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Interview with Susan Lute

First let me say, thank you for having me, Wenona. And secondly, I love your site and all the wonderful color. It looks like a party's going on at your place!

Thank you, Susan. As an artistic type ;-) I love color (neutrals bore me LOL), and I thought the owls were a perfect representation of  me, nature, and my craftiness.

I think my "color" rubbed off on my kids because they all are artistic types in love with color as well.

Are you a Mom ? 

I am. I have three grown children. The youngest has two little girls of her own. I'm fortunate to have the oldest and youngest living close. The middle boy is moving home with his wife this weekend.

How do you (or did you) juggle writing and parenting? 

Well, the truth is I've always had a day job. I worked nights as a nurse when my kids were in their formative years. I actually gave up writing during that time because I already took enough time away from them to work at the hospital (I worked nights and slept when I could during the day). There just wasn't enough time to work, be a good mom, and write too. What little writing I did get done was for school age kids. It wasn't until the youngest was an older teen and often out of the house that I started seriously writing again. The daughter and her family have come to stay with us while they get a new place sorted out. I'm a very early riser, so I do most of my writing before anyone else surfaces. When the granddaughters wake up, they come straight to my office. I stop writing and give all my attention to them.

Share a little about yourself, your genres, and any other pen names you use.

I don't use a pen name, but if I did it would be Sloan Leopold. From the time I published my first book, I've always written under my legal name. My husband is very proud of that fact, and kind of frowns when I occasionally talk about Sloan Leopold as if she were a real person. I come from a military family. I love to travel. Writing is my guilty pleasure. I will forever wish I could quit the day job and write full time. I originally published children's literature for a little known magazine called Listen Magazine. My first full length novel, Oops, We're Married? Is contemporary romance. I'm Indie published in women's fiction, contemporary romance, and now with Dragon's Thief, paranormal romance.

I just have to say Sloan Leopold would be an awesome pen name. Love it.

Is there a theme or message in your work you would like readers to connect to? 
There are a couple of themes. My novels are always about family, community, and the journey home. Good overcomes evil. Love conquers all. Even the dragon books have these themes.

Have you ever based your book or characters on actual events or people from your own life? 

No, not on purpose. But there is one character who is most like me...or at least how brave I'd like to be, and that's Idella Landers in Dragon's Thief. She is named after my grandmother. We are of similar ages, and have the same philosophy of taking care of our families, and doing what has to be done. In her former life she was also a nurse.

If this book is part of a series...what is the next book? And what is next for you? 

Dragon's Thief is the first book in The Dragonkind Chronicles. There will be five books; one for each of the quints born to Daniel and Abigayle Pen on the night the earth and life as we know it was torn apart. I know for sure there will be a novella for Daniel and Abigayle, and their love story. Right now I'm working on Book II, Carlton's story, Dragon's Keeper. What's next? That kind of changes as I go along, but I'm thinking about putting A Girl Named Jane and Jane's Long March Home together in a single volume. I'm thinking about an Urban Fantasy Romance, which will have five books, and another paranormal series of novellas set in Las Vegas. That one is top secret :)

Dragon's Thief
The Dragonkind Chronicles
Book 1
Susan Lute

Genre:   post-apocalyptic paranormal/fantasy

ISBN:   978-0-9849784-5-8

Number of pages:   187
Word Count:  88K

Cover Artist:   Susan Lute / Crazy Hair Publishing

Book Description:

From the Dragonkind Chronicles – the battle is just beginning...

In a post -apocalyptic world where Darwin changelings emerge from hiding and humans struggle to reclaim their former glory, mercenary Logan Pen doesn’t want to save the world. His mission is to protect his greatest treasure - his family. That is until he tries to capture a shadow thief. Beyla, a beguiling, emotionless Umbra steals his telein - a talisman forged at his birth while escaping his grasp, making her by ancient dragon law his mate.

Her enemy - a fiery Naga - and the talisman she’s stolen from him rouse emotions Beyla has spent three long years in the land of shadows stripping away. Still she hasn’t been able to banish the grief and pain left by the murder of her human family.

Fighting a desire that flames out of their control, and scrambling to save humanity and their own kind, Logan and Beyla are forced to  join forces to keep a weapon of incredible destructive power out of the hands of the man who would use it to conquer their world. With evil on the brink of victory, only through sacrifice do they learn to trust and embrace the love that will change them forever.

About the Author:

Susan Lute is first and foremost a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer, and author. She is traditionally and Indie published in contemporary romance, women's fiction, and and paranormal/fantasy romance.

Her debut novel, Oops…We’re Married? has sold over 130,000 copies, was a Reader’s Choice nominee and Holt Medallion Finalist. Things you should know - she was born the oldest child of a military family; she's traveled far, but has never been to Hawaii, Paris, or Crete, an omission she hopes to correct soon; her favorite places in the whole world are New York City, Sedona (Arizona), Ouray (Colorado), and Bath (England).

Currently she is working on the second novel in her Dragonkind Chronicles, and dreaming up a new urban fantasy.



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