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Recipes from The Angelnots by Elise Pehrson

It’s always fun to get a taste of what your favorite characters in a book are trying out (personally, whenever I read a food scene in a book I get super hungry!). So, I decided to give you guys a sneak peek into a cooking scene of my book The Angelnots, along with recipes from the scene. Check it out:

Pages 76-78
“So you said you’ve met a True Angelnot before?” Igone asked. She agreed to help out in the kitchen as a form of payment, which she was greatly relieved once she realized she would have had no means to pay if Meg hadn’t offered. Meg was a sweet woman with swirling caramel hair and matching brown eyes.
“Yeah . . . about that . . . I realized she’s a . . . uh . . . a pixie I think,” Meg said. She hoisted up a giant wooden bowl filled with creamy, pumpkin-colored chowder and exited into the next room. “Sorry, I get all of the—um—winged-types confused . . . ” Meg looked over at Igone, hoping with all her might that she hadn’t offended her, but she hadn’t. Igone’s curiosity was now kindled and burning at too rapid a speed to be offended at petty stereotypes.
“Oh, where did she say she was from?” Igone asked, trying to sound as casual as she could and mix chunky hot chocolate with an enchanted spoon.
“She didn’t say,” she replied, “I just figured because she has these little wings pokin’ out of her back.” Igone stopped with a startled gasp. Meg turned around, poking her head through the curtain separating the two rooms.
“You all right?” She asked. Igone covered her mouth and nodded.
“I—uh—think I swallowed a bug or something,” she laughed nervously. Meg looked at her skeptically, but just shrugged and backed her way into the other room again. Igone’s mind was racing. Maybe this is it, she hid a dimpled grin, maybe there’s hope. The rest of the time she stirred the melted swirl of deep brown and white was much more exciting to her than it had been just moments before. She stirred in the enchanted marshmallows, which just looked like rather small and fluffy pillows, and melting them in with the regular marshmallows. She lifted up the spoon and watched the gooey substance sizzle into the pot.
“Having fun?” Meg teased. Igone jumped and turned around.
She laughed and returned to stirring the pot with too much concentration to be taken seriously. While Igone focused on her soppy task, Meg put together a few lusciously assorted platters for the guests. She poured chowder into each bowl carefully, making sure that no stray drops plopped out onto the trays or silverware.
She seasoned each bowl with salt and pepper, decorating it with leaves and herbs, including a few pieces of kale per bowl. Then, she retrieved as many mugs from the wooden cupboard as she could find and placed them all out on a separate tray.
She placed her fists on her hips and eagerly looked over at Igone, “So how’s the hot chocolate coming?” Igone jumped again, but this time it was from being snapped out of concentrating on the hot chocolate—she wasn’t used to cooking anything.
“It’s . . . good . . . I think,” she looked down at the pot and peered with quizzical eyes at the burping bubbles.
“Well then bring it over!” Meg said with a grin that any optimist would be jealous of. Igone nodded and took hold of the pot’s handles. She brought it over to the round tray, nearly spilling all of the contents when she plopped the pot down next to the tray a lot harder than she intended.
“I-I’ll get the spoon,” Igone said with distant eyes. She shuffled over to the counter and then back to the table, mixed her end product, and attempted to dish it out in equal servings into each mug.
“Are you sure it’s cool enough?” Meg asked. Her forehead scrunched into rippled lines and her eyes winced as Igone took out the spoon and attempted to splash the sticky mixture into a mug. But to both of their dismay, the enchanted marshmallow mixed with the regular marshmallow created some sort of incurable cement. Igone shook the spoon over the pot for a few minutes, chanting spell after spell to get the stickiness off the spoon.
Finally, one spell worked and the cocoa-soaked marshmallow gooped off the spoon in a blob into the simmering water. The two girls looked at each other in silent awe. Meg began to laugh. Igone made a crooked smile, but didn’t find it half as amusing as Meg did. I guess that no matter how perfect I am, I will always be a terrible cook. She hoisted up a giant wooden bowl filled with creamy, pumpkin-colored chowder and exited into the next room.

Recipe #1: Pumpkin soup:

This recipe is courtesy of

Garnish with kale and whatever herbs and spices you like!

Recipe #2: Homemade hot chocolate:

What you need:

Hershey’s cocoa powder (or cocoa powder of your choice)
Irish cream
Granulated sugar
Bag of mini marshmallows

Directions (per mug):

This recipe is simple, tasty and of my own creation. I love hot chocolate and have made countless cups over the years, many of which I tried my hand at creating. If you lie Irish cream, you’ll especially love this! First, heat up water on the stove (to a simmer). Next, pour water into mugs (half full); fill one quarter of the mug with milk (whatever kind you want—skim, whole, 2%, etc.). After you do this, add in 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, one tablespoon of Irish cream and one tablespoon of sugar. Stir until all clumps are gone. Now, in the rest of the mug, add in mini marshmallows to the top (but not overflowing). Place in microwave for ten seconds. Let cool and enjoy! J

1.      MarraMamba. "Fresh Pumpkin Soup By Kerry Simon Recipe -" Web. 4 Aug. 2015.

The Angelnots
The Unknown
Book One
Elise Pehrson

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Publisher: Soul Fire Press

Date of Publication: March 26, 2015

ISBN: 1938985672

Number of pages: 246
Word Count: 62,900

Cover Artist: Neil Noah

Book Description:

Anyone around the snug village of Bizi-Herri might pass it by upon first glance. However, this quaint hometown of Olivia and Alazné Zubiondo is far from ordinary, and one day, they find out why first-hand.

When a curse afflicts Alazné, Olivia must find a way to stop it. As she searches for answers, more problems surface and she finds herself uncovering secrets kept hidden away from the world—secrets meant to come out by nature but were concealed by man. Now, Olivia must figure out how to save her sister, her people and the dimensions intertwined with her fate.

Excerpt 1:

“Olivia could hardly contain herself as she peaked around the stony corner and saw an open door. Florescent beams puffed out of it, illuminating the otherwise black hallway with a spectrum of colors.  She sped to the room, bathing in the multi-colored lights as she strode through the doorway.

Once inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was a beautiful haven of anyone interested in honing her knowledge and skills in the magical arts: burbling pots and sporadic sparking lights cluttered all four walls of the little room. The scent of brewing cauldrons and extensive rows of the much-handled dying books was more than enough to draw her in. Her fingers curled around the edge of the door. She held her breath and leaned backwards a bit, peering at the hallway in either direction, before making the leap inside.”

About the Author:

Author Elise Pehrson is an award-winning writer, editor, publisher and journalist. She has interviewed stars from popular television shows and movies, such as The Walking Dead, Arrow, and Napoleon Dynamite.  She enjoys reading, writing and spending time with her family.

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