Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rosie Hippo Offers Eco and Ethical Toys

Rosie Hippo is a fabulous online store where you can shop for handmade, organic, fair trade, ethical and eco-friendly toys. All that are high quality unique toys your kids will love.

They have toys made of ethically sourced and eco-friendly wood, toys made from fair trade materials, they have stuffed animals, pretend play toys…anything and everything that can spark your child’s imagination while giving them something safe to play with.

I call my youngest child my little monkey and monkey man because he loves monkeys, absolutely adores them. Plus he hops around and climbs everything like a little monkey.

Rosie Hippo has the absolute cutest hand crafted, fair trade monkeys. They are so adorable. In fact they are so cute my little guy did not want to share when I received the two pictured above for review. He wanted to keep them both and not give the pretty pink and charcoal one to his big sister. He was determined to keep them both for himself but finally caved and gave her the pink one… but he keeps stealing it back. I keep finding all the monkeys together in his firetruck bed.

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