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In the Kitchen with Michelle C Reilly- Rigatoni Recipe

My rigatoni dish is known world-wide. Seriously. Okay, wait… I have to admit, the recipe was actually given to me by a neighbor of mine while I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. However, years later she messaged me and asked me for the recipe because she’d totally forgotten it. So I call dibbs!

But that’s not the reason it’s known world-wide. My eldest son is a soccer player. When he played in college, the team came to our city to play the local university. The night before the match, they stopped by our house to eat dinner. When I say the team, I mean one of those huge white tour buses with 35 people! Many of the players were from around the world, including England, Brazil, Canada, and other places. I made them a quadruple helping of this dish, and afterward I had parents from all of these countries asking me for the recipe. It was great!

So here it is!


·       1lb ground beef (The leaner, the better – but that’s what I prefer)

·       1lb mozzarella shredded cheese (you can get the pre-shredded, but honestly the block of cheese melts better, but then it sucks when you have to shred it)

·       1 can (10.75oz) Campbell’s condensed cheddar soup

·       1lb package/box rigatoni pasta

·       1 can (4oz) sliced mushrooms (optional)

·       1 can (24oz) Hunts Pasta/Spaghetti Sauce (this is kind of tricky – I think years ago they used to have an Italian spiced one, but they don’t have this one anymore, so use which one you want – I go for the Traditional)

Brown and drain the ground beef – make sure to season accordingly. I use lots of garlic, salt, and pepper.

Boil water for pasta, ensuring there’s enough water so the pasta doesn’t stick together. 

Don’t forget to add a bit of oil and salt to the water. Add pasta, and stir occasionally. Once they’re cooked all the way, drain and rinse.

Place beef and pasta into the same container (either the frying pan or the pot you cooked the pasta in – whichever is easier for you)


·       Pasta/Spaghetti sauce

·       Cheddar soup

Stir it up real good.


·       Half of the shredded mozzarella

·       Mushrooms (optional)

Stir it up real good again.

Heat oven to 350 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Transfer it all into an oven-safe dish. Spread the rest of the mozzarella over the top evenly – don’t forget the corners! Cover (either with a lid or foil – try to make sure the cheese isn’t going to touch the lid/foil) and place into the oven for about 25 minutes.


I hope you like it!

Thank you so much for being part of this. I had so much fun!

Savage Winds
Savage Winds
Book One
Michelle C Reilly

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: February 28, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-5092-1938-4
ISBN: 978-1-5092-1937-7

Number of pages: 426
Word Count: 109,365

Cover Artist: Kristian Norris

Tagline: War, Pirates, Nor The Savage Winds of Time Will Keep Them Apart

Book Description:

Ana Salvatore, a marine biologist, wants nothing more than to have an independent life free of her mobster family. While on an excursion in the Bermuda Triangle with her uncle, his boat explodes, and she wakes to find herself in the arms of gorgeous Captain Jacen Stirling on an ancient ship. It's like a fairytale, until he tells her the year is 1814.

Jacen is on a secret mission for General Andrew Jackson to infiltrate the infamous privateer Jean Lafitte’s encampment to determine his loyalties. When he discovers Ana while on his way to meet Lafitte, he can’t decide if she’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, or the best.

As the Battle of New Orleans draws nearer, can Jacen and Ana work together to help their country beat the invaders? Or will the British, the war, or the savage winds of time keep them apart?


The latch lifted and Captain Jacen Stirling entered. When he turned to shut the door, she noticed the captain’s own pants had the same double rows of buttons hers had. She made eye contact and found him staring at her with a stone face. Her mouth dropped open, and she stuttered as she realized he’d noticed where her gaze had been.
“I was… It’s your pants… And mine, too. They’re, like, really old-fashioned.”
He glanced down at his black britches. “My trousers aren’t, I admit, at the height of the Parisian
fashion standards, but since we are currently at war, I believe priorities are in order.”
She blinked. “I know I’ve been busy finishing up my doctorate, but I hadn’t realized things had become
so much worse in the Middle East that they’ve affected fashion trends.”
“The Middle East?”
“Uh huh.”
“Do you speak of war? In the Middle East?”
“Uh, yeah… The last time I checked. Why? What war are you referring to?”
He stood taller. “I speak of war with Great Britain and their continued efforts to prove our young country isn’t valiant enough to stand on its own.”
“Uh huh,” she muttered. Is he off his meds? “Great Britain, huh?”
He gave a curt nod.
“So, you’re, like, talking Revolutionary War?”
“That war ended some time ago. I speak of our current situation that began in 1812.”
“1812?” She suddenly felt like she was watching the final round of Wimbledon and each opponent kept
gaining the edge to win, only to lose it again. “As in one-eight-one-two?”
“No,” he scoffed. “As in one-nine-one-two. What bloody year did you think I was referring to?”
“Oh, you know, nothing like referring to a war that took place over two hundred years ago,” she said dryly.
He froze, and the edges of his lips rose in a grin. “Two hundred years ago? What year do you think this is?”
“I don’t know… Maybe 2017?”

About the Author:

Michelle C. Reilly is a single mom of two wonderful boys. She spent ten years in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman Preventive Medicine Technician, which meant she was actually attached to or stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps. She has a Masters in Science in Public Health, but she is generally an IT geek and a nerd of many other things as well. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, with her two cats, Meowdy and Moose, and her labradoodle, Sophie.

She’s self-published the Anathergians Saga, science-fiction/paranormal romance and suspense stories that revolve around a powerful alien species who landed on Earth over five thousand years ago. SAVAGE WINDS, her venture into time romance, was picked up by The Wild Rose Press.

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