Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Creativity with Shutterly

I love making holiday photo cards, photo books and other photo gifts for the holidays.

Finally something to do with all those pictures I take of the kids other than printing them out and shoving them in a box to be scrap booked later (which never happens).

And photo gifts are perfect for grandparents, family, and close friends.

Every year I make a photo book for my husband for Christmas- he looks forward to it. One year I was so busy I didn't get to make his book and he was disappointed.

I also make photo gifts for my mom- she never gets tired of having a beautiful photo book filled with pictures of her grand kids that she can show off at the senior center.

So far this year I've made a photo book and Halloween cards. I usually don't make Halloween cards but the designs were so cute and I had some great pics of the kids from last year that I decided to go ahead and make a few.

Now I am planning Christmas cards. I would love to use new photos but getting all three kids in the house together at one time is nearly impossible. The teenager is all grown up and never around. The other two kids...they are here but getting them to sit still for photos might be a problem.

My other dilemma is choosing which card design I like the best.

So far I have possibly narrowed it down to the following two Christmas card designs, which are actually the same design just different colors Slate Snowflakes and Cranberry Snowflakes:

The above two are both folded card designs.

I also like this flat card design - snow flurries cocoa.

Once I decide on which card I like the best I can also pick out matching Christmas address labels.

I love Shutterfly. I have used many photo book and photo gift design programs including Kodak, Lulu, Snapfish, and ArtsCow.

Shutterfly is by far the most user friendly and has the most options when it comes to styles and designs.

So I'm off to corral my kids for photos and then pick out a suitable card design.


Unknown said...

I wonder if E-cards are going to start catching on this year ...? People are so aware of creating waste and over-using resources. It will be interesting to see if paper cards continue to be as popular this year.
-Deb for Ecover

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