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Cover Reveal Player by M L Sparrow

What Happens on Campus
Book One
M L Sparrow

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Date of Publication: September 1 2016

Number of pages: 254 Paperback
Word Count: 79053

Cover Artist: Deranged Doctor Designs

Book Description:

Let the game begin…

After a tragic accident which leaves her tormented by guilt, Chloe Newman accepts a scholarship to study a St. Joseph’s University. Traveling from England to Texas, the last thing she expects is to meet the schools charming quarterback on her first night. However, Parker Mitchell is a player both on and off the field. 

Parker is immediately fascinated by Chloe and, after a rocky start, they manage to find a way to make their relationship work despite interference from others on campus, including Parkers jealous ex, and the ghosts that haunt Chloe’s conscience.

But, the real test comes when they visit Parker’s family over Christmas break and he finds himself being pulled back into their lifestyle...   

About the Author:

M L Sparrow is currently the author of four books: two YA Sci-fi’s, The Demon Inside and Ghetto, an Adult Fantasy called No Rest for the Wicked.

Player will be her first foray into the world of Contemporary Romance. She will write pretty much anything that pops into her head, no matter the genre, and enjoys keeping her readers guessing as to what she will write next, though you can pretty much guarantee that there will be some degree of romance!

As well as writing, M L Sparrow enjoys travelling and has been to some amazing countries in the past few years, her favourite of which was Japan. She never fails to gather inspiration from her travels and has an endless supply of ideas for future novels…

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Aftermath by Joe Reyes

Whenever I start a story, I completely map it out. I draw the environment and look up pictures of what I want the characters to look like. The most fun I had while writing Aftermath was creating the weapons from it. In Aftermath, people craft weapons of survival out of everyday items.

               Instead of having a character use a tree branch for a club, I let my creativity take over. I wanted to see what I could come up with, simply from materials found in my home or at my job. Since a lot of the people would be killed or scattered in a supposed raid, as featured in Aftermath, having the time to raid a random house or tool shed wouldn’t be too ridiculous. The whole story is based on survival. To adapt to a kill or be killed environment, you have to arm yourself somehow.

               In the story, I have a group of hunters who use only bows and arrows. I picked up a simple bow and arrow, went to the back yard and harnessed my inner Katniss Everdeen as I took aim at a series of targets. I didn’t do so well early on, but that was the whole point. I had to LEARN how to adapt and get it right because that could mean the difference between snagging some dinner or going to sleep hungry.

               There is a group of cannibals called Savages who live up to the title. The group is growing in number rapidly and there isn’t a plethora of guns to spare. This gives members of the group more incentive to create their own custom weapons for added brutality.

               I hope this gave you an in-depth look into the making of this story. Aftermath was a lot of fun to write and even more fun to reenact. I hope you all pick up a copy of my book and let me know if you liked it. Thanks again.

Joe Reyes

Book 1
Joe Reyes

Genre: Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic

Publisher: Wasteland Press

Date of Publication: April 29, 2016

ISBN: 1681111128

Number of pages: 284
Word Count: 79, 722

Book Description:

Aftermath is a growing series about war, love, brutality and most of all, survival. What was once the United States has become a savage post-apocalyptic environment where the worst of the worst prosper and the remaining good hide.

The series features a brutal setting, where seven characters in different parts of the United States must adapt to this new environment. The "fight or flight" mentality plays into the story, as the nation is divided into factions fighting for control of the country. The government is outnumbered, outgunned, and forced into hiding as well to recoup their forces. The novel follows a fast paced momentum from the first page to the last word. The plot pits these characters against the elements and each other, with plot-lines intertwining on opposite sides of the war effort. And one character's quest for revenge can jeopardize not only the war outcome, but the reshaping of the entire nation.

With an ever-changing storyline and evolving characters, the Aftermath series gets more intense with every chapter. But what these characters don't realize, the terrifying evil is making its way across the ocean.

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Excerpt: Sara
“People and beans again?” a raggedy-looking man says as Sara passes him a plate. He glares down, disappointed, at the meal of perfectly cut human flesh and a side dish of green beans. Sara hands out more plates to the group of men huddled around a fire.
“When you guys kill something other than people, you’ll get something else to eat,” she says with a sarcastic smile, walking off.
It’s near-insane to talk back to these guys. They are psychotic killers, but she is protected. Marcus, their leader, has taken a liking to her. So it’s a choice of be killed, be raped and then killed, or be his willing sex slave.
Sometimes she doesn’t know if she made the right choice.
Before going back to the kitchen, she stops by every group to see if they all have something to eat. Dozens of groups gather around, having their breakfast. The field is littered with dirty men and women feasting on human remains.
Probably over a hundred in total, she guesses.
The Savages is what they are called. The group started after the bombs fell about five years ago. They were small at first, but they’ve since grown into a much larger army. This gives them better resources and a nice cut of whatever they take from towns.
All they do is kill and raid villages. They swoop in, kill, take everything, and leave. They take in recruits, sometimes, if they seem to fit the part. The survivors don’t last long. They are usually killed and displayed as a message to discourage others.
For years they tried the whole nomad lifestyle, but when the army got bigger, they realized they had to settle down.
It’s a lot easier than constantly uprooting the whole camp.
They have no reason to leave. There are always animals in the forest. A river provides fresh water and fish. Armies are too afraid to attack them. They can’t survive an all-out military assault, but the government has much more important enemies than them to worry about.
They all wear custom-made armors consisting of materials they find on the road. Sports gear is a big part of it: elbow pads, football pads, helmets—anything they can find. A lot of it is hand-sewn and made from animal skins.
The farm would also pose a problem for moving. Horses are bred and domesticated as transportation. Without cars and without gasoline to run them, they are a necessary component of life here.
Each Savage has the brand of an S on the back of his or her shoulder, indicating initiation into the group. It is given after their first kill. After a big massacre and initiation, they will celebrate with a great feast: their victims.
Sara never likes thinking about how many people one dead body feeds. The thought makes her sick. The taste has always bothered her. She may force herself to eat flesh when she absolutely must, but she is and always has been a vegetarian . Even when they spruce it up with spices and other ingredients, it is still a person, and no amount of sauce can change that.
Sara’s stomach starts to rumble. She hasn’t eaten much in days. Usually, she is able to sneak extra beans and vegetables because the others love flesh, but the shortage of them is now beginning to hit her.
Hopefully, Penny can get me something, she thinks, walking into the large kitchen tent. The sight doesn’t help her appetite. Penny is in the middle of carving someone up.
“Three years of culinary school and I’m making foot filet for a hundred ingrates,” Penny mocks as she hacks off a foot with a butcher’s knife.
Sara feels sick again. She covers her mouth to hold the vomit back. The smell of blood is too much.
“Aww, sweetie, not feeling good?” Penny says affectionately, walking up to her. She doesn’t get it, her shirt is covered in blood and it’s making Sara sicker, but she needs a hug.
“New necklace?” Sara asks, seeing a piece of the metal chain falling from Penny’s shirt.
“One of Eric’s men gave it to me.” A gold snowflake hangs from the end, surrounded by pretty little stones.
“Which guy?” Sara asks.
Penny’s face betrays her disgust. “The creepy looking one with the cuts.”
The kitchen tent is filled with people preparing food for the group. There’s a huge fire going, and the bodies are put on a metal gate over the fire to barbeque. The Savages know that uncooked flesh can kill them. They are as smart as they are ruthless. That’s why they’ve been around for all five years.
 “You hungry?” Penny asks.
Sara shakes her head. “He’ll probably make me eat with him later.”
Penny sighs but says nothing. They both know what Marcus is going to do to her. Sara will have to eat flesh again, among other things. Penny doesn’t like the idea of eating people either, but she is a chef and can trick herself into thinking she’s eating something else. With all the spices she’s schooled in, it’s almost easy.
Everyone who doesn’t like it has ways of coping, but most of the Savages love the taste and the trophy. Eating the very people they killed makes them feel tougher. Sara would be the first to admit the taste of it isn’t bad, but that freaks her out the worst.
“You smell nice today,” she says from Penny’s arms, covered by her blonde hair.
“I found some shampoo. I’ll give you some later tonight,” Penny says with a smile. “Now come on, you have to bring the men food. The meeting’s starting.” Penny releases her, only to hand Sara a tray of appetizing human parts and vegetables. “How do I look?” Sara inquires.
Penny adjusts a few out-of-place strands of hair on her head and smiles. “You look great.”

About the Author:

Joe Reyes has never been afraid to go for what he wants in life. His goal is to be a full time published author and is taking all the steps necessary to make that dream a reality. He hates when he hears about people who give up on their dreams.

His writing style is fast paced. When he wrote his novel Aftermath, he wanted it to feel like a television show. Joe doesn’t like boring descriptions. He finds filler scenes to be a book killer and makes sure that every chapter has an immediate purpose or a purpose later on.

Twitter: @JoeReyesAuthor

Instagram: @JoeReyesAuthor

Token Huntress by Kia Carrington-Russell

Token Huntress
Book One
Kia Carrington-Russell

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Dystopian/ Action

Publisher: Crystal Publishing

Date of Publication: March 18th 2015

ISBN: 978-0994299901

Number of pages: 222
Word Count: 91233

Cover Artist: Ynne Black

Book Description:

The sun’s light dimmed many centuries before; now in the year of 2,341 rampant vampires now stalk their victims in a half-lit world. Humanity has been overtaken by a new society: one comprised of vampires, the supernatural beings that hunt them, and the remaining humans they fight over. The laws and rules that once bound our world have long since been lost. Now, the Hunter Guild struggle to stay one step ahead of the Vampire Council.

Esmore, Token Huntress, has exceeded all expectations at only 18 years of age. She is fearless leader to her team, and she is relentless in her pursuit of the enemy. There is only one problem: Esmore is struggling to repress the growing darkness that seduces her from within. Esmore takes another step into the darkness when she encounters a teasing, tantalizing -- utterly unignorable -- vampire.

The lines between right and wrong are blurred further as Esmore gives into her temptation, and her reality becomes deliciously tainted both with evil and with lust.

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Token Vampire, Book Two Also Available

Even when I conjured all my strength, his speed was unmatched. He grabbed my sword with his hands, blood spurting everywhere, his eyes now savage on me. In one swift movement he threw it away, grabbing my throat, ready to rip out my heart. His fangs were very large and blood dripped over them. Had he bitten into one of his own comrades? I could not breathe, but I did not gasp for air. I would not fall so far as to want mercy from his kind.
              Before he plunged his fingers into me a hand stopped him. My heart pounded, yet I was not scared to face death. A swift movement was made and I fell to the floor, holding my throat. Whoever had grabbed his hand tore him away from me. I looked up in front of me to see the familiar coat. It was Chase. His back was to me as he faced the vampire who had almost killed me. Did the Council really have such old and strong vampires right under our noses?
              “Don’t touch her. She’s mine,” Chase snarled, holding two swords.
              “She threatened Whitney!” the other vampire spluttered.
              “Tythian.” The small voice of the woman from behind him broke the tension. “It’s okay, we can go now.”
He buckled to his knees in front of her, cupping her face gently. “I’m sorry,” he whispered to her. “I did not know they would use you for this.” She gently caressed his face. In amidst the ghastly noises of weapons scraping against one another, it seemed to them that nothing else mattered as they gazed into one another’s eyes devotedly.
“Let’s go home,” she said with a reassuring smile. I was mortified how comfortable she was in the blood war that raged around her.
Before I could stand, the vampire had grabbed her chair and, with lightning speed, they were gone.
Chase turned to me, his fangs not as large as Tythian’s, but I could see he too was a very old vampire. “Esmore,” he whispered. Before I could run for my sword to use it against him, he had already vanished, leaving me by myself.
Kora and Kasey were the reason why he fled. They had advanced on him, trying to entrap him. For what reason he hadn’t tried to kill them I wasn’t sure. He simply hid amongst the dark. I could still feel his presence close by, but it felt as if he were only watching. Not fighting, but just watching how everything would play out. Realizing Chase was gone, they focused on another three vampires, entrapping them as Dillian and Tori covered their backs. One by one, the girls trapped more. There were so many of them.
Teary was fighting off four. Except for Tythian and Chase, they all seemed like younger vampires. You could tell by their strength and speed. Usually we could challenge vampires if they were no more than one hundred and fifty years old. After that it became very difficoven to compete against a vampire who had lived for so long.
James was now by my side. He had gathered my Barnett bow and sword for me. I used my arrows instantly on a vampire who ran for me, piercing his chest. He crumbled to the ground, quickly decaying. I roared in anger at how easily I had been overcome by the previous two vampires. I sliced through another vampire, cutting down his throat and through his belly. I cut across another’s head, slitting their throat and puncturing their chest. I raged again, feeling myself fill with hatred and a need to see their blood. I cut off one’s arm, plunging my sword into its chest, driving so deep into it that after a few steps I had nailed it to a tree. It slumped around my sword, its skin turning a shade of black. I pulled it out, watching it begin to decay.
A huge fire lit behind me. Teary was controlling the flames, sweeping over the ten of them that encircled her. There must have been one hundred vampires. This was a well-thought out ambush. James grabbed one vampire’s throat and then another as it ran from behind him. Smashing both their heads together, they shattered from the impact. James steely skin was impenetrable. He grabbed his sword from the ground. A vampire must have knocked it out of his hand. He punctured both in the chest before they could heal.
In the distance I could feel the presence of many more coming. For that many we would have to use the grenade. It was us against many. As if knowing what I was thinking, James ran to Teary as she continued to sweep her hand containing the fire around.
In the distance a vampire stalked toward Teary. He too was strong and old. I had the feeling that others followed him as their numbers grew. James now had the grenade, and he was pulling the pin. Inwardly I counted the short seconds in my head. Ten, nine. Teary continued to control her flames, still engulfing the many around her. Eight, seven. Two vampires came at me and quickly I thrust my sword into them, before shooting an arrow into another oncoming vampire. Six, five. James threw the grenade at the large army that stampeded toward us.
The leading vampire swept one hand across them both. Teary’s flames were instantly put out as a gust of wind extinguished it. The wind not only pushed James and Teary back but Dillian, Tori, Kasey, and Kora as it smashed into their backs, throwing them forward. It had even taken the Council vampires along with it. This vampire had the gift of control over wind. The grenade was thrown toward my team.
Four, three.
With all the speed I could muster I ran for them, grabbing a hold of the grenade in the air. I ran into the distance so the grenade was nowhere near them, throwing it at the army that charged toward them.
Two, One.
The grenade exploded near the army, but shattered much more than just that. Quickly a burst of dust swept over me. The burning flames of the explosion encased my body. I heard my name whispered by an angelic voice, but noted it was probably the afterlife calling for me. This must now be my time of death.

About the Author:

‘Kia is a Token, no, she is THE Token of Vampire and Paranormal books.’ ~ 5 STAR Reviewer.

Prepare to join a completely different style of writing and worlds. The international Australian author has a unique style of writing- creating an emotional roller coaster and fast paced action. Her writing and presence in the literary world has been described as ‘the new up and coming author to watch out for’ and ‘hauntingly beautiful’.

Kia’s writing ranges from young adult, paranormal, romance, erotica, fantasy and dystopian; starting with her Best Selling series, which has made it into the top 20 in Dystopian on and #26 in the top 50 Books To Read in 2015 by ReadFree. Her first series, The Three Immortal Blades has captivated both young readers and old, with her rich blend of fast paced action, romance and adventure and has won numerous awards already, including; ‘Best Fantasy Series of 2014′, ‘Best Book bad Guy of 2014′, and ‘Best Cliffhanger of 2014′.

She has won numerous awards on her contemporary romance series, My Escort and erotica/ humour series, Aroused: Taming Himself Series. The series and unique storylines have captivated hearts globally and created a few book boyfriends along the way with Damon’s charm and Hayden’s cockiness. Kia grew up in the Darling Downs Region in Queensland, Australia. Graduating High School, she pursued a career in freelance journalism. In 2014, having always had a passion for writing fiction, she decided to follow her dream of becoming an accomplished author. Kia intends to make her books globally known and is already creating a name for herself amongst social media, fans, readers and spectators. During the weekdays Kia works at her Monday to Friday job in Logistics and Transport. She leaves her book worlds to the night and weekends, being well described as a driven young woman. Kia has attended numerous guest speaking, convention signings, and signings including at Dymocks bookstores and Angus and Robinson.

She is an animal lover and organises different events each mid year to donate towards the RSCPA in Australia. Kia is extremely supported by her amazing Street Team and PA, Julia Summers, to whom she owes much too for their support. At first, she struggled with believing in herself and the confidence to promote her own books. Now understanding the touch that she has and the passion of writing, Kia is more confident in her ability to take readers into a different world. She intends to write more than fifty books so far including new genres such as horror, thrillers, sci-fi and children’s books. Kia enjoys dancing, cooking, reading, painting, photography and spending time with her family and friends. Now living in Brisbane, Australia, Kia has a can do attitude, a strong will and the touch of kindness that makes it hard not to fall in love with her. Announced ‘The Best New Author of 2015′ by AusRomToday, she has no intentions of stopping. Kia Carrington-Russell is definitely the new author to be looking out for.

From Kia: Thank you to all my friends, family, and readers who have supported me. You have no idea how much it truly means to me; the support inspires me to keep writing. I am very grateful for the kind words you offer me and for telling others of my books. Honestly, you have made my passion for writing so much more than I thought it could’ve ever been. You’ve created a whole new world around me and I hope to make you proud.

Thank you so much, Kia

Amazon Author

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Kinky Tales Volume 1 by T. L. Hayes

Kinky Tales Volume 1
T. L. Hayes

Genre: Erotica

Publisher: Erotica City Publishing

Date of Publication: April 24, 2016


Number of pages: 96
Word Count: 38229

Cover Artist: TSP Creative INC.

Book Description:

What woman wants to settle for dull, routine sex when she can take matters into her own hands and cross over to the world of kink?

In this kink-driven collection from T.L. Hayes, the authoress of hardcore allure takes you on an erotic roller coaster ride as she taps into the minds of some of the freakiest and kinkiest women around. This erotic collection includes twelve freaky tales of love, lust, and wanton women turning their deepest and darkest sexual fantasies into reality. These women are smart, sexy, independent, and will settle for nothing less than mind-blowing trysts that leave them wet and dripping with satisfaction.

There are tales for every taste and fetish level. From taking on a UFC fighter in his fast car, making waves with an international reggae star in his tour bus, entertaining twin brothers in the hot tub, sweaty lovin’ on the stripper stage, naughty encounters in the club, horny girls on first-class flights, love in an elevator, to mystery sex and glory holes, wife swapping, and the simple raw pleasure of seducing the maintenance man with a single popsicle—these women know what they want, and they know how to dominate their men into just the right position.

Sexual freaks from all walks of life are painted in all shades of kink in this salacious collection. Read to the last page, because you won’t want to miss a single twist in this scorching-hot book that’ll leave you begging for Volume 2!

Excerpt: A Meeting In The Ladies’ Room

It was Thursday, ladies’ night at Club Illusion. Every Thursday after work, my coworker Alisha and I walk across the street to the club to have drinks and mingle with other coworkers. We all needed to unwind and enjoy a good stiff drink after a hectic day of dealing with our boss from hell, Sarah Lambert. She was the worst boss that anyone could ever have. She was mean, evil, and most of all, she was a wicked, cold-hearted bitch. Today was one of those days that I could have just jumped on top of my desk, lifted my skirt, and told the entire office to kiss my ass right before quitting.
It all started first thing this morning when I arrived to work. I went into my office and saw that I had a Post-it note on my computer screen. It said to meet Sarah in the conference room upon my arrival. I set my belongings down on my desk and proceeded to the conference room, where I waited for Sarah to arrive. Fifteen minutes passed. Being that she was late and I had a million things to do this morning, I immediately became irritated. She finally arrived after another fifteen minutes. As usual, she had a mean scowl on her face. She sat down at the table across from me, folding her hands and crossing her fingers together. I felt like I was in the hot seat.
She proceeded to tell me that she wanted me to fire an employee for her because she suspected that the lady was fucking her husband. She told me that if I didn’t do as I was told, then I would be fired in place of her.
“Who is it?” I had asked, glaring at her.
She paused for a beat before she said, “Alisha.”
When I heard the name, I almost fell out of my chair. I was in total shock. Alisha was my best friend. We were hired on together at the Lambert Real Estate Firm over five years ago, and we have been best friends ever since. We were like Thelma and Louise. There was no way in the world that I could fire her, business or not. To me, this was way too personal. On top of all that, Alisha always told me everything that went on in her life, so I was flabbergasted that she hadn’t told me that she was fucking our boss’s husband. Tonight, I planned to get to the bottom of this and find out exactly what was going on. The deadline Sarah gave me to execute her dirty work was first thing Friday morning. Being that it was already Thursday, I had very little time to come up with a strategic game plan and finagle my way out of this nonsense.
Five o’clock came around, and the day was finally over. I managed to make it through the rest of the day knowing that tomorrow, I could potentially be firing my best friend. I was torn. A part of me wanted to fire Alisha so that I wouldn’t lose my job, another part of me wanted to turn in my resignation and be done with it all. To avoid running into Sarah, I rushed out before she left.
Alisha left the office after I did, so I met her over at Club Illusion. The club was packed, and we were ready to let loose. We saw our coworkers, Lucky and Raul, standing at the bar waiting for us. They usually meet up and hang out with us at the club on ladies’ night. They go to the club every Thursday for the same reason we do, to numb themselves with alcohol after dealing with our evil boss all day. We joined them at the bar for some drinks. We finished up the first round of shots, then Raul shouted, “The next round is on me!”
We all ordered double shots of Patron then hoisted our glasses up in the air for a toast. I yelled out, “To the boss from hell!”
They all repeated, “To the boss from hell!”
We all laughed as we clinked our glasses together and took our shots to the head. It felt really good to finally be able to relax and put this stressful day behind us. We laughed, we danced, and we enjoyed several more drinks, having a good old time. The DJ announced that it was last call for alcohol. We all ordered one last drink and were ready to call it a night. Alisha wanted to take a quick restroom break before we hit the road. We had left our cars at work and planned to catch a cab home because we both knew that we would be too intoxicated to drive. She gulped down the rest of her Long Island iced tea and said, “I will be right back, girl.”
I watched her head towards the ladies’ room then called for a cab as I waited at the bar for her to return. Lucky and Raul were standing at the other end of the bar, fraternizing with some ladies. They always stayed behind and waited for us just to make sure we made it to the cab safely.
I glanced over at Raul, watching his every move. He was the definition of fine. I could just stare at him all day long. He was this gorgeous Blaxican man with the smoothest, caramel-colored skin. He looked as if you could pour him into a wine glass and sip on him nice and slow. He had short, black curly hair and thick jet-black eyebrows. His mustache and goatee were always trimmed to perfection, and his body would make any woman drop her panties for him right on the spot. To me, he resembled a chiseled ice sculpture that was carved to perfection. I began to reminisce about how we used to fuck, back in our college days. I would sneak into his dorm room after curfew and give him some celebratory head after a football game victory. He was athletic from all angles, from the football field to the bedroom.
I quickly snapped out of my daydream and glanced down at my watch, realizing that at least twenty minutes had passed since Alisha went to the ladies’ room. I was getting worried. Either she was passed out on the bathroom floor from drinking way too many Long Island iced teas, or she fell asleep drunk in one of the stalls. It was getting late, and I was ready to go home. I went over to the other end of the bar to say goodbye to Raul and Lucky. I gave Raul a hug but didn’t see Lucky anywhere. He must have stepped outside with one of the chicks he was talking to earlier.
“You don’t have to wait for us,” I told Raul. “Alisha seems to be taking all night in the restroom.”
He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “Alright, London. Just make sure you text me when you’ve made it home safely.”
We parted ways, and I headed towards the ladies’ room to check on Alisha. When I walked in, it was pretty much empty. I bent down to look under the stalls and saw her shoes. There was also another pair of high-heel shoes in the stall next to hers. I proceeded to walk over to the stall she was in and knocked on the door. “Alisha, girl, are you ok in there?”
“Yes, be out in just a minute!” It was strange, because she sounded a little out of breath.
“I just wanted to make sure that you were ok,” I called back. “I will be outside waiting for you.” I stepped out into the hallway. Another five minutes passed, and I was growing impatient at this point. I was tipsy, tired as hell, and ready to go home and get some sleep. I decided to go back into the bathroom and drag her ass out. I knocked on the door again, but this time there was no answer, so I opened the stall door.

I could not believe what I was seeing. My eyes almost popped out of my eye sockets. I saw Alisha, her shirt open and breasts exposed, bent over with her ass up against the wall, fucking a glory hole. 

About the Author:

T. L. Hayes is an author, publisher and the CEO of Erotica City Publishing. She discovered her unique and talented gift of writing in her late teenage years, when she became a passionate and creative writer of all things erotica. She spent many years ghostwriting newsletters, articles, short erotic stories, and erotic poems before deciding to branch out on her own and showcase her talent to the world.

With a career in real estate, she worked as a property manager for eight years before deciding it was time to fulfill her dream of becoming a published author.

She is also the co-owner of Niecy and Co Inc., were she oversees and coordinates the planning of fashion shows, hair shows, and professional photo shoots. With an extensive background in marketing and advertising, she is a force to be reckoned with.

T.L. Hayes resides in Ohio, where she enjoys spending all of her free time with her two beautiful children and her loving, caring, close-knit family. She is currently working on Kinky Tales Volume 2.

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The Detective Cancini Mysteries by K.L. Murphy

A Guilty Mind
A Detective Cancini Mystery
Book One
K.L. Murphy

On-Sale 6/14/2016    

ISBN: 9780062491626

Genre: Crime Mystery, Mystery and Detective / Police Procedural

Publisher: Witness Impulse, an imprint of HarperCollins

About the Book:

Accused of murdering his psychiatrist, a broken man must face his horrific past in order to protect his future.

George Vandenberg is a drunk with a volatile temper, haunted by the memory of the young woman he once loved and tragically lost. Wrestling with his guilt and pushed by his psychiatrist to confess his role in her death, he teeters on the edge of a nervous breakdown, blacking out drunk more often than not.

But when his doctor turns up dead, brutally stabbed to death in his office, George has nowhere left to turn. Stunned and confused, George emerges as the primary suspect in an investigation led by Detective Mike Cancini, a D.C. cop who knows all too well how far a man can go when he’s pushed.

To prove his innocence, George must face the police, his manipulative wife, and the shell of a man he’s become. But as much as George wants to forget his history, the past is not done with him…

Stay of Execution
A Detective Cancini Mystery
Book Two
K.L. Murphy

On-Sale 6/28/2016   

ISBN: 9780062491619

Genre: Crime Mystery, Mystery and Detective / Police Procedural

Publisher: Witness Impulse, an imprint of HarperCollins

Perfect for fans of Making a Murderer, a novel about a man exonerated of heinous crimes returning to a town that can’t let go of his bloody legacy.

Little Springs was just a small college town, the kind of place where everyone knew everyone and crime was virtually nonexistent—until a series of rapes and murders at the college shook the community to its core. Only the arrest and conviction of Leo Spradlin, the “Coed Killer,” could end the terror.

Years later, Spradlin is suddenly cleared based on unshakable DNA evidence, and no one is more surprised than Detective Mike Cancini. As new questions arise about the true identity of the murderer, Cancini struggles to accept his role in the conviction of an innocent man.

But when the attacks begin again, Cancini is not the only one who worries a mistake has been made. Cancini is drawn back to Little Springs, caught in a race against time to uncover the real “Coed Killer” before the next girl dies…

About the Author:

K.L. MURPHY was born in Key West, Florida, the eldest of four children in a military family. She has worked as a freelance writer for several regional publications in Virginia, and is the author of A Guilty Mind and Stay of Execution. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, four children, and two very large, very hairy dogs. She is currently working on her next novel, The Last Sin.

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