse than any of the nightmares he had from the Ku Klux Klan. And he’d never had to go overseas to experience any of their wretched nonsense.
We sort of got into a routine. I would truck off to work in the morning, to do whatever work I had that month or that season, then I would come home to make sure there was supper for the three of us. We usually ate sitting in the living room, watching the news on television.

Mama Dorothy would begin talking then. Sometimes she would yell at the newscaster, telling him he was a blind idiot if he couldn’t see it was the end times coming for all of us. The only book she ever read was the Bible. She would grab it from the table beside her and thumb her way through it to Revelations—her favorite book in the Bible. From that source, she would shout out the verses about wars, one country attacking another, and the Antichrist who would soon show his face. She hadn’t quite made up her mind who that infamous person would be, though there were a few close contenders for the honor. However, the end times were surely coming this very minute, and we all must repent so that we would be ready to face the Lord when he came down to walk upon this earth again, with his fiery sword, ready to distribute grave affliction to any and all who do not believe in him. The Lord sounded like a dangerous fellow. He was not the kind of person I would want to invite into my home.

About the Author:

On a relaxing day, I enjoy a good book to start the day. I hope everyone has an opportunity to purse their dreams in life... Also I like to take time and enjoy life. Sometimes things aren’t as promised, never take loved ones for granted, spending time with family and friends. The Drive is the most intoxicating force. Sometimes I feel as if I’m on a mission. Pray for World Peace and the lives that were lost???

As a writer, I find people fascinating. It is only the beginning until the clock is up. Precious time, precious few. Make time and savor the moment let no obstacles come between you and the gift... A little robust, a good jolt to start the day.

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Urban Wolf By Jillian Stone and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Urban Wolf 

Wolf, Interrupted
By Jillian Stone

Wolf in the City
by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: GothicScapes

Date of Publication:  June 12, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-9858714-5

Word Count:  56,000 antho total –ebook

Cover Artist: Jillian Stone

Lose yourself in Urban Wolf, two sinfully sexy paranormal shape-shifting romance novellas in one limited edition anthology.

Under a full moon in the big city, sinfully sexy urban wolves face all too human conflicts with courage and heart. Both novellas capture the danger, romantic thrills, and excitement of the red-hot shifter genre, including finding a soulmate and everlasting love. If you’re a fan of werewolf romance, you won’t want to miss this limited edition anthology.

Pre-Order Sale $1.99

Urban Wolf Facebook Group

Tagline:  Never try to deny the she-wolf inside.

Wolf, Interrupted by Jillian Stone

Elle Hathaway has spent most of her young life in fear of herself. At least the part of her that grows fangs and claws. With the help of a lycanthrope suppressant, she’s made it through puberty, university, even her first job without so much as a shift. Then one night, deep in the tunnels of the Underground, her life changes forever.

Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant is investigating the lethal mauling of an unknown victim in the Covent Garden tube station, and Ms. Elle Hathaway is a person of interest. Sensing her wolf nature, he is mystified by the lovely young woman, and when Elle is abducted by a rival pack, Abelseth realizes he is being pulled back into London’s wolfen underworld.

Shaken out of blissful denial, Elle teams up with the handsome inspector to evade the renegade pack. But as her situation grows dire, Abelseth knows the only way he can truly protect the strong-willed beauty is to convince her to shift and claim her as his mate. There’s just one little problem with his plan—the reluctant Ms. Hathaway.

Excerpt Wolf, Interrupted by Jillian Stone:

Detective Inspector Durant was a hottie and he knew it. What remained in his favor, she supposed, was that he didn’t seem to pay much attention to his looks, hence the unkemptness, nor did he appear overly impressed with himself.
He sat quietly in front of her, consulting his smartphone.
“Looks like New Scotland Yard has gone paperless. Rather high tech of them, wouldn’t you say?”
“I thought we might start with your police report. You can confirm, make corrections, elaborate—whatever comes to mind.” He glanced up at her. “If you need clarification, feel free to ask me anything.”

Elle immediately thought of two good questions: Have a girlfriend? Looking for one?

Tagline: Fur meets fang on the streets of L.A.

Wolf in the City by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Deep in the heart of L.A., in an area that cops and gangs fear, lone wolf Jared James stands guard, hoping to keep others from suffering a similar fate to the one he has endured. He is on a mission to find the monster that made him what he is. Meeting Kit, a feisty vampire with a mission of her own, will either help or hinder his chances to accomplish that goal . . .  but could possibly bridge the divide between two species, and make the long nights much more interesting.

About the Authors

Jillian Stone is a national award-winning, multi-published author who has written four  Gentlemen of Scotland Yard novels published by Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster, as well as the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Detective series published by Brava, Kensington. Currently, she is writing Contemporary Romance, including Wolf, Interrupted, a novella in the anthology release Urban Wolf.

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is the author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels and novellas, both dark and light, for HarperCollins/Harlequin Nocturne and GothicScapes, with more than 30 stories that trespass into the supernatural realm.

Linda is the author of contemporary, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy books for Kensington, Amazon Montlake, GothicScapes, Harlequin Nocturne, and Harlequin Desire. She currently has 30 stories that trespass into the supernatural realm, with ton of ideas for more.

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Where On Earth? An Alaska Adventure By David H. Minton

Where On Earth? An Alaska Adventure
By David H. Minton

Fiery Seas Publishing

May 2017  

Romantic Adventure

Book Description:

Dan Richards, an Iraq war vet, is a surveyor for the mining company, looking to open a new silver mine. Scrambling to establish his helicopter charter business in the wilds of Alaska, while trying to stay connected to his teenage daughter, his world soon turns upside down when he rescues a woman and her dog sledding team after an avalanche.

Samantha Bettencourt, an environmental engineer, is eager to begin her first project with the university. A spokesperson for an environmentalist group intent on preserving the wilderness, she is on the path to saving the wild, but when Dan walks into her life things start to change.

Sparks fly between Dan and Samantha as they find themselves running for their lives—from the good guys as well as the bad guys out to ruin the things they long to protect. Will they be able to escape before it’s too late? Will they get a chance at love or will they lose everything. . . including their lives?

Excerpt 1:
Flying along in his Jet Ranger, Dan Richards knew they were just barely in advance of a storm closing in. Returning from his work in Fairbanks, Search and Rescue was the last thing on his mind. Besides, they didn’t have much time. They had to get this chopper on the ground and in a hanger or no one would be flying it, ever. If they didn’t make it to Base, which was the only hanger around, there was a very high likelihood the chopper would be damaged, even destroyed by the storm. Base was about twenty minutes away, so he figured they could just make it to safety. But, Base knew that as well; they wouldn’t have called him if it weren’t serious. In fact, a rescue beacon alarm was an urgent call for help. Someone was in great danger, or worse. That was something with which Dan was familiar. Although not his job, in the wilderness of Alaska, he often found it was his calling. If they thought he could help, maybe he could. He nodded to Ted Matthews, his fair-skinned, buzz-cut, no-nonsense co-pilot.
         “Base, Red Wing. Go ahead.”
         “Red Wing, Base. I have a constant SOS from a rescue beacon. It may indicate an avalanche victim, given the region and the weather.”
         “Roger, possible avalanche victim. Where is it?”

About the Author:

After graduating college, David spent two tours in United States Military Assistance Command Republic of Viet-Nam, before beginning his career as a nuclear engineer, then electronics engineer, tele-communications engineer, and software security engineer. He has previously published three non-fiction books, several poems, and many non-fiction technical and historical articles.  

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Free Books- CIN Series Limited Edition Bundle by Christina Leigh Pritchard

CIN Series
Limited Edition Bundle
Christina Leigh Pritchard

Genre: Paranormal/Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Lotus Books

Date of Publication: 1/28/17


Number of pages: 398
Word Count: 117,469

Cover Artist: Michelle Monique

Tagline: “Lynn, Lynn, the City of Sin. You Never Come Out the Way You Went In.”

Book Description:


This offer will not be online once book three is released. This bundle will disappear forever on 6/12/17.

Now, you can own the limited edition of both CIN and TRAITOR, plus deleted scenes!

Get ready for Ally's Secret, book three! Order the bundle (for free) and email the author your receipt through the newsletter and get all 12 short stories FREE (plus the free bonus stories given through the newsletter).

Book One

The Doctor said I should be dead.

My heart beat furiously. I looked up at the flashes of lightning in the sky. Yes, I should be dead.

Why wasn’t I?

Seventeen-year-old Lisa Brown’s life is falling apart. First, her mother and father divorce, then their house forecloses and now, her mother has decided to commit herself to a psychiatric hospital.

If that weren’t enough, she must leave sunny south Florida to attend a boarding school full of geniuses in cold, Lynn, Massachusetts. The city where the locals chant “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin; you never come out the way you went in.”

And, they aren’t kidding. Lisa must live in a tiny shack with two strange teenagers, a dog named Pig who growls when you look at him and a cat named Rat. “Mind the cat,” everyone says. What the heck is wrong with this place?

Lisa thinks she’s landed in her own house of horrors with the anti-social Alex and his facetious sister Ally. But, the real drama begins the day she is struck by lightning…

Book Two

Lisa thinks she knows everything about her new life. She can deal with the boundaries and even being torn away from her family. But Alex withheld more than she ever expected. Like, what happens when you lose control? How about when you begin to realize just how trapped you are? He leaves out a lot of stuff about himself too. He doesn’t mention the dangers of some of the others—or of what she herself can do…

Amie's Journal
Book .5

Deleted scenes from the original version of Traitor.

About the Author:

Christina Leigh Pritchard was born and raised in South Florida. Her first stories were written at the age of nine in wide ruled spiral notebooks (which were supposed to be used for class) and in the various diaries she kept. Stories she wrote from age nine to twelve fill about four storage boxes!

Since she's upgraded to a computer, she's completed over fifty books and still going strong. Her genres include dark fantasy, young adult, drama, suspense, historical romance, multicultural, comedy, poetry and many more.


Like her Facebook page and receive a chance to win new releases FREE:


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Release Day Blitz Beautiful Corpse by eden Hudson

Beautiful Corpse
A Jubal Van Zandt Novel
Book Two
eden Hudson

Genre: Fantasy – Cyberpunk / Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic

Publisher: Shadow Alley Press Inc     
Date of Publication: June 9, 2017


Number of pages: 167
Word Count: 52,000

Cover Artist: Katherine Kalymniou

Book Description:

The best thief in the history of the Revived Earth is back, and this time it's personal.

A deadly plague is ravaging the world's population and threatening to kill the only person Jubal Van Zandt cares about—himself. If he doesn't find a cure soon, he's dead.

The most promising lead is buried in the ruins of an ancient sunken city stalked by savage predators, cunning parasites, and the twisted souls of long-dead mages. It would take an army to get Jubal inside ... or just one of the most renowned knights in Guild history. The one Jubal betrayed and left for dead eighteen months ago.

First Jubal has to convince her not to kill him. Then he has to convince her to help save him.


I  motored  the  Mangshan  between  a  pair  of  thorny  locust trees  that  served  as  the  end  posts  for  the  fence  marking  the southern  boundary  of  the  Xiao  family’s  ancestral  holdings.
Carina  thought  she  could  avoid  me  by  ignoring  my  messages  and staying  holed  up  out  here  in  the  middle  of  nowhere.  Pretty ridiculous  considering  how  well  she  knew  me.
At  the  end  of  the  driveway,  the  trees  pulled  back  to  reveal a  traditional  wet-country  house—long  and  low,  enclosed  by  a weathered  wooden  porch  complete  with  steel  sliding-panel  storm walls.  Today  the  storm  walls  had  been  thrown  open  wide,  letting the  meager  sunlight  shine  onto  the  house’s  creamy  parchglass  and wood  exterior  walls.
I  parked  the  ’Shan  at  the  end  of  an  ancient  stone  walkway that  had  been  buckled  by  the  unpredictable  water  table,  and hooked  my  helmet  and  ventilator  over  the  handlebars.  It  had taken  me  almost  an  hour  to  get  way  the  hell  out  here  from  Taern— and  that  was  running  the  ’Shan  wide  open,  without  any  traffic.
Why  Carina  would  want  to  live  so  far  out  in  the  soggies  that  she could  smell  the  fishshit,  I  couldn’t  fathom.
Fire  threw  open  blast  doors  all  through  my  body.  Heat,  the most  perfect  heat,  swirled  in  my  veins,  warming  me  inside  out. There  was  even  a  taste,  sweet  and  spicy  and  a  little  ashy,  like ember  dust  mixed  with  wrackrath  smoke.
My  eyes  flew  open  and  I  sucked  in  a  damp  lungful  of  country air,  trying  to  catch  up  on  the  oxygen  I’d  missed  while  I  was out.  I  checked  my  wristpiece.  The  attack  had  only  lasted  a  few seconds.  Less  than  a  minute,  definitely.  The  PCM  fits  were getting  more  frequent,  but  they  weren’t  getting  longer.  Yet.  If Carina  had  been  watching  me  out  one  of  her  windows  or  via  a security  feed,  she  would  think  I’d  just  been  taking  in  the scenery.
I  headed  up  the  walk,  careful  not  to  trip  over  the  uneven stones,  and  stepped  onto  the  porch.  One  very  handsome  devil  with sculpted  stubble,  perfect  skin,  and  dark,  piercing  eyes  looked back  at  me  from  the  reflection  in  the  house’s  parchglass  walls. I  admired  his  striking  features  as  I  knocked.
Not  that  I  needed  to  knock  with  the  number  of  early  warning systems  Carina  probably  had  set  up  around  her  house.  But  I’m nothing  if  not  polite.  Especially  when  I  want  something.
From  inside  came  the  unmistakable  sound  of  someone  kicking something  heavy  across  the  room.
“You  better  pray  to  God  I  never  make  it  to  this  door,  Van Zandt,”  Carina  yelled  from  inside.
Paperinas  flitted  around  my  stomach,  and  a  crazy  grin stretched  across  my  face.  I  hadn’t  felt  much  of  anything  but  the PCM  attacks  in  such  a  long  time  that  the  excitement  was  making me  giddy.
“Are  you  seriously  still  mad?”  I’m  not  always  great  with time,  but  it  felt  like  centuries  had  passed  since  I’d  last  seen Carina.  I  took  a  guess.  “Soam  was  like…a  year  ago?”
There  was  another  crash  inside.  Then  the  house’s  door roared  open  on  its  track  and  I  was  staring  down  the  business  end of  Carina’s  well-worn  knuckgun.  She  grabbed  me  by  the  jacket collar  and  slammed  me  against  one  of  the  porch’s  thick  wooden columns,  then  jammed  the  knuckgun  up  under  my  jaw.
“Eighteen  months,”  she  said.  A  muscle  in  her  mahogany- colored  cheek  ticked.  If  the  symmetrical  muscle  under  her  other cheek  hadn’t  been  trapped  in  all  that  shiny  pink  scar  tissue,  it probably  would’ve  tocked.
Our  time  apart  had  not  been  good  to  Carina.  Since  the  last time  I’d  seen  her,  crow’s  feet  had  etched  themselves  into  the dark  skin  at  the  outside  corners  of  her  green  eyes.  She’d  been athletic  and  sleek  before,  a  very  successful  feline  predator.
Now  shadows  stood  out  below  her  high  cheekbones.  Where  her  long sleeves  rode  up,  I  could  see  the  veins  in  her  wrists  and  thin straps  of  muscle  in  her  forearms.  The  past  eighteen  months  had whittled  her  curves  and  soft  places  down  to  hard  angles  and razorblades.  She  looked  sharp.  Painfully  so.
Apparently,  in  spite  of  Soam’s  nationwide  obesity  epidemic, good  eats  were  not  a  part  of  their  prison  system.
“It  took  you  eighteen  months  to  break  out  of  a  prison  pit?” I  squinted  at  her  in  disbelief.  “In  Soam?”
“My  femur  was  shattered,”  she  said.  “Two  of  my  vertebra  had to  be  replaced.”
“Pretty  convenient  excuses,”  I  said.
Carina  thumbed  the  knuckgun’s  switch  from  SAFETY  to  BURST, effectively  changing  its  purpose  from  SCARE  JUBAL  to  TURN JUBAL’S  SKULL  INTO  A  BRAIN  GEYSER.
I  tried  to  jerk  away  from  the  deadly  weapon—I  love  myself and  I  don’t  fucking  like  anything  that  has  the  potential  to  kill that  self—but  Carina’s  grip  on  my  collar  just  tightened.  She  had me  pinned  to  the  column.
I  grunted.  “You’re  awfully  strong  for  a  stick  figure.” “It  was  a  miracle  I  wasn’t  killed  on  impact.”
“Exactly,  so  what  are  you  yelling  at  me  for?”  I  said.  “It’s not  like  you  didn’t  know  what  you  were  getting  into  ahead  of time,  hiring  me.  You’re  just  mad  that  I  saw  through  your manipulation  in  time  to  save  my  own  skin.”
Carina’s  dark  eyebrows  twitched  together,  and  her  head cocked  a  fraction  of  a  fraction.  “Manipulation?”
“Don’t  play  dumb  with  me,  Bloodslinger,  it  looks  terrible on  you.”  I  tried  again  to  squirm  away  from  the  knuckgun.  “Will you  put  that  piece  away  already?  We  both  know  you’re  not  going to  use  it  on  me.  It’s  served  its  purpose—I’m  very  intimidated and  a  little  bit  aroused.”
Carina  made  a  disgusted  sound  in  her  throat  and  shoved  away from  me,  lowering  the  knuckgun  to  her  side.  “What  are  you  doing here,  Van  Zandt?”
“What  kind  of  stupid  question  is  that?”  I  straightened  my jacket.  “You  know  why  I’m  here.  You’ve  opened  every  message  I sent  you  since  you  got  back  to  Emden.”
“You  hacked  my  wristpiece?!”

About the Author:

I am invincible. I am a mutant. I have 3 hearts and was born with no eyes. I had eyes implanted later. I didn't have hands, either, just stumps. When my eyes were implanted they asked if I would like hands as well and I said, "Yes, I'll take those," and pointed with my stump. But sometimes I'm a hellbender peeking out from under a rock. When it rains, I live in a music box.

But I'm also a tattoo-addict, coffee-junkie, drummer, and aspiring skateboarder. Jesus actually is my homeboy.

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